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  1. Honestly, I didn’t really notice that Plumlee wasn’t playing.
  2. Cry me a river bahaha. So nice after all those years of him breaking our hearts.
  3. Both the Cowfugs and the Taints lost today so I’m happy
  4. Try these: Svech-Aho-Necas Teuvo-Trocheck-Jarvis Nino-Staal-Fast Marty-KK-Lorentz/Stepan
  5. Get Martinook off the first line my god. First whiffs on a tap in rebound then has a wide open look and shoots it right into the goalies chest.
  6. These lines stink and so do the refs, put Svech with Aho and Jarvis and put Marty where he belongs jesus
  7. He has been great in this game though. He’s getting close, it only takes 1 for his confidence to go way up. We’re 14-2-1, chill out.
  8. Imagine they lose to the Lions on national TV. Good lord.
  9. We at least wont finish 5-11 again regardless if we lose out or not.
  10. He has not been invisible at all lol. You want your DBs to be quiet, he is not allowing anything in coverage compared to last season where he struggled. A lot of times when you hear a DBs name called in a game it is because they allowed a big play or TD.
  11. Richards put up almost an identical stat line as Plumlee in 13 less minutes. I just don’t get it man
  12. Great to see Terry from last season finally, LaMelo started a little slow but was awesome in the 2nd half.
  13. Big talk from a guy on his 4th team of the season and already missed an XP against us earlier this season. Also, the staff did not trust you to kick a 50 yarder and punted instead.
  14. Plus we gotta pay Reddick and build up the O-line. Not to mention Horn coming back plus Bouye, Henderson, Taylor and hopefully Gilmore.
  15. #5 Run Defense #4 penalties #3 Donte Jackson #2 DONTE FRIGGEN JACKSON #1 Out coached
  16. Would not be surprised if he ends up on the Bills in a few weeks.
  17. Yeah I am so sick of this guy, he can pound sand and kick rocks. Cam did everything he could, I have no idea what th he’ll happened to the defense today. McLarin made Donte his bi**h
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