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  1. Hubbard goes down easier than a fuggin empty water bottle in the wind
  2. Wait, that the punter that was on the saints all those years?
  3. What? 3rd down? I swear that run to Abdullah was the first play.
  4. Told ya so, missed opportunities on D always bite us in the ass.
  5. That Fuggin dropped pick is gonna end up a TD just watch
  6. Can’t wait to beat the poo out of the Falcons and the Bucs resting their starters, but get the floor wiped with us by Buffalo and TB in the first game. Rhule keeps his job for one more year and we pick like 12th overall and draft a CB or WR.
  7. “Wake up it’s time to watch the Panthers” (Sigh) “Yes Honey”
  8. Aho has always owned the Oilers and for some reason we always seem to keep McDavid and Drai in check.
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