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  1. Here comes the greedy NFL owner power play. Next step: an outright threat to move with at least 3 cities mentioned as possible destinations.
  2. Nah, I started watching when Paul Maurice was the coach. Remember the triple overtime game in the Finals against Detroit and the disappointment after we lost that one. Anyway, no need to prove anything to you. Maybe next year they'll come back with a better roster and some guys who can score against decent goalies.
  3. The playoff game was in 09. My bad. The 08 Panthers. Actually, come to think of it I was a fan before 01. I watched the Canes when they played at the Greensboro Coliseum. The truth hurts sometimes. This team played like losers this series and I'm calling it for what it is.
  4. Sorry to hurt your feelings with the truth. This team was disappointing trash this series. I've been a Canes fan since 01.
  5. A shut out would be a fitting ending to this shitshow. Lots of work to do in the offseason if we want to be a real team. Need someone that knows how to score a goal for fug's sake.
  6. You guys shitting on me are stupid AF. This team blows. I hate teams that get to the playoffs with high expectations and then get blown out. Like the 09 Panthers. No excuse for this kind of pathetic showing.
  7. This team is so inept. They can't even get control of the fuging puck. They are playing like losers and deserve to go home.
  8. No chance to win the cup with this roster. They need to slash about 25% of the dead weight on the roster and upgrade with competent players to have a chance. They are good enough to make the playoffs and win a series, maybe two. But when they run into a real team they fold up fast.
  9. This team is poo. Total horseshit performance. Can't even score a fuging goal.
  10. I knew we would lose this series when we struggled against Nashville. There’s virtually no chance they beat the lighting and it could be a sweep now that they lost game 1.
  11. Can’t even get the goalie off the ice
  12. Time for Borrego to go. The team totally gave up and it’s on his watch.
  13. Tillman was 100 years old that season. Way past his prime.
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