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  1. I’m sorta concerned that we have scored 2 legit goals in 3 games.
  2. They did play better today than any of the Boston road games. The problem is the goalie they are facing is about 1000x better than Swayman.
  3. Why even pull the goalie? This team can’t do poo with a man advantage.
  4. This is going to be just like the last series. We'll just have to hope we can hold serve at home because we ain't winning poo on the road.
  5. Dude got more mileage out of one super bowl appearance than anyone in history. He survived another decade+ with almost entirely mediocre seasons after that.
  6. At least we are good at something in the Tepper era.
  7. Comparing game 7 of an NHL playoff series to a regular season game in the Rhule era isn’t fair. If we had a good team and a legitimate coach things would be a lot more similar.
  8. how the hell did this team win 54 games. Did everyone else take the regular season off?
  9. You know how the old saying goes. The backup qb is the most popular guy in town when the team sucks (until he actually plays). I think we are well into that situation here.
  10. Jerry isn’t gonna be around forever
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