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  1. This guy is a joke and made of glass. No one misses a full year with a hamstring injury. Sure he didn’t tear his vagina too?
  2. Tepper should run some analytics on himself as an owner.
  3. Yeah I don’t see the intensity in him to lead a group of football players where they need to go. I’m sure he’s smart and cerebral but franchise QBs have a different element that he’s lacking. At least so far. Maybe he develops it when he’s older.
  4. It’s to be expected when you know you have zero chance to win week in and week out thanks to your front office assembling the worst roster in the league and your coach looking like the walking dead. 2010 had a similar vibe as did 2001 by the end of the year.
  5. Johnson should tell Tepper he’ll be the coach for $230M fully guaranteed. That was enough even for Tepper to walk away from Deshaun Watson. Try it again and see what happens.
  6. We’ve seen what bill does with less talent and ain’t pretty
  7. I’m sure this is what Tepper is putting out there to make the job seem attractive for the next coach. “See, Bryce is fine, it’s just that the last guy didn’t play to his strengths. Come in here and install an RPO scheme and everything will be great.” Not saying Reich was good but I’d be careful believing any sudden revelations coming out about why he failed at his job, especially if those things tend to give the first overall pick a blank slate. He still has a lot to prove and the jury is very much out on whether he’s even an NFL starter, much less a guy who can lead you to titles.
  8. I could see better offense with Caldwell and Brown in charge.
  9. On the Browns comparison, Bryce may be the next Johnny Manziel. The only thing that’s keeping me from completely declaring him to be a bust already is how terrible our offensive line and receivers are. However, I think he has a low ceiling and needs a lot of help to be a guy who even makes it to the playoffs.
  10. Yeah like the Matt Corral value pick that he traded up (not down) for? We could start a whole thread on his mistakes. The guy has been awful.
  11. Remember when he told us how great Hurney was? He’ll probably fire Fitterer next year, keeping with the trend of mismatched head coaches and GMs.
  12. I don’t really care about names. The Reich firing last year and subsequent hiring this year were both talked about extensively. The media made fun of Irsay for weeks and said the Panthers had made a solid hire. Well you see how that turned out. I guarantee you if we start winning games all the Tepper talk will go away and the meddling stuff will die down. Not that I don’t think he is a terrible owner because he is. However, I have a hard time believing that he’s out here acting as a de facto GM and telling Fitterer what free agents to sign and who to draft in the second round. Fitterer and the front office scouting staff has to go. If we get the right guy, regardless of whether he’s currently a hot name, the NFC south is a winnable division.
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