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  1. Congrats on getting out. I actually got someone to take mine and netted about $200 after transfer fee. This was right around the time we drafted our 5’8” franchise qb and everyone was hyping him up as a super processor.
  2. Going back and watching last year’s was pure comedy gold. From the excitement over Bryce, to Fitterer thinking he nailed the draft. lol.
  3. He’s probably telling the team he was the only reason they won two games last year lol.
  4. I don’t think Tepper has a choice this time. Even if Canales looks like Reich he’s gonna have to give him a few years or no coach will come here.
  5. Comes off a little like a college coach at a D2 school. All that matters is whether the players buy into it or not. They obviously did not with Rhule or Reich but did with Wilks.
  6. Rod got his ass kicked by a real coach. A guy who actually won a Stanley cup in Raleigh.
  7. Our new coach has already publicly said that Bryce is basically a game manager at best with the 1 of 11 stuff. The writing is already on the wall.
  8. Jaycee only gets hurt on days that end in “y.”
  9. The ceiling for this team feels like a 2020 type season where they play tough competitive games and still lose most of them. Thats 5-6 wins. If Bryce is as bad as last year they’re back to a 2 win type team.
  10. At this point just start trying to hurt them. fug it
  11. Another useless shot right to the chest of shitstain.
  12. Lololol Andersen is such trash. Rod should be fired by Monday.
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