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  1. Boy this team sure sucked a fat one in the ECF......................again.
  2. If I’m Todd Bowles I’m not feeling great about my chances of being a head coach next year with that QB room hes got.
  3. Anyone who willingly associates with Antonio Brown should probably get a psychological evaluation.
  4. We have been saying the same thing since 2019. The offense goes limp dick and the power play disappears. This team isn’t built to win a cup because they don’t have anyone who is willing or able to perform when the chips are down. Good but not great. Either get a damn dog in the offseason or blow it up but this half ass effort at roster building ain’t working.
  5. One goal in two games. These girls should be embarrassed.
  6. RBA and this core roster definitely seem to have a ceiling. Yeah some guys are injured but we always seem to have injuries to key players in the playoffs and it doesn’t stop us from looking good for a round or two before being outclassed in the finals. Its time to go all in and sign impact players who actually show up in the big games. If they aren’t going to do that then they just need to blow it up and start over.
  7. Announcers all have a major hard on over this win. They should just wear their Florida jerseys in the studio for game 3.
  8. We have two more games to lose. It’s over. Give it up.
  9. I’d be ok with someone breaking tkachuk’s jaw next game. Just start taking cheap shots at the little prick.
  10. Maybe Jordan staal should watch that goal so he learns how to lift a puck over the goalie.
  11. This team sucks. Lucky to be here but they clearly have no chance against Florida.
  12. Feels like hurricanes are just wasting energy out there. Not many good chances. Florida is getting fewer shots but when they do it at least looks like they at least have a chance to score. Have a bad feeling this is a 2-1 or 3-1 loss. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Apparently it’s the year for underachieving Miami professional sports teams to pull a playoff run out of their ass.
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