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  1. Tepper actually said it would take 5 years to build a winning team so yeah I think he believed it too.
  2. This guy was just as toxic to our team as urban Meyer was to the jags he was just nicer about it.
  3. Exactly. Thus far the ceiling for Rhule on his best day has been double digit wins over bad college teams and getting pounded by any legit team. So big 10 west title seems about right.
  4. Losing all the Rhule trash has only improved the results on the field. What were any of the departed coaches actually contributing to the team?
  5. Based on what’s happened in Denver, I think Pete Carroll should be considered one of the best coaches in league history for keeping that train wreck together for so long and even winning a super bowl that should have been two.
  6. The piniero choke in Atlanta may turn out to be very costly.
  7. Fitterer made that phone call. Luckily Russ wasn’t interested in coming. It’s approximately the same as if we gave up 250 million and about 7 picks for baker based on the results so far. Yuck.
  8. I’d call it job security because he manages to swindle ADs and NFL owners into giving him 7 and 8 year deals.
  9. Denver has totally quit on their shitty coach. This is how I imagine we’d look if Rhule was still around.
  10. I see Denver is still going helmet to helmet 6 years and 3 staffs later.
  11. Usually when a blitz is picked up that well someone is wide open. Sam just threw it towards the first row.
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