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  1. There are still people buying the “rebuild” stuff huh?
  2. This is the first time I’ve ever said this in 26 years of being a fan but I do not want to win any more games. The sooner we get rid of this staff the better. Wins only give the snake oil salesman more to point to to convince a dumb owner why he should stay.
  3. This is a pathetic list. I’d argue he doesn’t have a single good win yet. Even the ones that look good (saints week 2) turn out to be poo in hindsight.
  4. We lost by 3 scores to the Giants and Dolphins. Our offense might be the worst it has ever been. The only reason we have 5 wins is because 3 of them came against bottom 5 teams in the league. The other two came against teams with decimated rosters due to injuries/Covid. Where is the progress?
  5. Rivera didn’t spend his first two seasons fuging up every personnel decision that he made. And he didn’t mortgage the future on shitty players.
  6. Fedora at least had some decent offenses and one really good season.
  7. You guys should pick up Astroglide as a sponsor. It would make sense considering the buttfuging that our team takes every week from the opposing team and their fans at the home stadium.
  8. In any given situation, imagine something that should be said. Matt Rhule will say the opposite.
  9. I have to think if Rhule knew he was totally safe for next year he would have played out the string and made this move after the season. This seems a lot like Ron demoting Eric Washington after weeks of terrible performances. I suspect he didn’t want to do that any more than Rhule wanted to fire Brady but Tepper basically said make a change, show improvement or youre next.
  10. Theres no way another NFL team trusts him run an offense on his own at this point. I think he’s going back to college for awhile. It’s possible that he could completely wash out and 5 years from now will look like one of the worst hires this franchise has ever made (next to Rhule and george seifert).
  11. Im down on it because the move was incredibly stupid in the first place. From day 1, I saw major red flags giving a 7 year, 63 million dollar deal to a guy with virtually no experience in the league. Rhule is paid like a super bowl winning coach and he’s producing performances that would make a Lions fan cringe. it’s time to admit we fuged up and move on.
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