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  1. I swear they were ferocious! i think many huddlers liked Young better, But they were afraid to say it from fear of the mob! BUNCH OF SIZE QUEEN wanted to shut anyone who didn’t agree. The worst ones were the “I’ll be ok with Young” crowd, but turned around & attacked anyone like who said Young should be the pick.
  2. I honestly think we are the ONLY FANBASE who even took the CJ talk seriously. The number of ppl who said "I was on the CJ train until I watched Bryce tape" this past month is crazy to me. Why are you forming an opinion without informing yourself? I'd say 80% (IMO) of CJ's fans don't watch college every Saturdays. But they watched the UGA game and formed their entire opinion off that ONE game. We will remember this sad chapter of our panthers history like Cam vs Blaine...
  3. I call them "size queens". lmao They all became experts on body types and how much weight ppl can possible gain, whether the it is all water etc...
  4. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha There is a whole clique of them... !
  5. IMO This discussion comes down to what you value between tangible & intangible traits. If u look at Tangible traits, they are close but most would give CJ a slight edge: size arm strength Accuracy If you look at intangible traits, Bryce has the slight edge. Processing before & after the play play under pressure clutch in big moments Personally I have been on Bryce since day 1 because I believe intangibles is what separates great QBs from average ones. But I understand that some ppl feel like the intangible stuff can be learned while some of the tangible can’t! I don’t agree with it, but If that’s your take, I understand 100% why CJ makes more sense.
  6. I hope these moves are only good enough to keep them away from drafting a top QB next year and be stuck with Ridder.
  7. Very good insight into what the S2 is what to make of the scores.
  8. if you are CJ and your numbers are not bad, why would you not leak them?
  9. I sure hope u r correct. We need 5 wins inside the division.
  10. 7 & 10 is exactly where I’m hoping they r heading. many on this list r older or injury prone. but to ur point, if Ridder is solid, the South may not be as easy as we all thought.
  11. I’m not sure how to feel about all of these moves. I had us sweeping them this coming season but now…
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