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  1. Why don't you Google it in Charlotte and see what you find and if your man enough, stop on by and we can settle it face to face.
  2. Because it really is my name....Don't like it, too bad for you. Now go take your lithium and chill.
  3. You sure like bringing up the "dick" word a lot. Are you perhaps preoccupied with yours? BTW - Everyone appreciates that fact that you are now deviating from your Alabama nonsense.
  4. Looks as if I have gotten myself into a battle of wits with and unarmed individual.
  5. You went off the rails rather quick - How bi-polar of you.
  6. And I read on Reddit that Rhule has three testicles......Enough already with the wishful bullshit.
  7. Come on, Rhule won't "bring us an outside linebacker with the first pick." He'll pick what Mrs. Rhule tells him to pick.
  8. The Panthers got 99 problems and finding a HC is one.
  9. Per the Panther Bot: The fat midget says he understands our frustration......
  10. Seems as if Mrs. Rhule may be the only one with any balls.
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