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  1. Justine Lindsay makes history as NFL's first openly transgender cheerleader - For the Carolina Panthers.
  2. LinvilleGorge isn't the only one that has you figured out.
  3. Three wins from ten matches equals a terrible soccer team.
  4. Based upon the three picks so far, I think he certainly achieved quality...It is nice to have a thoughtful person in the war room this year.
  5. As Mark Twain once said "There are three types of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics." It looks like the kid can hit like a freight train, so I'll go with what I can see.
  6. Wow. I think this kid will work out just fine for the Panthers. Nice pick.
  7. Sounds like most males who have turned out just fine in the end. Give the kid a chance and let his actions going forward speak for him and his character.
  8. Well, this was his image back in the late seventies....Hope he's not thinking of bring it back (Nice Jewfro by the way):
  9. Sources tell me Rhule wants to take a kicker at 6...He just hasn't figured out whether it will be the Baylor or Temple guy yet.
  10. Why do we have to go all over this again? Don't you all remember that Rhule said his arms are too short?
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