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  1. Tepper doesn't owe you schmucks anything. You will all be loving Fatt Rhule and Tepper this time next year.
  2. You don't really know how good Mac Jones is, NE beat down a playoff team and he had 3 pass attempts
  3. Horn will be like Revis but taller Cross will be a first team All-Pro we'll get him. And honestly Darnold is as good or better than Fields, Jones .. all three aren't that good and a healthy Cam is better
  4. Just keep in mind the only reason Carolina decided to cut Cam had nothing to do with performance, but his ability to stay healthy. He's healthy now and has been the last two seasons. A healthy Cam putting up these numbers means something is very wrong besides Cam himself. It's ok, you'll see.
  5. Better than his MVP year with consistent protection + Moore, Robbie, CMC and a full preseason
  6. The defense brings that rating ex. QB up. I don't need a stat to know our line was trash this year. Cam had no time.
  7. Mahomes or anyone else would be awful with an offensive line performance like @ Miami
  8. Cam had a 120+ Rating in one start that resulted in a loss. Bring up the PFF graphic of our offensive line performance against Miami .. so out of 5 Cam starts, there's two right off the bat that had nothing to do with QB play
  9. Can someone please tell me what QB would have won the Miami game? Worst offensive line performance ever. The Panthers lost a game game played at an MVP level .. the game he had a 120+ Rating
  10. The second Cam officially re-signs here, Cam is the best player on the team lol I know that's hard to accept for a lot of you. Cam is healthy and has good weapons he just needs protection.
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