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  1. Anthony Lynn's dumbass had no intention of playing Justin Herbert. It literally took a botched pain killer injection to get him on the field. Just insane to think about.
  2. When I say talent - I mean those allowed to talk on the radio. Not saying they should be fired - but holy hell keep them off the radio and let them excel in the background.
  3. Anybody listen to WFNZ or ESPN 730 in this city anymore? I try listening every once in awhile, but WFNZ (for reasons I cannot comprehend) hires awful "talent." I cannot get over some of these kids they allow to talk on the airwaves. If you cannot annunciate words, you shouldn't be on the air (like the "Smoke" guy on the Kyle Bailey show - he's giving Marc James a run for his money for worst of all time). I cannot listen to national podcasts/radio shows as I find most to be incompetent at best. Anybody like anything this city has to offer sports radio wise or is it all a burning bag of poop?
  4. Huddlers getting their score back on the agent exam
  5. I'd hope from an optics standpoint that they keep it consistent w/all of the QB Pro Days. Would seem strange if they didn't unless they're trying to bluff their interest by overselling the attendance today.
  6. In fairness.....the entire AFC West/AFC North (minus Pittsburgh) is good at the moment. AFC East: Bills are set. Jets/Patriots just spent first rounders on QBs and Miami is idiotically sticking w/Tua & signed Bridgewater. AFC South: Colts don't have a first rounder, Texans seem smitten w/Mills, Jaguars just drafted Trevor Lawrence & Shad Khan kept Baalke in charge to make sure he ruins him and I don't think the Titans would do it at this point. NFC wise: SEA, DET (sticking w/Goff 1 more year?), MIN (Cousins 1 more year), NO, ATL, need QBS. It's possible some of these teams met w/him at the Combine or he'll visit them. If the FO wants Pickett - I'm 100% positive they'd rather do so at 15-20 as opposed to 6. Getting a LT before the draft would really open up possibilities for Fitterer come draft night in terms of flexibility.
  7. I would not be surprised to see Buffalo reach out about CMC again. They thought they had their pass catching back signed in McKissic until that fell through (and Beane was pretty pissed about). Compensation wise - I think I saw we asked for a first. I think the best they could do is a 2. But - I don't believe they'll trade CMC.
  8. Thought this was interesting from Mike Lombardi on March 13. Should be noted his son is on the Panthers staff. He's pretty plugged in. He thinks Ridder has a high as ceiling as Willis/Pickett.
  9. You’re not wrong. Can’t imagine anybody with career prospects - or self-respect for that matter - would want to work for a bottom 2 head coach. Firing Brady at the end of the by week after the games started on that Sunday is a massive sign of disfunction & dumbassery. Moves like that have consequences.
  10. “Uh yes, Mr. Hamilton, this is Matty Rhule. I was wondering if you’d like to join my staff as it needs an experienced offensive coordinator.” That’s cute Matty, what’s your record & who’s the QB? “10-23 & Sam Darnold.”
  11. Funny you posted this today. The Athletic just published a really long article on the Giants incompetence over the last decade. The decision to bench Manning seemed to be spurred by John Mara. Here are some things that stood out from that article. Then there's this harbinger: https://theathletic.com/3071072/2022/01/18/this-place-is-f-messed-up-from-model-franchise-to-dysfunction-giants-issues-permeate-mara-family-business/
  12. That’s entirely speculation and not based on any fact based research. I read the article and it was listing out how potential trades may work based on his contract.
  13. Kingsbury is a certified donkey as a head coach. His play calling is awful. His teams crumble at the end of the year and he NEVER makes adjustments - which is already a massive problem here. If he gets canned, there goes Matt Rhule’s only guaranteed win of 2022.
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