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  1. Tyler Dunne runs it - he's a respected long form writer. He brought on McGinn recently. Based out of Buffalo.
  2. Fair or not: you must take into account the surrounding environment in your evaluation. Stroud's WR's/OL is by far the best in the nation. Look at what Ohio State has produced from the WR position in recent years, no other school can really compare. When your WR's are that elite, I think it hinders a QB's ability to transition to the next level in terms of processing and timing. This isn't to say it cannot be learned. People get irate with me when I mention Fields, but look at the stats. He struggles to process. In the NFL, you're not going to be stacked at every position like you can be in college. QBs must lift their surrounding talent. That's what separates the tiers.
  3. You never know with this stuff but this is a processing test. Look at the failed Ohio State QBs in the NFL - they haven't been able to process as passers. I've long said that you have to wonder if QBs with elite skill level talent in college can adjust to what open windows actually are in the NFL. Look at what Ohio State has produced at the WR spot, it's absurd. QB's job isn't hard when they've got studs like Harrison, Olave, Wilson, etc.
  4. I'm not sure if the 49ers believe in Lance at this point. Purdy may or may not be ready to start the season. I imagine they bring in someone else. Also, Lombardi 2/2 from what he said last week on his podcast.
  5. Covered it in this thread. Mike Lombardi had this last Thursday.
  6. I'm certainly in the camp that Rhule had most of the say but I'm not absolving Fitterer of anything. Frankly, the drafts have stunk. That's on everybody in the offices on Mint St.
  7. Lombardi is plugged in around the league. His son was on staff last year but isn't no longer. Take what he said (along with anybody else) with a grain of salt this time of year. Thought I'd share though. The thing that's really bothersome about the Corral pick is the Panthers gave up a future 3rd to get him. If he's the guy, no big whoop. But a top 90 pick is a premium pick. Was that Rhule? Seems like it - Fitterer & the FO better start hitting on some picks.
  8. On his GM Shuffle podcast today, Mike Lombardi was talking about teams saying they weren't interested in Lamar Jackson and the Panthers came up. Around the 29:35 mark, Lombardi says: "[Since] Tepper has owned the Panthers, all he's cared about is trying to find a franchise quarterback and now you're telling me he's not interested in Lamar? Maybe Frank Reich doesn't want Lamar, doesn't want to run that offense. I get that. But you know they're interested in every quarterback. Look, last year they drafted Matt Corral - okay - they drafted Matt Corral, supposed to save their franchise - they're trying to trade Matt Corral now. You can have Matt Corral now for a ham sandwich." Right after that he mentioned the Panthers getting rid of players Rhule brought in with the exception of Horn. Also mentioned they aren't interested in resigning Sam Darnold. Interesting couple of minutes. The time it starts may vary based on how you listen to your podcast. Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jets-fly-out-to-aaron-rodgers-daniel-jones-signs-%24160m/id1458884463?i=1000603483736
  9. Look at the Eagles, they constantly invest in the offensive & defensive lines. They’ve made mistakes in the past but they move on quickly when they make a mistake and don’t double down on them.
  10. The only people that believe Fields is an All-Pro caliber QB are those in the fantasy football community because he puts up rushing statistics. He hasn’t evolved as a passer. Mitch Trubisky had better passing numbers than him at this point. Yes, his weapons stink but he hasn’t shown any capability of making the throws required to be a decent QB. He hasn’t comprehended what an open window is in the NFL. No, don’t trade for this guy.
  11. I understand some are angry that Wilks didn't get the job. Remember, Tepper said he'd be in consideration if he did "an incredible job." Last I checked, 6-6 is average. In context, yes, Wilks did good damn work with what he was given. Additionally, Tepper let Wilks run the team as he saw fit and did not interfere. For Wilks, it boiled down to the Tampa game. He didn't get it done. He got conservative - as most defensive minded head coaches do - on 4th & 1 when it was clear you needed to score points to win that game. The Panthers also came out flat in some games, they were not consistent. A lot of the Wilks love stems from the fact he is from Charlotte and has been part of the Panthers when they were successful. He also brought an identity to the team. 6-6 was accepted with just how incompetent Rhule was. I'm far from a Tepper apologist, the dude has made plenty of mistakes. But - Reich is a proven head coach in this league. Since their inception, the Panthers have had a top 10 scoring offense 6 times (96/99/05/08/11/15). In four full seasons at the helm in Indy (not counting this year), Reich had that 3 times. This isn't yesteryear's NFL. Yes, you still need to have an effective run game and competent defense. But you have to be able to score points. The rules have literally been changed to favor the offense. Offense is more consistent year to year than defense is. 18 of the last 20 teams to reach the conference championship game (including all 4 this year) have offensive minded head coaches. The Panthers have to get with the times. This is a step in that direction. Will it work? Time will tell. I do think it's a bit ridiculous that people are ridiculing Reich, a proven head coach, when many had optimism for the snake oil salesman that pretended to be a football coach.
  12. Totally agree - the Daniel Snyder vibes are strong with him & this would cement it for me as well.
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