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  1. Bingo. Truly believe Rhule refuses to play Foreman as he wants to show the world his 2021 draft picks are amazing. We all know a majority of them stink.
  2. The Panthers won’t lose on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday in 2022.
  3. Injuries were a concern coming in. You don’t waste premium picks on players like this. It’s okay to admit the Panthers royally screwed up the 2021 draft. We have enough evidence by this point.
  4. That’s what concerns me. I’ve said to friends I think we are the new Browns under him. That’s the trajectory the Panthers are on. So many red flags with Tepper & I just don’t have confidence he’ll ever learn from his mistakes.
  5. It's impressive. They nailed their offensive line evaluations as well unlike the dolts on Mint Street.
  6. Another “great” 2021 draft pick. Panthers got 3 draft picks from Tennessee to move down to take this below average player. Meanwhile, could’ve taken Amon Ra St. Brown at the original spot. They can’t evaluate talent over there. I’ll keep saying it, trading down is great in theory, but if you literally whiff on each pick, then it doesn’t matter!
  7. It doesn’t matter who the coach is as long as Tepper continues double down on the circus he has created. He learned from the beat, former Steelers minority owner and now Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Don’t get your hopes up.
  8. Absolutely not. I envision it getting worse under Tepper. We are in the process of being the 1999-2019 Cleveland Browns. You think it’s bad now? Just wait. I really hope he humbles himself and learns from his mistakes because this is the path we are on.
  9. Parsons or “doesn’t have the size to play tackle” Slater should’ve been the pick. Justin Fields can’t play. Watch the damn tape people. He can’t read the field. It’s embarrassing to see how hyped up this guy got by “draft Twitter”. They only see what they want their excel spreadsheets to tell them. Also, how’s the 2021 class looking? “We have a real GM! He trades down!” YOU STILL HAVE TO GET PLAYERS THAT ARE GOOD!!!!!
  10. The 2021 class gets better by the day!!!!
  11. The creative content team must be cooking up something special.
  12. The entire organization misevaluated the offensive line in 2021 by thinking Elflein & Erving was the answer and passing on guys like Slater, Creed Humphrey & Trey Smith. The problem compounded itself into this season. The continued mistakes keep compounding. Tepper is a finance man, he should be recognize negative compound interest.
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