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  1. Hard not to expect nothing other than pessimism for any move the organization makes. We have six years of data on Tepper. He's 31-68 and every move has been an utter disaster. Good luck to Dan - he's going to need it.
  2. Bingo - and that problem bled into 2022. When mistakes are made, they get compounded the next year as a team tries to overcorrect. Part of that reasoning to pass besides “short arms” on Slater was giving big deals to Erving/Elflein in the opening minutes of free agency. Woof
  3. Oh for sure. Fitterer couldn’t even produce a single or walk with any of his draft picks. I don’t give a damn what anybody says, the 2021 draft was a complete disaster. The 2023 draft might replace 2019 as the worst of all-time for this franchise.
  4. Gruden had A TON of say over there as well. I think he had more influence than people really know.
  5. And don’t forget - they could’ve brought him in much sooner but Tepper & his cap lackey Samir Suleiman refused to trade for him until they “won the deal financially.” That was a big sticking point for Tepper. Baker needed those damn mini camp reps. Tepper must always win the deal - go back to the 2021 draft video where he gets angry about an offer a team made. Everything is viewed in the lens of an Excel spreadsheet formula under Dave the snake Tepper.
  6. Funny to see the teams that advanced get contributions from their rookies while Carolina traded up for the D.J. Johnson’s of the world. Green Bay had more hits on the skill guys in this draft than the Panthers have had in the last 3 drafts combined. If Tepper is hell bent on bringing back Dan Morgan or Samir Suleiman…the franchise is doomed.
  7. Tepper is an expert at being a dick - that’s for sure.
  8. Clearly this is a recipe for success. I mean hey, when you're 31-68 overall and you brought live music to Charlotte - why not continue to show everybody how smart you are. When it's said and done - Tepper will be hated more than George Shinn in this city.
  9. The only way to sell this job is to offer the Shanahan/Lynch type package. This isn't going to get fixed in a year. If Wild Card weekend did anything - I think it really reinforced just how horrific the Panthers front office was at personnel evaluation. The 2023 draft alone offered talent all over the board. Green Bay got freaking Musgrave, Reed, Kraft & Wicks all after Mingo was taken. Then throw in what the Rams did, Byron Young/Kobie Turner in round 3 (DJ Johnson taken in between them) - and then Puca at the end of round 5. The gross mismanagement of draft capital from this organization since 2019 is appalling. No organization has done worse in the draft than the Panthers have since 2019 and I don't think it's debatable. Five years of huge whiffs catches up to you and now the deck is stacked that much more against you after Tepper engineered what looks to be the second coming of the Herschel Walker deal. If I'm a head coach/GM - I demand in writing that Tepper steers clear of any/all personnel decisions. I'd also stipulate that Dan Morgan/Samir Suleiman cannot stick around. I'd automatically say no if Tepper says I'd have to keep one or both.
  10. Money talks to a certain degree - I just don't think Slowik or Johnson would want to have their careers ruined by Dave the snake Tepper. The fact that there's talk of retaining Morgan/Suleiman is beyond absurd.
  11. Me either. It's football. I'm all for getting and using information if done correctly - and as we all know this organization hasn't done anything correctly since he bought the team. I truly believe Tepper thinks you can win football games by strictly using complex algorithms and Excel spreadsheets. All of that stuff is subjective. Sometimes I think Tepper is more concerned with impressing the analytical nerds that cover the sport than actually putting together a winning product. It's all about proving how smart he is - as if he wants to reinvent the game of football. You know what makes you look smart? Winning football games. Give me a smash mouth team that kicks ass on the lines of scrimmage 10 out 10 times.
  12. Yup. Vrabel has proven he can coach. You still have to have talent at the end of the day and outside of the Panthers, the Titans have whiffed badly in recent years. I don’t think Tepper would call because Vrabel would beat his ass the second he tried to tell him how to do something football related.
  13. Oh yeah didn’t take it that way. Probably should’ve done it as it’s own post. Apologies. Take Lombardi’s words as you will. Just thought it was interesting that sentence was said about the situation.
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