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  1. Yup, it's as simple as this, we traded.... CMC, DJ Moore, 2022 9th Overall Pick, 2023 1st, and 2024 2nd For Bryce Young, DJ Johnson, 2024 5th Which just depresses me to look at, so I try to separate the two trades and say we'd still have found a way to trade for Bryce without that 2nd from the CMC trade, lol. But sure, let's keep trying to convince ourselves that the CMC trade was a good one, that was just awful, nowhere near the return for a player of his caliber.
  2. For me it's not that he never was in a boot, but I never saw any video of him walking around with any sort of a limp, not even the slightest, everything looked totally fine. I'm not saying he didn't twist it a little bit, but if it was so minor that it didn't even cause the slightest of limps, then it's something he should be able to easily play through, so him not playing feels like something else and they used the ankle as an excuse for it. He's looked overwhelmed out there at times to me, I have a feeling the coaches saw the same and saw the combo of his ankle getting tweaked right before a short week with a road trip to play in Seattle in the rain as a good opportunity to sit him for a week to try and re-set things.
  3. Wow there's a lot of crazy in here to dissect. First, I agree the draft is a crapshoot, that's why I never liked trading the best offensive weapon in the game for anything less than a first, especially it being a late second and then a bunch of mid round picks. Second, What we do with the picks ABSOLUTELY reflects back on the trade. You said I was being shortsighted, but you want to judge a trade where you only get draft picks in return on your initial views on it, and not how you end up using those draft picks?!?!?! THAT is being shortsighted in viewing the trade. Third, we used one of 4 picks from the CMC trade towards Bryce and it was the 4th best asset we gave up in the trade, it 1,000% could have and would have been completed without that 2nd rounder, nothing about the CMC trade should be judged on Bryce. Fourth and finally... even if you want to include judgment of Bryce, that actually makes it worse that we then traded away CMC, Moore, 2 Firsts, and a Second to draft a QB with Bryce's physical limitations and injury concerns. A QB you give up THAT much for needs to become a 1st ballot HOF and/or win you a SB ring for that to even remotely be called a success, that's a huge bet to put on a QB who needs to become the biggest outlier at his position in the history of this league.
  4. How is it short sighted or a hot take? I’m not saying that will or already has happened based on 3 weeks. I’m just stating the obvious that he needs to work out for that CMC trade to pay off. We got a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 2024 5th for CMC. I’m just assuming the way this team drafts. That 5th next year is already a wasted pick from that trade, maybe it won’t be, but we haven’t hit on late picks in a while. Yes, the 2nd from that trade was used to get Bryce, but like I said, not having that wouldn’t have stopped that trade, we’d have lost something else, but nothing huge, DJ and the firsts were what they were after. That just leaves 2 picks left from the CMC trade, which we combined to trade up for DJ. If he doesn’t work out, that’s the bulk of the CMC trade out the window. Tell me how that wouldn’t be an epic failure of a trade?
  5. Johnson and a 5th round pick next year is all we have left from trading CMC, with the 2nd from that used in the Bryce trade. The guy needs to pan out or the CMC trade will be an EPIC failure. We always could have found a way to make the Bryce trade work without that 2nd, so I don’t really count much of that as coming from the CMC deal. So to use the other 2 picks from it this year to trade up and take him, he needs to be active and make some plays.
  6. At least 2, my guess is 3 You can't fire him before the end of the second season, because if you do, it means Bryce has not been playing well and it probably would be tough to attract a quality HC candidate knowing they would be tied to a QB that just got their HC fired for at least a year. Which is why my guess is 3, Reich picked his guy in Bryce, you have to give him a fair chance to see if you can turn him into a high end starter in this league. Bryce would have to be worse than Zack Wilson has been before the end of next year for him to not be the slated starter in 2025. If Bryce and Reich are bad enough through 3 years that they need to be fired/cut, then we'll have a high enough pick in 2026 to be able to attract a quality HC who would then get to pick his own QB. Now having said all that, let's hope that never happens and Bryce becomes the player that this organization thought they were drafting.
  7. The Dolphins wouldn’t even pick up the phone. Having said that, I’d lose my poo if we were able to make that trade, I love Waddle and would be over the moon to make that trade.
  8. First round draft pick who hasn't cracked 1,000 yards yet in 3 seasons, has on numerous occasions had visible blow ups on the field/sideline towards both refs and his own teammates, and whose team is possibly looking at trading him for a mid round pick instead of trying to re-sign him because they don't want him (not because they can't afford him like with the Bengals and Higgins). In 43 career games he has a total of 5 100 yard games and scored a TD in a total of 7 games (one of them he had 3 TDs) What about that says he's a player we should be giving up draft capital for and then eating into our cap room we finally will have next year????? Just because someone was a highly regarded prospect coming out of college doesn't mean they're living up to it, Jeudy is a pretty clear case of a player not living up to the expectations, if he was, the Broncos wouldn't even begin to consider trading him.
  9. LOL, with James Cook and Waddle on my fantasy squad, plus with how good that game should be, I'll be paying a lot of attention to that game as well. I honestly hadn't thought of that until I posted it yesterday, but I'm now very curious about it as I do remember Bryce doing a ton of audibles at the line. It really does make me wonder if most of this Reich play calling bashing isn't warranted, that a lot of it could have just been Bryce decisions at the line.
  10. He's also a Free Agent after next year (with a $13 million cap hit next year), so it's not just a 3rd, but it's a 3rd plus a sizable contract or else it's not worth giving up what few draft assets we have just to have him for the rest of the season. There are better WRs in this FA class and he's as diva as WRs get in today's game, so why give up draft assets and then a new contract for someone who isn't a good fit with Bryce and his style of play (spreading the ball around) when we could keep our pick and cap room to try and go after a better WR in FA this summer?
  11. I "keep brining this up"?!?!?! Literally only the 2nd time I've said anything about you being so wrong about your pre-season predictions and the other was when you posted an apology to another poster and all I did was say that I also accepted your apology for being wrong. That's it, literally the only time I've mentioned how horribly wrong you were all summer long. And here I wasn't even talking about all that, all I said was it was quite a shift for you in 4 weeks to go from "this is a team that will contend" to "we're giving away a top 2 pick" YOU were the one who then tried to lie just now and say you never said that stuff, you could have just let it go, but you decided to again lie and say that I keep bringing this up, despite the FACT that I have not. You must just be confusing me with the many other people on here who have called you out for this in the past couple weeks. Here's a wild thought, if you don't want people bringing up how god awful your predictions about this season were, maybe don't spend an entire summer calling people dumb and making outlandish predictions, but to each their own. You've created this narrative in your head that I stalk you on here just to bad mouth you. But the FACT is that you post in almost every thread and usually the same nonsense, it's not hard to stumble across your posts by accident, the hard part is only responding to a select few of them, as most are just batshit crazy ideas that wouldn't even work in Madden.
  12. LOL my dude, you spent all summer talking about how this team was a contender and yelling at anyone who tried to tell you that we weren’t Everyone here knows it, it’s not worth trying to lie about it hahahahahaha
  13. Wait a second, so you’re telling me that teams with Jonathan Taylor had good running games? SHOCKING
  14. You literally thought this team was a SB contender 4 weeks ago, quite the swing there
  15. We took the wrong QB if we want to be a run based team, I don't think Reich wants to be a run based team either, he wants to air it out. Bryce's biggest asset is supposed to be his brain and reading defenses, you don't put that type of QB into a run based offense where, they belong in a pass based offense to read where the holes in the defense will be and to pick them apart. If you want to be a run based team, you don't trade up as high and you draft AR.
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