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  1. No matter how much he ever bulks up, he'll never have an above average starting NFL QB arm strength, not even close. There are 32 starting QB's at any given time, he'll never have better than the 16th strongest arm, he'll be lucky to ever crack the Top 25 in any season of arm strength and it's something everyone knew going into it. The problem is that it was significantly weaker than even expected and his super brain couldn't make up for it like everyone said it could.
  2. Dak will be 32 by the time the 2025 season starts and we still won't have a SB contending team built out minus the QB yet. There is no circumstance where paying him $50 million a year (what it would take to sign him) to come here for a few years and make us a middling team for his time here, never contending and never drafting high enough for elite prospects. You have to ride out Bryce until we can replace him in the draft or by signing a gap starter until we find that draft pick QB, not a top dollar one already a few years into his 30s.
  3. Short of taking steroids, he'll never even have an average NFL QB arm strength. Today's NFL QB's are just built differently and the game is getting faster, you can't get by anymore with a below average arm like Bryce's. You don't trade away your future to take that QB at #1, that's the QB you sign in the offseason on a 2 year deal to be your gap starter while a young guy sits and learns.
  4. Well if you sign up now for $350, that's a significant savings If you think that's bad, it's good thing you haven't become a big Wrexham fan like myself recently. The subscription to watch their games is about $200 for the season. Yes that's less money, but that's also for a 4th tier English Football League club (3rd tier next season now), which would be like paying for an XFL package here or something, and unlike Sunday Ticket where you get all games not on local TV, you ONLY get your team's games. So I was only able to watch the Wrexham games with it (granted it's almost 50 games) but none of the rest of the league they were in, which is kinda dumb for the price.
  5. What a terrible policy... basically saying we're going to screw over our most loyal customers, the ones who would never have planned on cancelling their subscription, and make them pay an extra $100 unless they get lucky enough to hear about this offer first. Anyone who signed up last year in time to get the $100 off should just have had the discount automatically added to theirs this year again too.
  6. haha thanks It was nice for a while going to BWW each week, especially as it was always the same group of regulars to watch their out of town teams, there was kinda a little group of us that got to know each other over the course of years. But I can't lie, the years we were terrible, it wasn't the easiest thing to spend the money to go up there almost every week (generally would get 1-3 games locally a season). Especially if I was particularly hungry and/or got an extra beer or two during a particular Sunday. Sometimes would end up with around a $50 check after tip, which really adds up over the course of a full season. So yea, Sunday Ticket is the best thing ever for someone like me. And even though I didn't make my fantasy playoffs this year (which sucked, coming off being the first person to win back to back championships in our 15 year history of our league), it was the most fun season I've had doing fantasy because of having the league pass and always being able to pull up the game my players were in.
  7. Well for someone who doesn't live in the Carolinas area, this package is amazing for me and totally worth the cost, even at the $450, but yea, I'd like to get the $100 off if I can. Pre-covid I would go to BWW every Sunday we weren't on TV for me local or on a National game. It would probably cost me around $500 a season in food/drinks, and that was to watch our game with no sound. Post Covid, when we were just terrible, I just streamed the games. Problem with that is they'd constantly freeze, particularly in the 2nd half of games for some reason and it gets frustrating. So now with this package, I can watch all our games from home, with sound, no freezing issues, for at worst the same cost, but likely less, than I'd spend at BWW each season. Plus I then get to watch whatever games I need to for fantasy purposes, which is such a nice bonus with having this. This past season was great with it, on my TV I'd have either a local broadcast or Red Zone, with a quad box on my projector with my fantasy players, and the Panthers game on my laptop with the sound going for our commentary.
  8. How do you do this? When I go into my YouTube subscriptions, it just shows Sunday Ticket as an automatically renewal for me in a couple of months, at the full $450 option. It doesn't give me any option to do it right now to save the $100 I guess maybe I cancel it and then try to subscribe again, will that give me the $100 off? Anyone know?
  9. If TMJ doesn't end up making the team (which is a real possibility), then I'd like to see Sanders take over #88 and really try to be our next Olsen. Don't know why, but I don't like how 85 looks on him and hoping he makes a change to something else.
  10. Sorry to be that guy, but this is a fun story that doesn't really hold up to logic The Bills would never have traded with the Patriots there to let them get their guy, not for a division opponent. Even if the Bills traded it to someone else, either they or we would have taken him before the Patriots could anyways, thus the Patriots never stood a chance to get thier guy, so the Bills didn't screw them over. Just sayin
  11. I actually was reading something today that pointed out how Cousins could only get one year in Atlanta. Don't remember the exact specifics, but think only about half of the guaranteed money going to Kirk in this deal was from a signing bonus, a lot of it is just guaranteed salary in years 2 and 3. Which is the key in determining how big of a dead cap hit the team would have to take if they move on from him after 1 year in a trade. They'd have to take a decent dead cap hit if they trade him next offseason, but with Penix on a rookie deal, it's easier for them to take that hit. They can't cut him though, as cutting him would then put them on the hook for the guaranteed salary and give them a massive dead cap hit. He also has a no trade clause, so they'd have to get him to agree to it as well, but knowing this now, I wouldn't be surprised if they look to trade him after the season to someone like the Raiders or something.
  12. Why? has there been a more injured RB in the league over the last 6 years? he’s played 45 games in 6 years, he’s a fine player when on the field, but I just don’t see the point in signing a player who we’ll be lucky to get 6 games out of.
  13. I mean, I literally said that every player does it, I wasn't blaming him, but I'm not sure I can think of another player who's gaming of the process was able to secure them the #1 pick before. But it's pretty obvious that he went to the combine with a lot of temporary weight, especially since he then didn't get back on a scale a few weeks later at his pro day. And in a year where there really was a debate as to who should be the top pick between him and Stroud, with Stroud throwing at the combine, it's also clear that Bryce didn't want to be seen throwing in the same setting as him, as in that scenario you usually would want to prove you are the better player to get that #1 pick. Again, I don't "blame" him for it, every player tries to hide their weaknesses during the pre-draft process. But like I said, I can't remember someone else being able to do that to leverage securing the #1 pick because of it. And thus, when people say, "it's not Bryce's fault the Panthers made a bad pick and put him in this situation", I can't help but say that it kinda is. It's no different than a regular person embellishing their resume and/or talking themselves up in an interview, getting the job, and then finding out they probably aren't qualified for said job. Yes, it's the company's fault for hiring them, but they also take some of the blame themselves and thus shouldn't be immune from criticism when they struggle and end up losing said job in quick fashion.
  14. It's not his fault the Panthers were idiots, but at the same time, he very purposefully did things in the lead up to the draft to try and deceive teams to help his draft stock. Now I'm not saying he shouldn't try to maximize his draft stock, everyone does, but if he didn't manipulate a few very specific and key things, he wouldn't have gone #1 and been put into this situation. I'm mainly talking about how they clearly put on temporary weight for the combine so he weighed in much higher than his playing weight, not throwing next to the other top passers so his weak arm wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb, and then not being weighed at his pro day after he lost all the temporary weight. If he threw next to the other prospects or had his actual weight taken, I don't think we end up taking him #1 in the end as those weaknesses would have been so glaringly more obvious and we'd have gone with Stroud.
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