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  1. Fair right now, but pre-season, we were a popular pick to take a jump forward and possibly even challenge for a playoff spot. Particularly after we added Baker, and yes, while the schedule was made before that trade, also pretty clear the league figured we'd end up with Baker in the end as I think they scheduled us to play them week 1 on purpose, just like last year with Darnold and the Jets.
  2. Amateur lol Clearly have to find a way to see an early evening showing and still home in time for the game. As long as you catch a 5:30 showing or earlier, you can still be home in time for the game, thats my plan. I do like how they do that with these big new movies now, my area is having showings starting at 3 PM on Thursday, so much better than when they used to wait until literally midnight a few years back, that was rough.
  3. Black Panther 2 has had it's current release date since 2021, so clearly well before the schedule was made. The league had to know about our plans for a Black Helmet this year before the schedule was finalized (knowing most of those things get debuted on TNF) It can't be a coincidence that we're playing on TNF the day the movie hits theaters and also we are debuting the black helmets with the all black uniforms, right?
  4. People can't have it both ways. They complain when the fields are torn up at the end of the season and how it's a risk to player safety, but then the same people also complain that the turf is less safe for players and want grass. Fact of the matter is, that there are very few stadiums/arenas for any professional team that are used ONLY for that team's games and nothing else, especially in this day and age where stadiums cost an exorbitant amount of money to build and thus need multiple revenue streams to make it work. If you had football stadiums that were used ONLY for NFL football, then it would be much easier to have grass, but are there any where that is the case? Maybe Green Bay since it's a pretty small town that likely doesn't get much there other than the Packers, but I'm pretty sure all the other NFL stadiums are used for other events almost year round. Plus the idea of making all stadiums being forced to have grass fields just couldn't ever happen anyways. How is that going to work in Detroit, Minnesota, Indy, Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston and LA where they have indoor stadiums? Sure some of them have retractable roofs, but they weren't built in a way where they open enough to allow for proper sun coverage to get in there to keep it up to an NFL quality level field. That's 9 of the 32 teams who couldn't even have grass fields if they wanted to, sure the Raiders and Cardinals have indoor stadium with grass, but they're very unique in how they have grass, the stadium obviously had to be built with the ability to roll the grass outside, you can't retrofit that into existing stadiums, particularly as some of them wouldn't even be able to have any place to roll the field out to if they wanted to (like Detroit).
  5. This all about the same Terrace Marshall that had 2 catches on 3 targets for 31 yards? If I only read this thread, you’d think he had a 150 yard game or something.
  6. If we traded Burns for the Saints first round pick, that ends up as a top 10 pick, and we then trade that pick BACK to the Saints so we can get Payton.... I'd legit be done with being a Panthers fan after over 25 years, that would be the dumbest thing ever.
  7. While I'm against trading Burns, if the Eagles were to offer us the Saints first rounder, which is currently looking like it could be a top 10 pick, then I'd do that deal. At worst we could replace him with a top 10 pass rusher next year, but also could use it for something like a WR to pair with DJ for our new QB, that would be pretty great too.
  8. We should have had them throw Elijah Mitchell into the deal
  9. He could get injured and miss the rest of the season, and someone would still give up a first rounder for him in the offseason if we tag him. He's a 24 year old elite pass rusher, he could be that for another 8-10 years.
  10. What coach is going to want to go to a franchise with no good players and no cap room, you can only do so much in the draft.
  11. I'd probably keep him and see if we can convince him to an extension, because at worst we can franchise him and still get a first rounder for him in the offseason
  12. He's not an injury prone RB. He had 2 injuries in consecutive seasons that he likely could have played through more if we were a contending team, but we weren't so they took the time, it didn't quite heal up, and they shut him down. Also thinking of him as an RB is the problem, he's being used wrong, he needs to be a Slot WR used, ironically in the Deebo way, and get 8-10 carries a game still. Then his contract isn't a problem and his injury risk is reduced, he's about to dominate in SF.
  13. That's a terrible haul That's pick probably 60ish next year, and then a bunch of picks that we can HOPE to get 1 starter out of.... for the best offensive weapon in football. Beyond awful. Fitterer should be fired tonight
  14. They don't have first rounders thanks to the Lance deal. So what did we really just trade CMC away for some late second round picks? WTF?!?!?!?!
  15. LOVED bringing Cam back last year and wanted to bring him back this year. But at this point, I don't want us to even consider bringing him back because I don't want to have to root against him, and I just want to lose out at this point. If we can get the #1 pick by winning any games, I'll take the wins, but the last thing I want is to ruin our draft position by even 1 spot.
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