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  1. In my opinion there are the “big 4” when it comes to this QB draft class. Stroud, Young, Hooker and Levis. Looking at teams across the NFL I only see 5 teams that need a QB bad enough to draft one in the first round.. Us, Lions, Texans, Commanders and the Bucs. (Saints do but they don’t have a pick this year, yay!) I went back and looked at the last 10 draft years, the most QBs taken in the first round was in 2018 and when 5 QBs were taken and the 5th QB (Lamar Jackson) was taken at pick 32. On average, over the last 10 years, only 4 QBs are taken in the first round. If I’m being honest, these group of QBs this year are all on the same level. I mean Hooker has had a phenomenal year, almost as good as Stroud or Young. Who cares he will be 25, I’m a glass half full guy and I just view that as him being more mature and pro ready from day 1 as opposed to “omg, call the nursing home, he’s a geaser.” my point is this, we still have an excellent chance of nabbing a franchise guy in the first round be it if we pick first or 32nd.. I’m actually surprised at how few teams need QBs this year
  2. Honestly at pick 12, I would be willing to trade that straight up for Mac Jones.. Bryce Young, Stroud and Levis will all be long gone, we really don’t have any glaring needs anywhere else on the roster like we did at O line last year. If it’s a choice between Hendon Hooker or Mac Jones, I’m trading that pick for Mac Jones.
  3. Phillip Walker is the wild card here, (he’s a 26 year old man, not a 12 year old, so yes, I prefer Philip to PJ, and besides, Phillip Walker sounds more like a NFL QB and less like an XFL one) Anyway if Phillip can keep making the kind of throws he made yesterday.. A beastly O line? Check. What appears to be a one/two punch running game? Check. A monster defense? Check. A great WR in Moore with some solid complimentary WRs around him? Check. A QB with something to prove and a head coach who would practically sell his soul to become the actual HC of this team going forward?! Check and check. Let’s assume we keep up this level of play going forward, what weaknesses do we have? Seattle, Bengals and Ravens, if we lose those three and win the rest of the schedule, we are 9-8 and NFCS champs.
  4. The 49ers have lost to the Falcons and Broncos, both bad teams and they have a brutal remaining schedule. Things could get ugly fast for them and we could potentially be looking at those 2nd, 3rd and 4th round pics being top 5 ones in each of those rounds.
  5. No 1 overall pick QB that was considered a way more elite prospect at draft time than any of these QBs coming out this year. Plus a SB winning head coach and they have the same exact record as us. I’m torn, a part of me loves the idea of having that no 1 pick and getting our pick of the litter, but seeing how big of a crap shoot it is and a team like the Jags can have both a No 1 picked QB AND a SB winning HC and they still can’t get it right, it has me thinking that things aren’t so cut and dry when it comes to a winning formula in the NFL
  6. I dunno, Levis screams “inexplicably falls to top 10” type of player.
  7. Lol you can forget Young and Stroud at this point as we are likely to fall to picks between 4-8.. I mean if we upset the Bucs and we still have a relatively easy schedule with the exception of the Bengals, you better rest assured we are winning 4-6 games this season. Silver lining- This is a very deep QB class and Levis, Hooker or even McKee would still be options since we don’t even know how to tank properly.
  8. Looks like it will be Levis, Hooker or McKee in the first round for us, if we keep playing like this every Sunday, you can forget us losing enough games to get Stroud/Young in the top 2 or 3.
  9. You must have not been around during draft time and pre draft in 2011. I remember it like it was yesterday, nearly EVERYONE and all the experts said that Cam was a HUGE risk and reach because he just ran a one read option at Auburn and it would take years for him to be NFL ready. Mel Kiper and Mcshay were saying (no I’m not even joking) that we should draft Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker over Cam because they were more pro ready day 1. Stroud, Young and even Levis are way more NFL ready now then Cam was coming out of Auburn.
  10. 2001 record: 1-15 Drafted: Julius Peppers HOFer 2003- Super Bowl Appearance 2010 record: 2-14 Drafted: Cam Newton franchise QB 2013: NFCS winners and playoff berth 2015: SB Appearance Say what you will about this organization but not many teams out there with the exception of maybe the Chiefs can say they have reached the SB not once but twice just a few or couple short years after finishing dead last in the league.
  11. Or go on a big run and make the playoffs and he emerges as our very own Josh Allen and we have our franchise QB…. Lol.. kind of
  12. Our D is good enough, I look at this draft as “re do” meaning, I don’t want us making the same mistakes with Stroud/Young that we made with Cam by not getting him help offensively and focusing too much on Defense in the Rivera/Gettleman days
  13. Nah keep him, we need to do everything we can to get the 1st pick.
  14. There is no doubt that Tepper wants a QB and wants one badly, even if by some miracle we win a few games and drop to pick 8 or something and miss our on Young or Stroud (not going to happen) you better believe we are absolutely taking one in the first round, be it Stroud at 1 or reaching for someone like Hooker at 7 or 8, it’s happening. So with that out of the way, one position that we as fans don’t talk about nearly enough and it’s a HUGE need is WR, yes I like Moore and yes I think he is back next year, but we haven’t had that “1, 2 punch” at WR since the Smitty/Moose days and we need that badly as outside of Moore, our roster lacks that legit no 2 WR to pair with Moore and our new franchise QB. I don’t keep up with college at all, so assuming we are picking at the top of the 2nd, who do you like at WR?!
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