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  1. False hope... that's the new motto around here then.... ....but on a another note..I just woke up from a dream.... The Panthers made it to the Superbowl finally after 13 years...don't ask me why or how....I just remembered the announcer saying something about Carolina hasn't been back to the big game in 13 years... Fast forward....we were playing the 3-peat Superbowl winner.. It was a very close first half...then we got blew out in the second half. Reich said this was his last game coaching and he would retire afterwards. And then the next guy at the podium was Steve Wilks... A bit confused I thought maybe he was our DC until I realized he was wearing a Colts logo shirt... The next thing I heard was someone asking how it feels to win 4 Superbowls back to back to back to back.... He started of saying "give them guys in Carolina some credit, after my internship, I learned to never accept mediocrity... "
  2. He wasn't listening to offers until Tepper made a decision, watch the calls start coming in... Texans I believe is his next choice but I think they waiting on 49ers DC...but I was told Wilks did like their draft capital...and believe that's the best fit for him. Mark my words if he goes to HC the Texans...they are making the playoffs first year. And our season going be done half way through...man the huddle going be a fun place either way it goes if he is hired somewhere else.
  3. Luck stay in school so he wouldn't have to play for the Panthers... Then retire after Reich was his coach... good luck with that one..lmao
  4. I need to get in a room with Tepper...if all it takes is the gift of gab...I'm an instant Millionaire answer to the question....nope
  5. Nope, he took this very hard. And I wouldn't be surprise if he lands a HC job somewhere and with the big a$$ chip on his shoulders he might lead a team to a SB win before Carolina gets one...now that would be karma for yall a$$e$...
  6. I mean I can't say they're wrong but one could believe if Wilks was white and Reich was black...do you really think that would've matter....hmmmm Black QB who was a backup (ok he threw the first TD) for Carolina back in the day...fast forward.... got fired mid season and replaced by a coach with no experience. vs White DC (born n raised in charlotte ) never got a fair shot in AZ, but got a chance to rally his team (after losing his BEST OFFENSE WEAPON) to the brink of the playoffs and brought back the culture of the team, and the players were very adamant about hiring him.. jury still out on this one...
  7. And where's our proven QB on the roster... oh he'll draft Levis (Darnold 2.0)....and watch that stink...or sign a FA(Daniel Jones) and yeah u see where this is heading... Clearly Tepper hates the Keep Pounding motto so why not change the whole damn team name to who we really are... Now introducing your 2023 Carolina Mediocrities...
  8. Seriously, that division is just as bad as ours was this year, but at least our division was once consider one of the best...Ryan,Brees,Cam, era...(remember Indy was king in that divison for a long time too)...and all he did in Philly was hold a clipboard..Doug ran that show...but wait there's more... Take away HOF QBs...Luck and Rivers...ok, some people forget Great QB mask poor coaching... 19-22-1 without a proven QB on the roster...and might I add again that's in the worst division in the NFL. Now Wilks record no better but give him a HOF QB I'm sure his record would've been better.
  9. He can show Darnold how to become the Best backup QB in NFL history also...smh...if we draft Levis Im gonna puke...
  10. Reich is not Andy Reid...he was OC of the Eagles one year....that was Doug Peterson calling the shots...he took that win and bank a HC at Indy...before that San Diego Chargers[edit] Reich was hired by the San Diego Chargers, along with Whisenhunt, in 2013. When Whisenhunt left to become head coach of the Tennessee Titans, Reich was promoted to offensive coordinator.[14] On January 4, 2016, he was fired from his position as offensive coordinator after the Chargers finished 31st in rushing and struggled on offense.[15]
  11. You got to live out a dream of coaching the Panthers...and made us relevant again. Keep Pounding and I hope God bless you with a team that knows your worth. Tepper will regret this decision, mark my words. ....for the record...Reich going lose more games than Rhule...
  12. ...at least the Colts gave him an opportunity...unlike Wilks in AZ n now NC...smh
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