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  1. I don't want to jinx it but if this Erickson guy just never fumbles or botches any punt then I'll actually be very happy with him. We don't need huge returns we just need to avoid big mistakes on ST.
  2. Awesome coverage there, pressure just eluded the QB and then we closed quick when he left the pocket. Not quite a sack, but basically was a coverage sack.
  3. Hold on the OL there and a offensive PI and no calls. Whatever, just get to the QB.
  4. Once they see his fake smile they'll start calling him Scam Darnold... (oh wait)
  5. Nice play call Brady! Beautifully executed.
  6. That's the Darnold we need this year if we're gonna make noise in the playoffs! Phenomenal play
  7. That puts us at a disadvantage though because our D doesn't need to hold to not get burned...
  8. He did have an injury in camp. Rotoworld said he's out with a soft tissue injury but seems like he could be ready for next game. Not sure if it's the same injury or not or what the details are, but it makes sense that he still needs to get up to speed a bit. He did miss a lot of camp towards the end there.
  9. Huge play by Shaq! Where the hell did this guy come from?
  10. Most blatant hold I've ever seen, not called. What a joke. And why does our "elite" punter from last year now suck?
  11. On paper he may not be wrong. But that 2015 had a ton of special things about it that's yet to be seen this year. Of course an MVP caliber QB is the most glaring...
  12. Not sure, I'm out of state and have never tried it. That's such bullshit that you can't get a local game on TV.
  13. This only works if you're in the CLT market right? I think OP is out of state.
  14. I think this is pretty fair when comparing these two seasons. We went to the SB on Cam and the offense's shoulders along with a lot of very timely takeaways. The D was solid but was not the strength of that team, it gets overrated because of the SB appearance. 2013 really is the bar on D. That D waltzed their way to 12 wins despite an extremely underwhelming offense both in passing and rushing. It was frankly an all time great D that is overshadowed by the Seahawks also having an incredible D that year and by our 1 and done playoff appearance. When comparing this year so far to 2013, I'd say something like this, with plenty of time/room for 2021 to prove itself further: 2013 DL: A+ 2021 DL: A 2013 LB: A+ 2021 LB: B 2013 Secondary: B- 2021 Secondary: B+ 2013 D Coaching: A+ 2021 D Coaching: A-
  15. It was solid but nowhere near one of our best years on D. Points scored that year league-wide were unusually high, and we allowed almost 20 points per game. Compared to 2013 when we allowed ~14 points per game. That is a significant difference. We won most of our games in 2015 on the strength of the offense and frankly Cam's heroics. Think how many shootouts we got into (Giants collapse and Cam saving our asses, Luke fuging McCown pretending he's Drew Brees in his prime and putting up 30+ points, etc.).
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