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  1. Pretty sure that was pretty quickly reduced to 4 games
  2. Pure vomit. This is as bad as bringing Marty Hurney back. Why do Charlotte sports keep doing this to us
  3. After sleeping on it, I'm much happier about last night. I trust in Mitch, he hasn't really had a bad move here yet until seemingly last night so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Williams is going to be such a stud for us and is a better fit than Duren. The value for pick 13 seems too low for me but I do understand the aspect of us not having a ton of room for 2 more young players needing to develop and that next year's draft is better than this year's. I'm much happier trading away that pick for futures than if we just traded it to get rid of Hayward's contract which would've been a disaster. We can keep Miles without giving away assets to get rid of Hayward, plus there's the fact that the past 2 years this team has been a playoff team with a healthy Gordon and much worse when he's out. If Gordon can stay relatively healthy and our young guys continue to take steps forward I can absolutely see this team being a top 6 seed in the East. Now just make the right decision for HC. All my positive thoughts about the team right now would immediately vanish if Clifford comes back. D'Antoni is the play here. With him I could see LaMelo putting up 25/8/7 or similar, on good efficiency.
  4. Gotta be that plus they take Hayward. Which is better than nothing but still underwhelming and stupid.
  5. Which is bullshit because we can keep Miles without getting rid of Hayward’s contract, just MJ saving some $ at the expense of putting a competitive team on the court. Stupid
  6. fuging disgusting this stupid ass fuging team. Duren falls to us and we trade him away just to get rid of Hayward so MJ saves some money. What a joke
  7. Mark Williams and Duren would be a dream.
  8. Front 7 on D on paper concerns me quite a bit. Shaq is the only legit starter at LBer, Luvu could get there as he was great in a lesser role last year but it's yet to be seen how he'll do with significant snaps on D. DE is thin if Burns and YGM don't take steps forward and even if they do not much depth. DT a huge concern if Brown plays like he did last year, although I do like the Ioannidis acquisition.
  9. My guess is Arch winds up being a career journeyman fringe starter/backup. Would be cool though if he did continue in Peyton and Eli's footsteps as HoF starting QBs who win multiple SBs (for us of course).
  10. More embarrassing things happening for Charlotte sports, although personally I wanted D'Antoni much more than Atkinson so hopefully this plays out like it did for the Colts getting a much better HC after McDaniels pulled this poo on them. fug Kenny A
  11. “Pay it all, take Darnold, or keep your problem.” should be our response
  12. I don’t care for him or his show either but was the bolded really necessary?
  13. waiting for Rhule to trade for his old Baylor buddy Denzel Mims who seems to be on the way out in NYJ already... dude sucks but I fully expect this to happen sooner or later. At least we didn't waste a high draft pick on him a few years ago.
  14. Would be a great signing at this point in the offseason. Get it done Fitts
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