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  1. Allen’s career trajectory is frankly unbelievable to me. He really did look terrible his first couple years and just all of a sudden flipped a switch and is the clear 2nd best QB in the game. Crazy
  2. 100% but he did enough along with that D to beat the Chiefs led by Mahomes. Can Brady hang with Mahomes/Allen when they’re putting up 30-40+ points like this? No of course not but these guys aren’t gonna put up these efforts every single game. As we saw from the SB last year
  3. Yeah if he gets cleared legally we need to get him. Hell even if that stuff is still pending I’d trade for him with conditions based around his playing time (I.e. 2nd rounders that become 1st rounders if he plays x number of games each year).
  4. Imagine McCaffrey with this Chiefs offense. Kareem Hunt lit it up there like crazy, McCaffrey would have that offense setting records
  5. Brady did just last season. Rodgers definitely can if he goes to a stacked team like Brady did last year. Rodgers with Payton is my nightmare since those 2 for a season with their stacked OL, Michael Thomas and Kamara could hang with anyone easily.
  6. That’s nonsense. Reid is an elite all time coach but all you have to do is look at the level Mahomes has taken this team to compared to Alex Smith there. Mahomes is the best QB in the game
  7. Herbert maybe soon. Rodgers. Brady I guess if he has his OL and weapons that he had last year and most of this year. Other than that yeah there’s nobody else.
  8. There it is!!! Holy poo. Butker OT lies on your shoulders. Where is the damn defense to close this game out?
  9. Butker. Hail Mary’s just don’t happen
  10. 1 more play to get in FG range lol, very possible here
  11. Throw deep twice and hope for catches or PI then a FG for OT.
  12. 13 seconds ain’t enough for Mahomes. Good night
  13. Lol wow! Bills pull it off. Chiefs D massive collapse, just embarrassing from their D tonight
  14. I think they would’ve had better odds with that than scoring a TD to win. Still can happen obviously but they were best off playing D to hold them to a FG
  15. It could if Bills get a quick deep TD
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