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  1. I'd love a TE but if we choose Stroud and can get JSN even if we need to trade up a bit from 39 I would do it. Gives us a potential #1 WR and Stroud already has a guy he's comfortable with and has chemistry with. If we go Young I wouldn't force that issue
  2. Ehh, I disagree, he's nowhere near polished enough as a route runner. Great physical traits, very good contested catch guy, but I don't see him being a guy who can go out there every play against double coverage and still put up 1200+ yards -- that's what I mean by alpha WR1 ability.
  3. bro @top dawg made this thread for people to come together about Young and Stroud, this is where the people who would be happy with either hang out.
  4. Yeah plus we still don't have any potential alpha #1 WR for this season. We could get that at #39. Thielen is a slot guy, Chark is a downfield threat as a solid 2nd WR but we still don't have that do-it-all #1. If the draft doesn't fall that way we can absolutely go BPA but if there's a WR sitting there with that #1 potential we absolutely will seriously consider him. Even if we take a guy and he doesn't turn out to be a #1, like you said both guys we signed are more stopgaps or prove-its, if we draft a guy who doesn't work out as #1 he could still be our longer term #2 or #3 option.
  5. Well there was the report about the Bears being open to Brown or Burns instead. I think DJ was the right go to trade but we could've moved Brown too and kept DJ. Burns was a non-starter unless we were keeping 9 and next year's 1st only giving up him and some 2nds.
  6. I honestly think there's a decent chance both QBs wind up being rock solid franchise guys. Stroud is a bit of a safer pick but he still has insane upside too. They're just different, both are great prospects and you can't go wrong with either here. Time will likely reveal one to be better than the other but that will also be dependent on the situations they land in. If they go 1 and 2 whoever we take is in a much better spot to start his career than whoever Houston gets. I can see us getting Stroud and him getting close to Burrow level in the situation we have here, although his stats may not look quite as good without us having elite starting wideouts right now. And with that I can see Houston getting Young and him being a better version of Kyler, who many forget was in the MVP conversation for half a season 2 years ago.
  7. Dov called it. Has he made any comments on Stroud vs Young? Maybe we can get the early scoop from him there too
  8. Someone ask him who we’re taking 1st. Love this addition especially on a 1 year deal. Grab best WR/TE/pass rusher available at 39 and this roster looks fuging amazing. Just gotta nail the QB choice
  9. only 1 more month of this dude actually wait no we'll be hearing this poo for years especially if the guy we don't pick winds up really good
  10. watch us win it all and Rhule come out of the woodwork like "I built that just needed 1 more year and 1st overall QB"
  11. LaCanfora thought we were getting Watson, I don’t put much stock into his “reports.”
  12. Lol good luck with that. There's a damn good chance we don't see anyone come close to Mahomes' level in the next 2-3+ decades.
  13. Yeah but really just because of a fluky terrible division, many here wanted to tank and even with that run and nearly winning this trash division was anyone really truly excited about a potential playoff berth? We'd have just gotten smoked round 1 and probably wouldn't have been able to trade up to 1st overall and still wouldn't have a QB. And we may have kept Wilks which would've been a setback and not very exciting.
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