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  1. Don’t really care, I like things about both teams. I think the Ravens win though. Lamar is dominating lately and that Ravens D is elite. Harbaugh’s playoff experience will also win out over McD.
  2. Packers 100%. Winner of this game goes to the SB to lose to the Chiefs.
  3. While I admit it’s possible I still don’t think there’s much chance of it happening. And the other issue is that even if that does happen, the Jets are not passing on Trevor at 2.
  4. Yeah of course I‘d take what Watson and Mahomes have become over Trevor who is definitely still a question mark in the NFL, but neither of those guys were the sure-things with upside that Lawrence is coming out of college. By no means am I saying he’ll be better than every other QB in this draft, or elite, etc. just that there’s a reason he’s been the de-facto #1 pick for years now. I have a hard time seeing JAX pass that up, though it is theoretically possible—we have seen some crazy things happen in this league’s history...
  5. Not a good comparison. As prospects going into the draft Watson and Mahomes were nowhere near the QB Trevor is.
  6. I still can’t believe our collapse in 2018. That season was going so great until the Steelers debacle.
  7. Kind of but not entirely. I think coaching matters much less in the NHL than other sports and for the most part if a player is good, he’ll be good in any system and with any team he’s on (there are exceptions of course). Everyone around the league pretty much knows what the Red Wings are, and that’s a team that is still in the beginning of a massive rebuild (after 25 straight playoff seasons and like 3 championships...). They were by far the worst team last year and didn’t add much in the way of players who will contribute this season. Overall I’m still really happy with our perfor
  8. Yeah I was screaming there haha first time Greiss leaves the net open we whiff...
  9. It was kind of a fight. More like a scrap. Canes haven’t had a really good fight since Micheal Ferland left in 2019.
  10. Was watching the Canes, was this game as close as the score indicated? After last game and with Hayward out I was expecting a blowout...
  11. I bet he takes a role in the front office that is more on the business side and less in football operations
  12. It’s definitely NOT standard procedure at all. I’ve never seen an announcement from a team for an offer. It’s strange, but likely nothing to overthink.
  13. Yeah gonna be some tough to watch games early this year across the league. Is what it is. Still pumped
  14. Offseason and the Canes are the most exciting team in the Carolinas right now. Took me a while to come around too but it’s worth it man!
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