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  1. Whoever was responsible for 2019 needs to be shot or something
  2. Jake Delhomme isn't the best comparison either, he wasn't a top 5 pick who started for 3 seasons before switching teams... There are just aren't really many examples of these types of players even switching teams and then getting an opportunity to start this early in their career like this. The other notable one is of course Rosen who completely flopped for Miami but there just isn't a large sample size of comparable situations to go off and try to guess what'll happen here -- one way or another.
  3. This is true for his early career in San Diego, but he started 2 full season after drafting Rivers and was a top 5 QB in those years. Not exactly the same as a QB changing teams and then having success like we're hoping happens with Darnold. Brees had tremendous success for 2 seasons in San Diego before going to NO, they let him walk because of the shoulder injury concern not because he struggled like Darnold has.
  4. Would be thrilled with Sewell at 8, unless Fields is also sitting there and we pass him up (but I doubt that). Not too familiar with the other 2 but I like the idea of another interior OL and a ball hawking S
  5. Honestly with his market seemingly being slim pickings, it might make the most sense for both sides for KK to come back here on a 1 year deal for dirt cheap with heavy incentives. Cheap, consistent, temporary depth for us and a chance for him to rehab his value and potentially earn a decent deal from another team next off season.
  6. You’re reading too much into that, he has been a starting CB up til now so Gantt characterizing him as that in a tweet means nothing. In the same tweet he lists CB as a potential position we could target in the draft. If we draft a CB and Donte outplays Bouye in camp, AJ won’t start. There’s a solid chance he winds up being one of our 2 best CBs or even our best and starts but that’s no guarantee, depends on who else we draft/sign or if anyone else on the roster already emerges.
  7. If we fix the OL in the draft (mainly a top LT) I wouldn't be surprised if Darnold has a great season, similar to Tannehill in Tennessee. But I don't think either of them are ideal franchise QBs to rely on. Even if Darnold has an amazing season we should be looking for our long term guy. Best case scenario for us going forward is Darnold playing solid next year and proving more valuable than what we gave up for him, and then Watson is cleared and we're able to trade for him using Darnold (or assets from trading Darnold to another team) and picks and maybe a young defensive player. I do not thi
  8. Thanks for putting that together, nice way to look at it. Gonna be a rough couple of weeks at least. Hopefully our injured guys can get back sooner rather than later. I really want to get a top 6 seed, otherwise it's pretty much just an instant elimination at the hands of Philly or Brooklyn, even if we do get healthy. If we can get a top 6 seed I could see us winning a series if we're healthy. Either way I'll be thrilled for our younger guys to get playoff experience, and hopefully Melo is 100% by then so we can see what playoff Melo looks like.
  9. Yeah I don't think this tells the whole story. Teddy's career stats in 4th quarter/late in games are actually pretty good but we all saw how terrible he actually was in those situations last year. Plus often in those situations the other team knows you're passing and that combined with the terrible OL he had in NY and poor weapons made it a nearly impossible situation. We just gotta hope those factors along with coaching were the reason for his struggles there and not him just being bad.
  10. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DarnSa00/splits/ https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BridTe00/splits/ Scroll down to find their stats in the 4th quarter, and when leading/trailing with 4 or 2 min to go... It ain't pretty at all for Darnold. 1 TD, 7 picks when trailing with 4 or less minutes to go.
  11. @ladypanther Did you write that on his wikipedia page? Always consider the source... Seriously though, I do like Ryan and I'm sure he's on board with the Darnold project. Darnold has the physical talent that Teddy didn't have here, we've got the weapons and depending on how the draft goes we may have the OL too. This will be Brady and company's true test. This offense really should be top 5-10 in the league easily with the amount of talent we have, definitely looking forward to it.
  12. Replace Teddy with Darnold, Wentz, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, etc.
  13. Teddy, do what's right brother. Take a paycut to go to another team for a chance to start. Win-win-win situation.
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