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Community Answers

  1. fug off. Nice stop. O needs to show something now
  2. It’s a catch but bullshit to change the call minutes later and not make them use their challenge
  3. Rough pass, Thielen’s route looked lazy though
  4. I think he’s just playing a bit timid/afraid to take shots at anything that isn’t wide open. You gotta let your guys make plays and attempt some “risky” throws, which he just ain’t doing yet. Hoping it’ll come as he gets more comfortable
  5. Need to start seeing some mid/long range throws man, so boring just dinking and dunking.
  6. Bent but didn’t break. Let’s go get a TD now
  7. So sick of this fuging Taylor hillsom loser, why the fug didn’t Vicodin Sean bring him to Denver with him
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