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  1. Retractable roof sucks for fans who want to see the game played in the elements like it should be because it'll be closed 100% of the time that it's raining, snowing, etc.
  2. Retractable which will be closed in anything less than perfect weather incoming. Should’ve asked him about grass too once the soccer crap isn’t happening at the same stadium.
  3. Horn should be on Ridley. Chinn, Shaq and others can work on Pitts, though I highly doubt Pitts is that big of a threat his rookie year.
  4. He had a big contract but a 2nd round pick really isn’t good value for a player of his caliber. Glad he’s out of the division.
  5. The next game is HUGE but not necessarily a must win like last night was. If we lose we go back home and can make it 3-2 and build off of that momentum to take another in Tampa and even the series. Last night's game was the most critical as a loss would've buried us.
  6. That doesn't look like Matt Stafford...
  7. Luke’s a smart guy and knows the game as well as anyone. I don’t think it was a shot but I also think Luke sees Teddy for what he is.
  8. It shifts between the Falcons and Aints. Bucs bought a championship congrats to them but they're still a dumpster fire and will be again shortly so I don't care too much about them. Seahawks were easily our biggest rival outside of the division for a while there as it seemed like we played them every single year and we met in the playoffs a couple times, but still don't think they were more of a rival than Aints or Falcons.
  9. Well, he did lose us games. That first Bucs game is a win if not for that trash performance from him.
  10. The thing is Otah was actually a complete beast when he was on the field. If he could've stayed healthy he'd easily be a franchise tackle. That one's not on Hurney. Little has had injury issues AND when he's played he hasn't been good.
  11. Yeah, not scared of Boston's team at all, their team isn't that good any more, we've become significantly better this season with our forward depth and then most importantly Ned has stepped up as a borderline elite goalie right now. But the refs being in Boston's pocket definitely make it a series I'd like to avoid. Although that also goes for the Penguins, Leafs, etc. If we can beat the Lightning next round, it would be nice to have another Islanders matchup...
  12. Such a bummer. Oh well, at least there will be more money in Tepper's wallet
  13. Was there ever a Texas Tech QB who started in the NFL before Mahomes? None of the other Ohio State QBs have anything to do with Fields.
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