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  1. We all know Brown is unstable but this situation isn’t anything remotely crazier than other stuff he’s been doing the last several years. Reporters are making it sound like they’ve got guns pointed at each other and Brown is about to go out suicide by cop which is ridiculous
  2. They don’t even know if he’s in the house dude and it’s for a misdemeanor
  3. Something else that can cause a goalie to struggle more with low/medium danger chances is if he doesn't see many of them and has long stretches of play where he gets cold because he's not seeing consistent action. This Canes team under Rod has been particularly susceptible to that with the way we play. Not many shots against and the ones our goalies do see tend to be more medium/high danger than low danger. Not sure if it was last game or the game before but I think we had a stretch of like 15+ minutes without allowing a single shot on Pyotr. It's tougher for a goalie to be ready for the next few shots after a stretch like that, regardless of whether they're low, med or high danger. There are many positive about our system we run but I actually think this can be a bit of a negative. It would be fine if we were converting more of our opportunities but we have too many games with 30-40+ shots and like 2-3 goals when we should have 4-5. I think some of that recently has been many guys have just been snake bitten and we're not getting puck luck, but also we have a lot of passers/playmakers on the team and not as many guys with aggressive scorer mindsets. Svech and Aho have that as we've seen and Necas is doing better playing with confidence this year but the other guys not really. Patches getting healthy should help that too, but I think to bring this team over the top we really do need 1 more elite goal scorer. They're hard as hell to find/acquire but we do have a ton of assets we could use. I wouldn't be in a rush to go all in on one this year but if we come up short again in the playoffs even with Patches we may need to think about it next offseason. Pastrnak if he hits free agency could be a great target.
  4. yeah I haven't dug in too deep but it looks that way to me too. He's not bad against the easier low and medium danger chances, but he does about what is expected. He's way better than expected against the high danger chances, in fact he's significantly better against high danger chances than any other goalie in the league and it's not even remotely close. That's why I think he will still improve a ton as he settles in and gets more comfortable playing in North America and just settling into the league -- you'll see those improvements in the low/medium danger chances save%.
  5. with QBs the in between is pretty much worse than "sucks ass"
  6. I agree but the main reasons are Corbett and Icky... Boze has been great and we should lock him up as this group has great chemistry and talent but Elf was also playing well with this group. Center is usually the least important position to have a great player at on OL, you need an adequate center as a bad one can be disastrous but the difference between average C and elite C is much less significant than between average G/T and elite G/T.
  7. Some advanced stats https://www.moneypuck.com/goalies.htm In Goals Saved Above Expected per 60 (5+ games), a very legitimate measure of how well a goalie is playing taking into account the team defense in front of him, Pyotr is #2 behind only Ilya Sorokin (a Vezina favorite for best goalie in the league). I couldn't be more excited about this kid, his play is even better than his raw numbers which are solid as is. Such a stud. Small sample size so far but I think he'll keep it up and even get better as he gets more comfortable facing NHL shooters.
  8. I liked him before he sucked this season. He’s a Pats fan too so fug him, let him bust somewhere else
  9. I mean dude look at that injury list and our roster for last night's game lol. I think we're fully embracing the tank at this point, which is the right call. Come back next year healthy with Miles back and hopefully Wemby but if not him another top pick to add to the group. Develop the young guys this year.
  10. Lamar is looking for a fully guaranteed contract like Watson got. If it's truly fully guaranteed there's not a lot more to it than total $ and years on the deal. Others have negotiated their own contracts in the past. I completely agree he should have some help from contract lawyer(s) and/or an agent but I also kinda get not wanting to give the agent their 5% or whatever the going rate is.
  11. Agreed and a healthy Star with Hardy in 2014 may get us past the Seahawks and to the SB too honestly
  12. FWIW we are winless on the road (only team in the NFL). I don't see us winning any of these 3 road games to close out the season either.
  13. Picking 6 right now. Bears, Rams, Steelers, Broncos all ahead of us but would drop below us with 1 more win than us the rest of the year. Texans aren't dropping out of 1st overall. Rams and Broncos really have zero incentive to lose games as they traded away their picks so despite how bad they've been I still think they can 1 or 2 more down the stretch. Steelers suck but they have some winnable games on there, including our game. Bears have Packers and Lions but don't see any other winnable games on their schedule. Of course if we win more meaningless games we'll drop, but if we don't win any more games I see us still picking top 2-3.
  14. Went dirt biking and shot some sporting clays all day, just tuning in now… what’d I miss? Also first time I’ve intentionally skipped watching the Panthers on Sunday, thanks Tepper. But it was much more enjoyable than watching this crappy team ruin the tank when the season is already lost.
  15. Well at least he has proven himself as a college coach
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