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  1. Hi guys! Been a few years since Ive posted here. But reading through this thread brought back many great memories! Anyone remember Swashbuckler?
  2. You just gotta pick your battles boys and girls.
  3. Hey, if JPP can play with 7 fingers, Davis can play too
  4. Ah my hometown teams most hated rival. Go Asheville Tourists!
  5. Don't fug with me bro I play Call of Duty. 5th prestige. 2.34 KDR. I goes hard in the paint, and be in the trap.
  6. Hell I say don't ban them. It's what they want. So that can go back to Ospreys dot net and huddle around like little schoolgirls and snicker about it. I have a feeling one of these bitches is Alice.
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