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  1. I feel that Lance and Fields are simply too athletic to be complete busts as some worry about. Their natural athletic ability will buy them enough time to develop into good QB’s. Both can make all the throws and Fields is accurate as hell. So it’s not like either solely depends on their legs. It’s just another part of their game. If we don’t land Watson, one of Wilson/Fields/Lance would be a very nice consolation prize.
  2. If the Panthers had received a single call or offer for Teddy, he’d be elsewhere by now. Rapoport puts out whatever teams want him to put out.
  3. With Miami and the Jets being in the same division it could actually help us. At some point if it’s clear to either team that the other is going to get Watson, they may be willing to help facilitate a 3 way trade where we end up with Watson. Jets and Dolphins already have Josh Allen in their division. Eventually you have to think BB will turn NE back around. The last thing the Jets or Dolphins need is for the other to have Watson. The Dolphins apparently have interest in Aaron Jones. Maybe CMC will be someone they’re interested in. The Jets lack talent across the board. I
  4. What would be your max offer for Watson? I found this on the Jets board. Outside of draft picks, the Jets don’t have a ton to offer player wise. Q would have to be part of their deal but that would leave the cupboard pretty bare. Would you do Tua, 3 1st rounders and Wilkins?
  5. So you think a 30 year old, 1st year OC, walked in the door to a new job and became the reason why they signed Bridgewater?
  6. This is funny. I’d love to hear him talk about the things that he thinks he did right
  7. 3 1st rounders for Dak Prescott? No freaking thank you
  8. I think if Rhule and Fitterer do draft Fields, I’ll feel good about it because I’ll assume they’ve put him through the ringer in terms of what he knows versus the drawbacks of the OSU scheme. I’d like to think they feel comfortable enough that Fields would be able to process things better than what he showed at OSU. So many people did the same thing with Herbert last year and you’d hate to make the same mistake twice. Fields has all the tools and athleticism imaginable to be a franchise QB.
  9. Pretty much The deal Cam had to settle for last year made it quite clear what the league thought of him unfortunately.
  10. Because there’s quite a few options out there for New England. It’s crucial that we trade Bridgewater (IF we get Watson) and save 13 million versus having to cut him. We could make him our 2nd post June 1 cut but Shaq’s contract makes him a really strong candidate for that
  11. Teddy Bridgewater + 5th rounder to New England for their 2 6th rounders
  12. IF we end up getting Watson, my number 1 priority in free agency immediately becomes Trent Williams. Everything else goes out the window. Properly protecting Watson is priority number 1.
  13. So you acknowledge that you’re not entirely sure if that’s actually Teddy but still engage and take another shot at him? You’re the first to throw shade when a credentialed reporter does something dumb but you do something like this? Surely you can’t still be overly confused as to why the Panthers won’t give you credentials, can you?
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