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  1. These things shouldn’t be news but the huddle will always huddle.
  2. Rhule is a big believer in giving the young guys he sees potential in reps. Guys like Sam Franklin, Hartsfield and even Kenny Robinson. At this point I’d be surprised if we brought in a veteran safety given where we are as a team but who knows...
  3. We have people on this board that really take what some of these guys say during their media obligations as facts. Which is their first mistake. Second is trying to connect the dots. If Rhule thought Fields was a franchise QB, he’d be a Carolina Panther right now.
  4. Are you referring to his comments on the Rich Eisen show yesterday? If so, what else would you expect him to say about Fields and Jones when asked?
  5. I think there’s a small chance that Troy Pride ends up making the final roster.
  6. So in your mind, Rhule liked Fields but passed because we already have Sam?
  7. Seriously. And he keeps saying that Jaycee “quit” when in reality the kids whole family was going through some pretty serious Covid sh!t... “Quit” smfh. 15:40 mark.
  8. Orrrrrrr maybe he didn’t like Justin Fields... have you considered that?
  9. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/brady-christensen If you go to Christensen’s spider chart I found it interesting to see that Brady was most comparable to Rashawn Slater. Knowing this staff viewed Slater more as a guard (I think) than tackle I wonder if they figured they’d be better off rolling the dice on the guy who was a true LT in college. Not to mention we grabbed Brady in the 3rd whereas we would’ve had to spend the 8th overall pick on Slater.
  10. Annnnnnd since you seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against Joe, I think it’s only right you get to look at him for the next few months... here’s your pic...
  11. Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no problem with the pick since we had the capital to be able to spend a pick on a LS. A good LS is important. But there ain’t a damn thing impressive about repping 225 13 times while weighing 236
  12. Here’s the entire Coastal game in case you wanted to watch. I wish Brady had more of a mean streak to him.
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