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  1. If the site you’re using has a cashout option you could just dump a bunch of money on Young in anticipation of the odds shifting after tomorrow and then take a cashout
  2. Some of those outs Stroud throws on a rope are truly insane I’m curious to see what Young can do with his feet properly set and letting it rip in a controlled setting tbh
  3. There’s going to be a very noticeable difference in arm strength going from Stroud’s to Young’s pro days back to back
  4. Riddick has a lot of smart things to say
  5. Here‘s Burrow before his rookie season. Lots of body fat but he’s definitely trimmed down since then. Stroud looks like a guy you’d expect to look given his play style
  6. Guys are taking 1 year deals in hopes of the market being better next year It’s not hard to figure out why Thielen signed here. They were willing to pay him A LOT more than anyone else
  7. Your body changes a lot during those 3 years and they’re working out more No one here thinks CJ is a burner but I’m definitely taking his 40 time as an 18 year old with a grain of salt He’s now 6’3” 213
  8. CJ didn’t run today. Not sure where they got that number from
  9. If they were hellbent on AR they would have traded to 3. Sure the packages may have been close but they would’ve been able to keep DJ and part with their 2025 1st rounder which is what they preferred to do You do not trade to 1 for AR. If they did… oh f’n boy
  10. MHJ very well may go 3rd overall after Williams and Maye If not 3, he’s 100% going top 5
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