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  1. I’m curious to see what this offense looks like. Every coach says they’re going to build around the strengths of their players but not a lot actually do. Canales actually seems to do that. Canales talks about finding those plays where the QB plants that back foot and rips it and building off of those plays… When did we ever see Bryce plant that back foot and rip it? Outside of one touchdown pass against GB. Other than that they’re tough to find. Even throughout his time at Bama. So where in the hell is Canales supposed to start in terms of building a passing game?
  2. I’m almost more curious to see what Baker does this year than I am to watch Bryce. If you go and watch all of Baker’s touchdown passes from 2023, there’s maybe 4-5 that Young doesn’t have the arm strength for or that we simply don’t have Mike Evans. If Young’s able to correctly process what’s out there then in this offense his numbers should be at minimum decent. If they’re not then he’s truly absolute dog sh!t. If Baker takes a major step back then I’ll look forward to Canales getting to pick his guy in 2025
  3. That’s something that stood out to me with Bryce in college. No urgency. That was for sure going to carry over into his pro game. ‘live to see another down’ is fine when you’re playing at Alabama where you’re always going to get the ball back but that’s not the case in the NFL
  4. I agree with you. I’ve seen people laugh at the thought the Panthers would move on from Bryce after year 2. Whereas unless this greatly improves I don’t see how they don’t. Like you said, if they’re picking top 3 again they won’t even have a choice but to move on from Bryce
  5. They’re backing themselves into a corner if this goes south They’re talking about getting his feet right and the ball coming out quick. Well if that doesn’t work there’s nothing left to do. Given the fact Young was drafted 1st due to his ability to process on paper this sounds like the perfect combination There will be no excuses left after this year for Bryce.
  6. Where are those people who were telling us he “bulked up”
  7. Oh god I missed that. Glad I did.
  8. Bryce kept it very “general” this offseason when asked what he did the offseason to improve and kept to what he’s been doing for years didn’t touch the nutritional part of the question I expect nothing to change this season
  9. That’s the last thing we need. Stumble our way to a couple of pointless victories If Bryce shows legit potential (doubtful) then win all the games you want. But if we’re winning games like we did with Sam Darnold then that does us no good at all
  10. Takes 5 mins to hop on YT throw on some Baker highlights and see that a lot of Baker’s big completions aren’t balls Young will throw or quite frankly is capable of throwing Canales isn’t a Bobby Slowik where he’s scheming guys wide ass open
  11. Baker was never as bad as this organization made him look. I said that countless times during that year. Baker had enough tape in Cleveland that proved he wasn’t as bad as he was here. And again, Mike Evans consistently winning 1 on 1 opens up sooooo much for an offense. Plus the division is literally garbage
  12. How did this “innovative” narrative start with Canales? Just because he’s young? He truly wants to run the ball and nothing Tampa did last year was all that creative. Mike Evans ability to win 1 on 1 does wonders for an offense as a whole
  13. We’ve already seen Young’s limitations come out. It’s clear he’s scheme dependant. So what’re we even doing here? We’re talking about creating a run first offense with big time protection in the middle to create a clean pocket? You can drop just about any QB not named Sam Darnold into a situation like this and they’d have some degree of success. I hope we’re in position to take another QB next year. Re set the 5 year rookie QB contract window and try again
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