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  1. Myles is our nickel. If it wasn’t for injuries to him and Horn, Bouye would be watching on the sidelines
  2. If people on this board think people like Sheena Quick and John Ellis know things then good lord. This place is even worse than I thought.
  3. He slips up at the end of his presser when Person asked if he was neighbours with any left tackles. Scott replied “unfortunately we haven’t found one yet” They realize their OL isn’t good enough
  4. Go back to whichever Facebook page you crawled over from Hartsfield is on IR so he’ll miss 8 games minimum. Yes he can play that hybrid role.
  5. This. When deals as good as this one and the Henderson one unexpectedly present themselves… you do it.
  6. Did you mean to put Pride’s name in with those other guys? Had Pride not gotten hurt, he most likely would’ve gotten cut
  7. Few things 1) This blocked Tampa from signing him 2) If we don’t choose to sign him we get a comp pick anyways 3) Both him and Donte will want larger deals this offseason. Gilmore is a top tier corner. These two could very well be playing the rest of this year to see who Carolina chooses to pay 4) You can never have enough guys that can cover in today’s NFL 5) If Horn comes back for those 4 games… good god
  8. Yep it’s good. Plus helps validate CJ Henderson’s side of things
  9. Hartsfield too. He always seems to get forgotten about. Had Myles and Jaycee not got hurt I’m not sure Bouye sees the field
  10. You guys really undervalue the importance of being able to cover in Snow’s scheme. I tried telling you specifically @SBBlue that Jaycee going down would have a domino effect. CJ needs to get up to speed for Philadelphia this week or it’ll be a lot of the same. I will admit I was surprised how easily they moved the ball on the ground today though.
  11. Nothing says I know my OL is absolute shi!t like the QB sneak calls instead of handing it off
  12. We’ll never win when we’re playing from behind. Even close games will be extremely tough to win. We simply just don’t have the OL
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