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  1. We actually might want Indy to win We’re probably going to win another game or two. Other than Houston week 18 I’m not sure Indy has another win on their schedule. They need a QB just as bad as we do. Pittsburgh doesn’t.
  2. If you’re going to troll at least be creative and witty This is the equivalent of the “I know you are but what am I?” Comeback
  3. Everything was there for it to be such a simple touchdown pass. Even in your first screenshot above Darnold should recognize what he has. No need to come off Moore. He’s behind the linebackers and other safety. Even when things are perfect for Darnold he doesn’t get the most out of the play. Same things were happening last season Its a shame but he literally cannot process anything.
  4. Any time you run a post/deep over combo the goal is to obviously hit on one of those before ever looking at one of your check down options
  5. The safety immediately drops at the snap of the ball. So Darnold should know Marshall isn’t an option and the over to Moore should be there once he takes one look over and sees the other safety caught in no mans land I truly have no damn idea what could possibly be going through his head during the time he SHOULD have thrown the ball to Moore to the time he actually threw the ball to Moore
  6. This play should have resulted in a touchdown to DJ
  7. I’ve seen a few people say this now like it holds some sort of weight It doesn’t.
  8. This is very realistic. I agree if Chicago stays put and takes Carter or Anderson then Seattle may flip their pick for a haul. Regardless unless this team is sold on AR I’d bet anything we’d trade up in this exact scenario. But at least we’ll forever have bragging rights over our week 12 matchup against Denver to “improve” to 4-8!
  9. Jalen getting cooked by Kelce isn’t a good look
  10. Chicago will be selling that 2nd overall pick to the highest bidder Tepper wants his franchise QB this draft The more we win these meaningless games the more I cringe at the thought of what we’re going to give up to go get our guy
  11. I can only think of three actual good throws by Sam today The deep ball to Moore, the incompletion to Moore very early in the game and Moore’s TD The other two balls to Moore he didn’t anticipate anything. On the deep over he couldn’t have possibly waited any longer to get Moore the ball Literally nothing has changed in Sam’s game from the last time we saw him
  12. So you rather trade away future 1st’s or take Levis? Because that’s what’s going to end up happening now
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