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  1. Given the fact Moton is currently slated to play under the franchise tag I’d understand if Moton wanted to stay at RT so he can secure his big payday. But if they’re able to lock Moton up in the next few weeks then there’s a lot less risk involved for him with trying out LT. I also believe Moton is looking for LT type money so yah…
  2. Robby was hoping he’d be with Rhule for the foreseeable future. I think it became quite clear to him after the draft that he’s not in their future plans. The Panthers simply don’t have the money to pay Robby what he thinks he’s worth.
  3. 1. Your thread sucks 2. “Whose this” doesn’t even make sense 3. @TheCasillas story has been the only post worth reading in this thread.
  4. Yeah I feel like we benefitted from that in 2015. Started off against Jacksonville and Houston. Won a good one against the Saints. Then travelled to Tampa before our first signature win in Seattle. But we had built some nice momentum leading up to that Seattle game beforehand
  5. The 5 games after their first 2 (hoping they at least split their first 2) gives this team the potential to possibly get hot
  6. You pluck quotes from these guys doing their media appearances and pass them off as facts. You should probably quit doing that.
  7. If it means moving the A’s out of the AL West, I will be rooting very hard for Charlotte to land them
  8. DJ would get to switch numbers for free
  9. It was Brown or trade back. Simmons wasn’t a trade back target either. I never heard his name come up once. I do wonder if that article about the elevator ride/Simmons being taken off a teams board was actually us
  10. Lol at you if you think Ellis knows anything. Verge had mentioned names that were never ever in play at 8 this year. Just like she did last year with Simmons. Same goes for Daniel Jeremiah. Mocked us Surtain this year at 8 in his final mock. That tells you all you need to know about how connected these people are to the Panthers FO. I will say this one last time. If Rhule thought Fields was a franchise QB he’d be a Carolina Panther.
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