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  1. I can’t speak for Billy, but I know that he likes to focus on college and NFL stuff on the app. He’s been doing that for a while. I think he prefers film stuff and other issues on the Panthers for behind the scenes, he does a lot of breakdown on the tape during the week, and then we have the Pod for his Panthers-related platform. I had to miss a little bit of time for a couple of weeks ago, I’ve got somebody close to in family who is dealing with Parkinson’s, and we had to put all of our attention into that to get her situated. Billy has a busy work schedule, and his hours conflict with mine a little bit. Likely, we think we’ve worked out two new timeslots per week to be able to record. I appreciate you asking. Hope all is well
  2. appreciate the kind words. Brian and I don’t have the type of friendship that requires softball q&a’s. He respects my approach professionally, and I respect him professionally. unless it’s just somebody who absolutely causes problems with a team, I’m not here to just randomly roast these guys. It doesn’t mean you can’t be tough, or direct. I don’t know where this will end up with the front office, and Brian’s camp. I know his brother well, we’re buddies. But again, there’s no awkwardness to any of that. Knew Stan before Brian was a pro hard to say what he’ll get. Somebody in this league will probably aim to get Burns in a deal…one of several decisions to be made. I like Brian, just like I appreciated DJ and Christian. The presence they brought was in the positive for the team, and community. It’s just, even with these guys on the roster, there’s not a lot of winning going on. They are not to blame, not at all. I don’t like giving away when I feel is a true alpha on the defense, and the guy who could be a long-term 10-12 sack/yr franchise guy. It’s certainly not a no-brainer, but. I would lean towards working on a deal that makes them feel appreciated, while reflecting the true value of his presence, short and long-term.
  3. Great. Typos. That’ll teach me to use voice to text. Hey, seriously, appreciate each of you. I don’t pop in here enough, and it’s always been a good place. Carolina owes you guys some wins lol. Takes its toll, for sure.
  4. I remember the “positive vibes crowd”. The ones that would not shut the hell up for at least six months, to me, personally, pathetically sheilding Tep’s honor should you dare to scrutinize the hiring of Baylor‘s head coach to lead an NFL franchise into the 20’s. Mosy importantly, I am not affiliated with the Roaring Riot (good folks, especially my guy Salesman on Twitter) Hopefully, they can win a game on Sunday. Anyway, best of luck to you this season, and appreciate your feedback.
  5. Tonight’s episode focused on the history of early tenures for Panthers coaches, a film based roasting of Carolina’s woeful run defense, a 30min Q&A session w Panthers fans… You’re probably picking up on the fact that I genuinely liked their process back in the spring, I did like the staff. I was always skeptical about the lack of depth, and I have continued to mention the imperfections from Fitterer (Miles Sanders among others). I’m not doubting you’re sincerity, re: feedback, and I’m sure there’s something you’re hearing that makes you feel I have changed. I don’t take myself too seriously— always aim to keep a light-hearted side active with the work I do. I don’t think it’s healthy to plow through a half-decade stretch of this self-imposed DIY SOME SUSTAINED SUCCESS THE F*CKIN’ HARD WAY nonsense without a little bit levity. So, look, if there’s a change in my presentation that’s catching your ear, and it’s not in alignment with your expectations for Carolina Panthers, coverage and analysis, I consider that constructive, and I certainly buy you the perspective of those who take the time to listen to my work. Having credentials is a big deal for the work I do, it’s nothing I take lightly. I have a lot of people I think personally for helping me grow my little rinky-dink podcast back in 2019. But I can assure you one thing: I am the same person I was a year ago. I’ve gained 10 pounds, so, that’s a lie. Nothing in my presentation indicates a partnership or arrangement with the franchise., or their public relations team, or the owner himself. I have complemented their media relations team, maybe you heard that. I was just being nice. I gotta work on that lol. Pod: https://x.com/1pantherplace/status/1716616391078424668?s=46&t=nmNdeG0SJoXKk-LrboSuDw Film Room: Bad Tackling…and more! https://x.com/1pantherplace/status/1716487321569067425?s=46&t=nmNdeG0SJoXKk-LrboSuDw
  6. Thanks! I certainly tried to walk the fine line between screaming like a maniac, and praising everybody in the building. I think we hit the sweet spot.
  7. Well, hope you’re doing well. I always enjoy chopping it up. Remember that article we wrote about Matt’s staff? That was a masterpiece lol. I mean, not the actual tenure here, but the article lol. Always appreciate your insight.
  8. Hold on, let me grab my credentials. I’m going to wear them while I read it.
  9. Hey, it’s a performance business. They’ve earned some of this criticism via early-season fundamental lapses, was tracking first down production at the game last night. In the fourth quarter, average yards to gain on second downs: 9.2 Work on cleaning that up a little bit, maybe. Just a thought. Start there.
  10. Here’s the podcast link for Apple Pods folks. Sorry I haven’t been around here much lately, but always appreciate the conversations. The Roar: Ep177 - Panthers/Saints Recap
  11. Hey there, hope you all are well. Listen, I understand the frustration. I’d encourage you to give our podcast from this evening a listen. Might not be of interest to you, but it’s a pretty detailed conversation about some of the pass game issues. I can confirm that zero boots were licked during the filming of the show. https://x.com/1pantherplace/status/1704300296329924680?s=46&t=nmNdeG0SJoXKk-LrboSuDw
  12. Hope you guys are well! Had a great time talking to Johnny, who is always raising money/awareness for great causes. Here’s a full interview, in case you missed it. Looking forward to catching up with y’all closer to training camp https://www.iheart.com/podcast/53-game-on-with-richmond-and-j-88508513/episode/game-on-rewind-punter-for-the-carolina-panthers-johnny-hekker-joins-the-show-117880448?cmp=ios_share&sc=ios_social_share&pr=false
  13. Mark Schofield is well-versed in Evero/Reich and scouting the draft. Thought I’d share our conversation from earlier today (ignore the brief audio glitch on the front end of the draft portion of the int’v)
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