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  1. Mark Schofield is well-versed in Evero/Reich and scouting the draft. Thought I’d share our conversation from earlier today (ignore the brief audio glitch on the front end of the draft portion of the int’v)
  2. Szoke has been around since Reich was the QB here. Thought I would share our conversation from earlier this week. Some cool stories.
  3. Hey y’all. New acct, lost password, couldn’t get a recovery email…hey, it happens. Hope everybody’s had a great new year so far. We’ve been on top of the Panthers/Reich story on Fox Sports Upstate all week. Billy and I will also be doing a podcast next week, once we get a better sense of where they might be heading, re: staffing. Augusta Stone from panthers.com stopped by today. Some good perspective from her end. Great to be back—hope y’all don’t mind.
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