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  1. Totally agree, they rolled the dice on the goalie situation and got craps, with all the talent and depth on this team and with the style they play can you imagine what a powerhouse we would be with an elite goalie? We are screwed now, we can't just trade for another average stiff, only hope is to stay in the playoff hunt and score a big name goalie at the deadline.
  2. Time to shite or get off the pot - if this team doesn't trade for a goalie we are toast, Koch is what he is- average and Raanta is old
  3. I think Pesce looks better than he actually is because he is paired with Skjei, like Stumpy I would do Orlov with Brady, but leave Slavin with Burns - when they get going they are lethal, that leaves Pesce with Chatty and or TDA
  4. Totally out of synch, Staal called them out after the game, something is wrong defensively, only two playing well are Brady and Slavin
  5. the boys will have a tough time getting a goal if they keep shooting pucks center mass, go top shelf on this guy
  6. too bad the team needs the start of the season to mesh - Rod wasted the pre-season playing prospects and not putting the regulars in game conditions to start meshing with the new guys, I agree once everyone is on track this team will roll
  7. For a canes fan living in FL. my only option is ESPN+, they better offer the NHL package again or I'm screwed
  8. who would have thought TDA would mesh with Rod's system? Not my first choice but if we get Nylander I'm sure it's an upgrade for us. Rod will work his magic.
  9. Got to watch the original Whalers from '79 to the end in '97. Super exciting, lots rougher than today's game, some old Whalers who liked to throw down - Torrie Robertson, Ulf Samuelson, and my favorite Pat Verbeek. Got to watch Gordie and his sons play together, today's game emphasizes skating and speed with the blue line and 2 line pass changes, back then if you wanted to watch good skating you watched the ice capades - lol
  10. Lived in New England and went to many Bruin games in the late 60's and 70's - that to me was the best hockey ever. the games today don't even compare, lets scrap the woke politically correct gentlemanly crap from the game and let the boys go at.
  11. Well for a team that needed to get "heavy" we sure picked a lot of undersized prospects. Wadell better get busy and get us some studs this off season
  12. I just hope someone on Vegas blasts Bennett into oblivion before this series ends
  13. watching these two games the Canes need to get A LOT heavier, maybe they can teach pool to actually hit someone, and get some physical players this off season
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