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  1. I agree, so avoiding the obvious three, I'm going Burns
  2. I would like to see Orlov on the PP more, he has a cannon of a shot
  3. A no-brainer, right now Martin seems more technically sound than Koochie, keep him along with Freddy and Kooch and see if anyone bites on Raanta
  4. The article said the reason for the trade is because Necas will be a UFA and the Canes think some team will outbid for him - Canes should keep him, he could become elite, not many guys with that break-away speed
  5. Still seeing rumors - Necas for Soros. I say bad idea, unload KK and some picks and get a goal scorer
  6. Whalers night - LOVE those jerseys, brings me back to my Ct. days watching this team come into the league
  7. Well I'm 0 for the season - I'll try Bunting
  8. Going with Orlov, he's finally coming around and puck luck says he can't keep hitting all those posts
  9. Aho and a bunch of other stars looked bored and seemed to just go through the motions, that had to be the worst "all-star" clusterfug ever. Totally unwatchable.
  10. He's had half a year to acclimate, he doesn't look like he can get with the program - a bad fit for Rod's system, at this point TDA might be a better option as he could run the 2nd PP
  11. what a difference a few weeks make - our team is on fire! now if Necas and KK could play to their potential we go on an epic run.
  12. Somethings gotta give with these guys - Canes are a much better team when they sit it out!!
  13. Did anyone notice a stat Bally put up that showed Nashville is leading the league in hits and that the Canes are DEAD LAST in hits - hope not being physical enough won't come back and bite us in the playoffs like it did last year.
  14. I agree Burns is not the same player he was - but TDA 1st pair?
  15. to me the immediate need is a sniper - the Canes make every goalie they play look like a Vezina winner, they desperately need a sniper that can finish - with Freddy coming back they can stand pat with Koochie
  16. Raanta a different goalie at home, rested and hopefully will be lights out this game.
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