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  1. Kind of like Mack Brown as well.
  2. You like Beamer? I think he's mad overrated at this point.
  3. They should. That's what happened last week and they won by 14. I would say 2-3 spots. If not, I will be shocked. I could also see them moving OU up over them as they won 50-20 and they want them to be ranked higher for the RRR.
  4. They'll drop 3 spots. They dropped 3 spots last week for winning by 14 against Arizona State..............
  5. As the great Josh Pate says. A win isn't always a win in CFB. They will move down a few spots today. If you consistently cover, that's a move impressive feat. Or blow out opponents consistently. That's also why those teams get moved up in the top 10 quickly.
  6. Sure. But usually if you're beating the Colorado's of the world by 7 points when you're favored by 25. You'll get schooled by a good-great team eventually. I've seen it way too many times.
  7. Ha. I've been here over a few months now. Haven't seemed to attack anyone personally. I usually don't take the internet posters serious. Hell, this place is losing traffic by the day anyway because of how bad the Panthers are. I recall when CFB threads weren't even a thing on the main Forum.
  8. Now you're moving the goalposts. I asked if it didn't matter, then why would they move up and down the polls when they have struggle wins. Why would teams start out low in the CFP if they're undefeated? Now you're talking about Riley's offense and defense. Alright man. This has been a pleasure.
  9. But if you're winning by a meager margin as FSU showed the year after winning the Natty, you'll get docked as you'll finish 3rd or 4th in the Playoff. Which results in a tougher opponent. That's why FSU got murdered by Oregon. This year it might not matter, as there isn't a true definitively great team. But maybe.
  10. It'll effect them in the CFP rankings as well. You can't continue to struggle win vs meager opponents and not get docked for it. Plus, USC will lose to Oregon, Washington, hell maybe even another team because of that atrocious defense. Their schedule down the road is brutal.
  11. Since you're a UNC fan, did you forget how UNC had that "struggle win" vs App State earlier this year and fell in the polls? Because the spread was over 14 points for UNC that game and they eeked out a win vs a very, very, meager opponent.
  12. Ha. Well. Enlighten me. If the spread just mattered in Vegas, and well that's it. Why does USC drop in the polls? They're winning and that's all that matters according to you. And yeah, I've been watching CFB a lot longer than you. I know how this works, if you're anticipated to beat the hell out of a team and you have a "struggle win" that's what us CFB lifers call basically struggling vs a very meager opponent. The polls and CFP people notice. That's why Riley has this stigma. But according to you, spreads are just for Vegas and bettors, right?
  13. For the NFL, sure. But if you're getting by, by the skin of your teeth in College. It shows your team isn't complete and has issues on either side of the ball, and that's why USC dropped 3 spots last weekend and will drop again today in the Polls. You can't expect to win by 21 an then win by 7 and it be okay in CFB. Unless you're Georgia, which has the benefit of the doubt (back to back Natty's). Riley and USC in general do not. Here to teach you about CFB. You're welcome.
  14. Can't hate something that's been irrelevant for over 30 years. You just feel sorry for them. If you hate Duke football fans (because most of them don't exist), you got serious issues.
  15. I think Riley might be .500 vs the spread in his entire tenure at this point. Unimpressive Riley is unimpressive.
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