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  1. This guy is becoming my favorite Panther..... hope he keeps it up. He has the energy this team needs...
  2. Higgins, Shi and Barno... Id also like to add I think Luvu is vastly underrated and headed to be a leader of this team!
  3. That's not what I'm implying... Im saying Rhule has to use his own logic for his coaching. If he says the players have to produce.... so does he regardless of what he was given. He picked the staff and the Qbs etc. So he should hold the same accountability when you make statements about producing.
  4. Ok, so by using Rhules Logic... what's his excuse for two 5 win seasons... Is that considered producing and on top if it, they added another game to the season last year...
  5. Exactly!! Rhule said Sam got us in the endzone but that was a gimme from the defense. Kind of feel they gifted Sam that short field and a great play call by Ben schemed Higgins wide open. Was a nice throw by Sam but it didn't take going through reads.
  6. Now with 2mins left, Rhule should trott out the 2nd string line and wrs, to see if Matt can muster up anything. If he can't, use the tape for film study...
  7. I understand that because that logic has been correct for years. I will add tho, you get better with reps and we need to let at least 1 qb go, so he can get some more reps. We know that Sam and Pj aren't the future, so no need in investing in their future.
  8. Putting your potential future Qb(investment) behind the 4th string oline... with wrs that I'm scratching my head while looking at names... is definitely some dumb ish. I know you have to earn your way but the logic with Matt today is ridiculous. It's preseason but they should of put him out there with the 2nd string offense.
  9. Seems to me that Sullivan is constantly making plays at tight end too... random but his name keeps popping up in red zone and deep catches.
  10. Which makes me think we need to look into signing Suh possibly.
  11. Exactly, the dude was a possible top pick of the draft to boot. So he just hands the job to Cam Irving but a humble top prospect has to compete with the guy who you had rated a top guard last year... that got no burn either... hand me a drink....
  12. I'll admit, I have had that logic of flaming picks away too pre Mitch era. The verdict is still out on some picks. I'll say this tho, the latest rumor from the Knicks, was they wanted three 1st and R.J Barrett. If the stance has got to that level, no way should we do 7 plus picks. I'm pretty sure we could put a better package together than that without giving up the farm.
  13. Yep....that hindsight on that one kills me too. SGA has become a dawg!! Interested to see what the endgame is with the Miles scenario.
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