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  1. I heard it on a podcast and then I went to Google Chicago Bulls and saw a few articles about Chicago starting over and trying to get into the top 5 of the draft. Then it mentions they have only met with Scoot n Miller so far I think... which lends me to believe they have 2 and 3 as their targets so far.
  2. I completely agree!!! MJ dragging his feet is a clear sign!! Draft a stud and have that rookie contract!
  3. Trust me... im all for Miller or Scoot but this is the Hornets with a MJ scared to quit and Clifford loving vets.... I hope we don't but no telling.
  4. Now this pops up and I think this has to do why MJ hasn't sold yet too. I know he was waiting on Wem but I think now they are fielding calls to see who they could possibly get in the trade market. I've seen Chicago has worked out both Scoot n Miller. I have no idea what we will do but we will not draft 5 guys obviously and do we go after Lavine n Derozan... Klay n Kuminga.... Jaylon Brown and Brogdan.... https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2023/05/southeast-notes-winger-hornets-hawks-coaches-bitadze.html
  5. Everything I've read contrary to some reports say just that. Wow said he has been pleasant and so forth. I'll say this much, I consider myself a humble and respectful man. I would hope that nobody judged me by a hiccup at 18 years old. If someone has a pattern of bad behavior, I understand and I'm sure the front office will do the homework.
  6. Crazy bc he hasn't even hit his ceiling or the weights yet!
  7. He gets knocked bc he has that effortless type game! When people compare him to Horry or Jabari... its absurd. Jabari has always been mechanical in his play. Horry was a spot up shooter. Brandon has shown he can handle the ball efficiently and pass. He has the most diverse game of any prospect in the Draft when you consider age/height/talent. Scoot and Melo having a connection is cool but Miller would help Mark Williams game be even more dominant. If somehow we keep a starting lineup of Melo Miles Miller Pj(who I don't care if he leaves) and Mark... that gives you great defense 1-5 with switchable players. On offense it gives you 4 guys who could attack the paint or nail a 3... Mark would become a double double monster due to spacing.
  8. Oh yeah, I know he could slide right in to any spot from 2-4 and has shown he can distribute too. Definitely a game changer!! He already has the size and will get bigger. Then he could grow a few inches at that. He would be a nightmare to guard!
  9. I completely agree!!! That foundation would be so solid!! I'd like to let McGown develop too bc at 6'7 he has some serious 2 guard potential. I just hope we don't waste money on both Bridges and Pj. Pick one and allow Brandon to step in. I'd like to upgrade to 1 of these coaches that's fired too. If Clifford stays and tries to out him on the bench/gleague, I'd throw my hands up!
  10. I could definitely see a Oden/Durant scenario here!! When you study Miller's game, he seriously has the style of play Durant had but with more weight. Then... Oden was the generational big but couldn't stay healthy. Sign me up for Miller. I'm sure the phones will be ringing tho for teams needing a guard and wanting Scoot.
  11. I think thats part of it. I'd like to see him with a truly legit OFFENSIVE coaching staff. There were times no wr looked worth anything during Rhules tenure. I think TMJ is the classic wr that doesn't offer much special teams and got caught in the numbers crunch. We will see but if he can stay healthy, I think he may surprise.
  12. I told my friend who is a Jags fan, that TMJ could potentially cost Chark a starting spot. He was adamant Chark would steal the spot but he may not be available until training camp. If the hype of TMJ catching the coaches eyes are true... I could see him taking a spot and Chark battling with Mingo for the other outside spot. Thielen on the inside and Lavishka becoming our multi guy.
  13. He runs very similar to Foreman to me! Wouldn't mind him at all!!
  14. Our Db room having DeAngelo hall is going to pay dividends!! Wright is a guy I definitely see making it!
  15. Fitt kept mentioning XFL players (but he is the only 1 invited) in different interviews. This makes me think they have been targeting him and may be why we didn't look at any in the Draft.
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