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  1. Agree. And it goes to show the tables could be flipped next year and we end up looking like the better long term spot. A year ago today nobody wanted to be the QB the Texans drafted. Now everyone is like what a great spot that was to go to. A year ago Carolina was the best spot for a QB to go to, and now everyone is like we have no support system here and it's terrible.
  2. I don’t care anymore. I’ll just hope for results.
  3. Yet Mac Jones and Tua aren’t in incredible shape and Bryce is underweight. Bama might have the facilities but their QBs don’t really look to partake in the weight room or the diet and conditioning programs.
  4. He has the best rookie year of all time, arguably. How many rookies lead the league in passing yards per game as well as TD to INT ratio? While also winning their division? With a rookie playcaller? With a rookie head coach? It’s just one person. CJ Stroud.
  5. Yeah this is the only path forward, honestly. Get the best possible surrounding cast in terms of players and coaches and if he still can't hack it then we move on with a high pick.
  6. And you can do this for the others, too. For the most part. Before this season Nico Collins never had a 100 yard game in the NFL. In 5 years with the Cowboys Dalton Schultz never had a 100 yard game in the NFL. This year Dalton Schultz matched every stats he had in Dallas last year or bettered it. More catches on less targets for more yards. Nobody saw Tank Dell doing what he did this year. Absolute monster season by a third round WR. In 5 years with the Cowboys Noah Brown never had a 100 yard game in the NFL. He had his most productive NFL year this season and now has a new season high in yards. 7th rounder. By the way, none of the Dell, Collins, Brown or Schultz played in all 17 games this year. None of them played 16. So they put up all these stats despite missing two games on the season at a minimum. Brown played just 10 and Dell played 11. The other two played 15. Against the same Browns team they just walloped in the playoffs, without Stroud, the Texans attempted 49 passes for just 178 passing yards. Only Dalton went over 50 yards receiving. In the game against the Titans without Stroud it took them 36 passes to get 229 yards. It's not a matter of having any other QB out there. Stroud makes a difference. They didn't forget how to get open for the games he wasn't out there. They didn't not get properly schemed. It was terrible play calls all of a sudden. You still need the guy out there reading the field, moving in the pocket, and hitting his targets downfield.
  7. This is super embarrassing for us.
  8. I can't man. It's Panthers for me and that's it no matter how frustrating the experience is. But I am getting used to this anyways. When I was upset we missed out on Herbert by one pick and lamented it I was told go be a Chargers fan. When I said we should have drafted Fields over Horn I was told I should just be a Bears fan. And now with the Stroud stuff its go be a Texans fan. I will always be here, at least until I am banned. I am too loyal to team hop like that. I just hope, one of these years, I don't have to lament on who we missed out on but rather just enjoy what we have like when we had Cam and this place was a lot more fun because we were winning or competing every week. Here is to hoping Bryce shows us he is the clearcut guy over the next two seasons!
  9. I told yall exactly what we needed to do back in October of 2022.
  10. It’s a hot take to judge Bryce on his entire body of work as an NFL QB?
  11. So tired of all the coping. Move on. We got who we got. Nobody is still picking Bryce over CJ in a redraft. Watch Bryce objectively without comparing him to CJ. He looked like one of the worst QBs in the NFL this year. He’s got a lot to work on this offseason and I hope he’s a lot better next season.
  12. Dude had a winning record with Mason Rudolph, Duck Hodges and some other random dude like two years ago. He finds a way.
  13. I don’t think the Chiefs are going to hire Andy Reid. He’s a retread and nobody likes retreads… oh wait Hire Tomlin right now.
  14. It’s not a first overall pick. It’s also not equal to DJ Moore, plus Darnell Wright, plus Tyrique Stevenson, plus the first overall pick this next season plus whatever comes from that.
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