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  1. Now that I have had time to sit down and really look at it... here are the reasons why I don't like the move: 1) The draft compensation will need to be a lot and at this point this team could use a lot of talent. We can't afford to give up three firsts for him + something when the truth is, we won't be likely Super bowl contenders with him anyway in year 1 or 2. 2) He is going to want a new contract or an extension and he is going to be costly. So now we will have given up tremendous draft compensation AND financial compensation. 3) The truthfully pain part: We have significantl
  2. Tampa Bay was a borderline playoff team the year before despite their QB throwing 30 interceptions. If they had a QB just trim the INTs in half they would have been a playoff team and Super Bowl contender. This isn’t true for us. We have a lot of holes on the roster and picked 8th in the draft. We were just one loss away from picking third. Tom Brady also had the benefit of having a bunch of solid players wanting to join him in Tampa. I don’t know if Aaron is viewed the same around the league as Tom where people want to come play with him. It’s just not the same situation h
  3. Same joke twice or your brain stopped working for a bit there?
  4. I guess it depends on what you mean by “win anything”. Am I expecting him to take us to a Super Bowl? We’ve only been there twice. I’d set my goals lower and hope to go up from there. A winning record two years in a row is something this franchise has never done. I’d like to do that. I think Sam can accomplish that over the next 3 years.
  5. You literally wrote “every long throw” just a couple posts ago. Media did not love him. That’s where stories about his work ethic came from. I think you, again, are making things up for dramatic effect. Scouts not so much obviously? One of the tweets above literally quotes a scout.
  6. I think you’re confused as it was almost The most universally praised Pro Days in the league. And this throw was absolutely better than Darnolds. https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/justin-fields-apparently-had-the-best-pro-day-ever-01f228gcy01p I’ll stop linking there but what’s with your weird revisionist history?
  7. Don’t like to see two Falcons on the list.
  8. I try to keep people off ignore as much as possible. Sizzle up until a week ago was the only person on it and I just took him off. I should have put this fella on it much quicker.
  9. I said there were two games where Allen carried the Panthers and you listed CMCs season stats. You aren’t reading. I also said that he carried the Panthers in our offense. Which Teddy did not. You aren’t reading. The most TDs Teddy had in a game in Carolina was 3. So wherever you are pulling 17-20 for 231 yards 4 passing TDs and 1 rushing TD wasn’t with us. That was 2015 with the Vikings. Not our offense. Kyle Allen had a four touchdown passing day in our offense in his first start. Teddy never had a game where he even threw 3. Im not going to engage you further.
  10. A few posts late, my friend.
  11. Kyle Allen lead offense was 20th in offense in the NFL. Teddy B was 24th this year. Kyle Allen took over two games and was absolutely the reason we won them. Teddy never had that game as a Panther. Vikings, Jets, Saints, Panthers, Broncos on a 1 year deal… so another team next year… I’m sure five franchises are wrong about Teddy. L O L
  12. That’s not what they are known as lmao. And it’s definitely not more with less. Kyle Allen actually had a game where he carried the team. Teddy did not. Brady did not go from college kid to whiz kid. Are you high? Drunk? You keep making things up. Again, just admit you lied. Go to your new forum.
  13. Nobody thinks Kyle Allen was a legend. But he did throw more touchdowns than Teddy has ever had in a single season. If our receivers sucked then he must really be better than Teddy. Players take pay cuts and players take more money to leave teams all the time. This isn’t Panthers specific. Icing on the cake. It’s like when your job offers you more money to switch over to a new department. You take it. Then when they tell you that you can have somebody you’re familiar with it’s icing on the cake. You’d be here either way but the familiar personnel is a plus. As far
  14. I see it. I appreciate the back and forth.
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