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  1. Dude is a jerk but he does have a source inside the team. Folks have been speculating the two teams are the Panthers and the Titans.
  2. Remember the Eagles game a handful of years ago where we started out poorly and had one of our biggest comebacks in the 4th quarter with Cam? Do you not remember all the times Cam slid, popped up and did his first down celebrations? Nobody is saying Cam is without fault but he did have poor offensive coaching and less than desireable weapons around him. Let’s not make stuff up.
  3. You mean like how he played in college? He rushed for more yards as a pro this year than he had his entire college career. Sometimes circumstance dictates what you need to do to have a fighting chance each week in the NFL. He ran this year out of necessity. And they were in most games because of it. He’s already said before the season ended you won’t see him run like this next year and the coaching staff agreed.
  4. They aren’t going to take Burns. You could get Will Anderson instead in the draft by dropping to 3 or 4 and getting extra picks and not have to pay to DE money for Burns. Offer two first, two seconds and a third somewhere and I bet they take the bait. The Bears dream would be trade back to 2 with the Texans who get their guy and then trade back to 4 with the Colts so they get their guy. You get extra picks, and still get Carter or Anderson. And if they felt comfortable with trading back to us that’s three future firsts or seconds and still getting a top guy in this draft PLUS they have the most money to spend in free agency.
  5. And Fields had his biggest game against a Clemson team and won it. And played hurt. I want Stroud but I’d take Fields over him.
  6. The thing is.. I think Ryan did fine as Hal. But this CGI is so bad, plus the villains CGI was so bad, that it couldn’t be a good or great movie. It takes you out of it so fast. Plus the ridiculousness of an alien crash landing into earth and the folks were able to make a phone call, wait on a ride, have a convo about it and leave before anyone from the government could get there… even young me knew this was rough. I have high hopes for this show though! I did a whole video on all the history of this show plus old audition tapes.
  7. His issue is he ended one season hurt in college, folks questioned his durability and then he got hurt in his first real action in the pros and got out out for the whole season. Talent is great but if it’s not on the field it sucks. We’ve seen that with CMC and Horn. He needs to bulk up some for starters.
  8. They approved season 2 happening already so that’s a good start.
  9. Purdy threw for less than 30 yards in the biggest game of his life. What a bust.
  10. I attended all of our home playoff games and never felt the stadium rock quite like that before then or since then. The stadium atmosphere was special.
  11. Somebody recently asked Burrow if he considered himself an OSU guy and he said yeah in the interview. Talked about how much time he spent there developing.
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