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  1. There really is no best. Every single one of them has tons of misses every year. Even the scouts suck. That’s why there are so many busts every year in the draft. You never really know until you get the kids in camp.
  2. Then don’t use him as a source of prospect rankings as you did
  3. Completely understandable. Like I said you were replying to a few people and I know when I’ve done that I’ve definitely gotten details mixed up between the replies. I do like Lance.
  4. Yeah I think I’ve told him a few times now hes been off topic about what I’ve written.
  5. I didn’t deny that he could go ahead of Fields. You keep quoting me talking about draft position while I’ve had to write, I believe three times now, I’m not arguing about draft positioning with these QBs. It’s like you’re arguing just for the sake of arguing. I feel like if I wrote that today seems like a nice day you’d quote me and tell me I’m somehow still saying X or Y player is going in front of Lance. Or maybe you’re so fired up over this you are quoting every reply here and not actually reading what’s being written.
  6. I did not claim he wasn’t getting drafted high. That’s not an argument I’m having.
  7. I haven’t made this argument at all. I’ve made the argument he isn’t McNair after playing football so little over the last three years.
  8. It’s proof he looks good when every player on his side of the ball has more talent the guy they are lining up against. For one year. He had an opportunity this year to be in a showcase game where he looked like hot garbage throwing. You don’t want to knock the bad part of his film? When you have such little film, every bit of it is fair game.
  9. The dude has played one year of football over the last three years. You can’t make the claim he’s some McNair clone after one year of football in three years. Especially when he’s on the best team in that league by far. They don’t lose.
  10. It only makes sense if they actually try to add a human being or some sort of entity that can catch passes and create separation.
  11. We can’t afford a guy who has now been a Pro Bowler at Left Tackle and Right Tackle while under a rookie contract. We would have to give up picks and then pay him franchise tackle money on top of it. We are drafting too high to pass on a QB this year. If we had a franchise QB already then sure go for it.
  12. Kiper also endorsed Justin Herbert. I’m sure the Chargers wish they passed on him now.
  13. If you can get a first round talent at 6th round prices you snag him and hope he makes it a few years without blowing up. If he flops you cut him for cheap. If he turns things around you have a good addition to your line for a few years before he can ask for big money.
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