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  1. This QB play hurts to watch. Until he starts completing 5+ yard give me passes the defenses can focus on stopping the run. Sam is toast.
  2. It’s a tough spot to be in. Hubbard isn’t gashing any lanes and all pass plays for Darnold end up being a negative. The kid is shook. There’s nothing that can be called to fix this right now. Our QB doesn’t belong in the NFL anymore.
  3. There was nothing wrong with the last two passes called. Sam just sucked. Too many people here just see a play end bad and don’t look at what happened.
  4. You can’t call any plays for Sam right now. We should have never traded for him.
  5. Yeah Darnold sucks but Jimmy was epic levels of inept.
  6. Sam looks like a shell of a QB.
  7. Yeah true number 1 corners are hard to find. And he is one.
  8. I don’t disagree about him being a waste of money.
  9. Tenn just went up 14-7 on Bama. What a year.
  10. Hartman is a good kid. Glad they are doing well this year. He, Fields, and LL were the only kids on the show (QB1) that seemed to have level heads.
  11. We just disagree on what better is. Sam, in my eyes is absolutely better. And I don’t know if he should be a starting QB in this league.
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