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  1. Do people often trade for undrafted QBs with no NFL stats? Minshew has actually played well in the NFL and was drafted late and he’s only ever been traded for late round picks. What’s an undrafted Carson Strong worth if he doesn’t win the starting job in camp?
  2. They love him so much hes not even competing for QB2. He is stuck this year as QB3 if Brady doesn't get hurt. And who is this guy they won't move out of the way for him? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GabbBl00.htm A guy who threw for 12 touchdowns as a rookie, and thats the most he ever got in a season. 50 Touchdowns and 47 Interceptions for his career and completes 56% of his passes. Don't go off of what they tell you, go off of what they show you. And what they are showing you is, if he is QB3 for the second year in a row and can't beat out Gabbert, he isn't the future. On a 4 year deal he will likely finish year 2 as QB3. So on year 3 he is going to compete for the starting job and go from 3 to 1? Or will he compete with somebody else for QB2? Its not a great look.
  3. I am really really excited to see what this group of three can do if they are all healthy.
  4. This is what I wanted to see as well. Show me those better organizations.
  5. If I am picking just one of these lads, its Ray Lewis. The other three can be argued.
  6. I am all-in on The Corral Reef... but I don't see Rhule starting him right away.
  7. And I went to two of those wins! But to be honest I do pick tickets based on who we play and I try to go early in the year every year while the excitement is still high.
  8. That’s completely new hires for us. I meant when you look at Rhules hires for his college career and now in the pros I haven’t seen much offensive development out of him or his staff. Their defenses have always been way ahead of their offenses. We shall see how this year plays out but I’m just going off of his last like 9 years.
  9. That’s a really high end group of young QBs in one camp. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I think Phil Snow can develop players. I don’t think Rhule, or anyone he’s hired has really developed offensive talent much at any level he has been at.
  11. I was going to say following athletes on Instagram is cringy, as a joke, but I can’t defend that hashtag either. At least he is using a normal font!
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