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  1. I would argue that no #1 pick at QB has ever come into a better situation. A lot of folks here felt like any guy we picked would succeed because of the staff and team we have around them. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t finish above .500 this year, rookie lumps and all.
  2. I don’t understand how we can win or lose a trade before any games are played. This is the time of year where everyone says everything is going perfect with their teams or looking up and all things are going well. Wait until bullets are flying. How can we even tell today if we will miss our first round pick next year? Right now we are happy with the trade and they are happy with the trade. Hopefully it works out for both teams.
  3. I just don’t agree with their opinion metric for what is considered win-rate. Chicagos pass block win rate shouldn’t be that high. And while I like our line, ours isn’t on the same level as Philly like this shows.
  4. I believe this is on the right path. Here’s the other part of it: Justin Fields ran for his life out of necessity last season. The offensive line was atrocious. Turn on a Bears game and you can often find their line losing easily. The WRs aren’t open and the line isn’t holding, what do you do? Run or get demolished. Stroud is the statue QB in the pocket, Young is nowhere near the athlete Fields is to get away from those rushers and can he take the beating Fields had to?, Richardson and Levis likely weren’t looked at as upgrades. I am sure part of the process for Poles was debating if they went they could protect Bryce with the project offensive line they had in Chicago.
  5. I’d argue decision making already improved and should continue. He found out his line and his receivers were trash so he had to run a ton last year. And he increased completion rate, TDS passing and cut down on interception rate in year 2 as basically a rookie with a new head coach and new offensive coordinator with minimal talent around him year 2. This is the first year we should have a real read on Justin Fields.
  6. That’s a lot of give or take yards. Be bold in your prediction. Is it 800, 900 or 1k?
  7. It is an awesome time to be a Panther fan and I’m in a terrific mood. Let’s move on.
  8. The caveat of that conversation being the other user saying Bryce was the best QB in college. I pointed out he wasn’t. Maybe don’t show up to a conversation four days late or if you think Williams isn’t part of a valid discussion around who the best QB in college is, keep it moving rather than keep the conversation going. It’s hardly worship to say Williams is the best QB in college this past season. I have maybe 10 comments about Williams on this forum. Significantly less than other QB prospects. Worship would be closer to having a guy as your profile picture before we even draft him. Like you.
  9. It’s like people forget about prime examples of Teddy B locked onto some other WR while the forum screams how open DJ Moore is on the same play. Over and over. His stats should have been ever better here. But Carolina has spent too long with defensive minded head coaches to maximize our offensive talent. Rivera did nothing but let Cam be Superman which worked out just a few seasons out of 9 while he was here. I don’t know where folks ever got the idea that Rhule was an offensive minded head coach. In college his defense lead by Phil Snow was always ranked much much higher than his offense. I think in 7 years of college ball Rhule has a top 50 offense like 1 time in 7 years but had a top 50 defense like 6 times in 7 years. And again, people here point out where Burns ranks vs others his same age in sacks but ignore where DJ is in yards. Is DJ part of the problem he doesn’t score TDs? Sure. But PJ Walker, The Ghost of Cam Newton, Taylor H, Kyle A, Teddy B, Sam D and a beat up Baker Mayfield also isn’t a group that scores a lot of touchdowns. We will have a much better idea of what DJ Moore is with Luke Getsy calling plays in Chicago with Justin Fields. And for those who want to sling poo at Justin as a passer, he was basically just playing his real rookie year under competent coaching and threw for 17 TDS and a 60% completion mark with no weapons at WR. Both of those totals are better than what we did as a team last year and we had a better offensive group than Chicago. Kyle Allen in 2019 was the last Panther to throw for more than 15 TDS in a season. And we’ve had CMC you can dump off passes to. Again, for his age, in the NFL, DJ has been one of the most prolific WRs in NFL history and it’s lost on folks here and he’s still coming into his prime.
  10. The conversation you are quoting me from was not. It was about Bryce as a prospect in college the last few years. Somebody said he was the number 1 prospect two years in a row and I disagreed.
  11. Where has anybody here compared Moore to Justin Jefferson? And again, Jefferson and Theilen have had significant upgrades at QB over what DJ Moore has. Kirk gets a lot of hate but he’s put up numbers for years. I’m certain DJ would look significantly better with Kirk throwing him the ball.
  12. Bryce hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL either. The conversation was around best QB in college. It was Williams. I don’t “give a poo” about Williams anymore than any other college prospect. I’m just not going to put blinders on and lie to myself and pretend Young was better than he is.
  13. Y’all some haters lol. DJ for his age has like the third most receiving yards all time and he’s done it with absolute trash throwing in the ball and idiot coaches.
  14. He looks good. Hopefully he can stay healthy and show out if Young gets dinged up.
  15. I can’t see us winning less than 10 games. We have the best coaching staff a rookie QB has ever been surrounded with, a solid offensive supporting cast, a better line than any first overall pick QB has lined up behind…. And Bryce day 1 should be a significant improvement over the QB play we had the past few years. We upgraded significantly at QB and coaching over last year and our team won 7 games. These changes should result in at least 3 additional wins. Anything less would make me question the staff.
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