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  1. On mobile: Tap the three line menu button on the top right. Press Account Press Ignored Users In the bar at the bottom type SizzleBuzz and you should be good to go from there.
  2. Snow goes wherever Rhule goes. It’s been like that for years.
  3. For those than want free 30 day trials I also have four spots left to send out if you shoot me your email address.
  4. @SizzleBuzzRhetorical is somebody asking if SizzleBuzz is a troll, or bored, or oddly obsessed with Big Stepper Tepper. You took two hours between reacting to my post and posting this. It wasn’t rhetorical for you. You were too lazy to look.
  5. A two second google shows he does not have a no trade clause.
  6. This is literally a nothing article. His only compliment of Teddy is that he cares about ball placement lol. Did you not read it before you linked it?
  7. I don’t think either of those two people are Fields thumpers.
  8. People forgave Vick a year after killing dogs. Society is odd.
  9. The only one to be upset over is raping a 19 year old about 18 years ago.
  10. I got here after that so I wasn’t aware of that. I think I was 2010 or 2012.
  11. Trade him to Chicago where Allen Robinson wants out. A 1 for a 1.
  12. I’m a Colorado Avalanche guy but I do pull for the local boys when they aren’t playing each other.
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