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  1. DJ has history on his side here. He finds a way to get to 1k yards every year. You dont just bench guys like that after three weeks of football.
  2. They’ve looked ordinary every week so far. That have struggled but found ways to win so far.
  3. Winston often throws for tons of yards.
  4. I think maybe make reactionary threads about the offense.
  5. The problem isn’t the coordinator. The problem is Rhule and his offenses have sucked everywhere he has been.
  6. Fields should be trying to move on from his team.
  7. I think all things considered…. With a roster bereft of talent… going against a Hall of Fame QB with a chunk of elite talent on defense.. Eberflus is doing about as good as you can expect.
  8. Yeah after looking at it again, that should have been a TD.
  9. Should have never been in shotgun. And Monty was killing them on that drive. Should trust your workhorse back.
  10. Good script to start for the Bears but all the elite players are wearing Green in this game. They are going to have to get creative if they want to get back into this. Run, run, throw on third and long isn’t going to work.
  11. The play calling since the initial script hasn’t been good. The Bears haven’t jus been bad on first down after the first drive they’ve gone negative yards on 2 of the 3. And they haven’t tried to challenge them deep so just sit near the sticks and blitz the QB.
  12. I assume the ref was like he sacked him anyway and they’d decline it so just keep it moving.
  13. It makes you appreciate how awesome he has been for so long.
  14. Obviously didn’t realize where he was and that was a big completion… if he weren’t a full yard and a half over the line.
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