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  1. Their broadcast teams on the ESPN+ streams are AWFUL. Then again, most of their broadcast teams are trash anyway.
  2. Na, I just don't care for that guy. Never have. That's saying something for this place.
  3. Not sure that's what I stated, but he is a consistent goal scorer. WTF does him going past the second round have to do with anything? Are you high this morning?
  4. A friend of mine told me they let you pick and chose on the ESPN App and it sucks. There is a ton of lag, and it's never consistent like YTTV. I think it's a rights thing when it comes to the local channels, that's why they don't let you do much besides 4 games they pick.
  5. Necas was in a contract year a year ago and had one of his worst years. That's how we got him on a 2 year deal for damn near nothing.
  6. I wanted them to make the trade for Marner in the offseason. That was the rumor and it didn't happen. Thinking these guys take another step is what I've thought they would do for a while. They haven't. Necas took a step last year, but he still sucked in the Playoffs. Don't get me started on Svech. That man went 20 full games last year without scoring a goal before he tore his ACL. It's past time he became a superstar. Again. The past 4 years have shown us, unless you have that go to guy scoring, you're not going to go far in the Offs. This team has been the number 1 defensive team for a while now, and what has that got us? It's past time to try to find that go to guy scoring and we STILL do not have that on the team. 2nd round exit is my prediction. But hey, we're going to defend the hell out of that puck. LOL.
  7. Lol. Congrats on being relevant again.
  8. They don't let you pick if it's on ABC, CBS, or Fox it's either 1 screen or 4, and no in between. If the games on the other sports channels, you'll have an option of 2 screens, 3 screens or 4 screens usually. You don't get to pick it but they mix and match so much it's hard not to find at least 3 games you care about.
  9. YTTV allows you to play 4 games at once on your screen now. It's worth it in my book.
  10. High of 70 here in the Triangle. Perfect weather for a game today.
  11. Langway must've gotten paid or been a big The Golden Calf of Bristol fan to be this loyal in 2023.
  12. Underrated game for the day is Rutgers vs Wisconsin.
  13. It's at Georgia so I think Georgia beats them badly. I just can't trust Kentucky.
  14. I think he'll flip if you guys continue to falter. That's one dude you guys need now.
  15. Predictions before this game. Where the Canes ending up this season? Me personally? I think we end the season in the 2nd round. Offseason was meh in the grand scheme. We need scorers and we just don't have enough consistent ones. Also, please move on from Raanta and get the boy Pyotr as the backup goalie by now for Christ sake.
  16. Might need to be between Raleigh/Durham then. Charlotte is screwed in that scenario. Greensboro will only have to drive an hour if it's around Durham. WS close to the same.
  17. That is the main reason I've stopped watching. I'm friend with a Jets fan, Bills fan, etc. They even say they feel sorry for me. They literally said our situation is worse than any situation they've seen in a while. That's how bad it's gotten. Not having a first rounder and sucking like this is just a recipe for people to stop watching.
  18. Bryce is the least of our concerns? Yeah. You're high as hell.
  19. He's one of the worst QB's in the NFL right now. He's played horrible. WTF are you talking about? Yes. It's better to start over as Bryce is a bust. Instead of waiting 3 years to realize he's a bust. And no. Some QB's were given a year, or two tops. See Zach Wilson, Josh Rosen for example.
  20. Did you not see my post and the breakdown of QB's? Or you just going to ignore that? Yeah.
  21. While I agree with the idea that 4 games isn’t nearly enough of a sample size to determine how good (or bad) a young QB, I believe that the process has been accelerated. Teams are getting to the “you’re our future” decision in year 2 in a lot of cases. 2022 (in year 2): - Kenny Pickett (jury’s still out) - Desmond Ridder (I think we already know that he isn’t an NFL starter). - Malik Willis (same as Ridder) - Sam Howell (wait until the end of year 3, he hasn’t been bad so far). 2021 (currently IN year 3): - Trevor Lawrence (he’s already been stamped “legit”). - Zach Wilson (already written off) - Trey Lance (given up on by the team that drafted him). - Justin Fields (his team is already looking forward to drafting Caleb Williams) - Mac Jones (this will be his last year as the starter in New England) That’s a lot of decisions that haven’t had to wait until the end of year three. 2020 (year 4) - Joe Burrow (he was in a Super Bowl in year 2) - Tua Tagovailoa (McDaniel committed to him before the start of year 3) - Justin Herbert (got the stamp of approval in year 1) - Jordan Love (there wasn’t enough (any?) data his first three years). - Jalen Hurts (in the Super Bowl—and got the bag—at the end of year 3). 2019 (year 5): - Kyler Murray (was thought to be the future after year 3, but now his future is in doubt. So was that evaluation wrong, or did bad coaching fail him?) - Daniel Jones (he’s not that dude—and it didn’t take me three years to see it—but the Giants just paid him like he is). - Dwayne Haskins (RIP) - Drew Lock (led the league in interceptions in year 2, Broncos gave up on him in year three and then overpaid for Russell Wilson to replace him). 2180. - Baker Mayfield (if you’d asked the Browns in 2020–after year 3–they would have told you that Mayfield was the franchise QB. They bailed on him after the next season (clearly 3 years wasn’t enough to properly evaluate him)). - Sam Darnold (the Jets knew he was a bust before the end of his third season). - Josh Allen (he went from completing 58.8% of his passes for 3,089 yards, 20 TDs and 9 INTs in year 2 to 69.2%, 4,544 yards, 37 TDs and 10 INTs in year 3. People may have thought he was good in year 2, but we didn’t don’t know until year three how good he could actually be) - Josh Rosen (Cardinals figured it out in his first year). - Lamar Jackson (won the MVP in year 2). 2017 - Mitchell Trubisky (Bears didn’t figure this out until year 4). - Patrick Mahomes (MVP in year 2). - Deshaun Watson (Texans gave him the Thumbs up after year 2. He decided that he didn’t want to play for them anymore…and then the “allegations” hit the streets). 2016 - Jared Goff (Super Bowl in year 3, but he’s in year 7 now. Do we know if he’s good or not?) - Carson Wentz (2nd team All-Pro in year two and the Eagles dubbed him the franchise…but they seemed to have come to regret that). - Paxton Lynch (Denver figured it out in year 2). Waiting 3 years seems like more bull poo that will kill the fans of this franchise.
  22. I hope not. I'm at the point where I hope they trade him in the offseason. 3 more years will be 8 years of crap ball with consistent 5 win seasons. Yes, I think Bryce is a bust. Yes. I'm done with the experiment. I'm also done watching this team consistently.
  23. That would be dumb to do that at this point in time. Where is he going to go? London? Mexico? Bruh. That would be a hell of a bad look.
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