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  1. Anyway, I'll be at the Duke/Notre Dame game today. Free tickets for the win. You guys enjoy your CFB Saturday. Since our Sunday's are useless nowadays.
  2. LOLZ. I'm not a Duke fan, but thinking UNC has better tailgating when the majority have to tailgate in fugingg parking garages is stupid. Also, the tailgating on Dukes campus is 1. Free. 2. Easy to access. 3. A laid back and chill atmosphere. Lastly, Durham is 5X better than Chapel Hill now. Chapel Hill tore down and closed half the businesses that made Chapel Hill what it was. Linda's and TOPO (even though their food sucks) are the only two places worth a damn to venture to in Chapel Hill now. They're literally replacing Spanky's with a fuging fast food chain for fugs sake.
  3. USC's defense will keep Colorado in it. Their defense allowed 28 points to a left for dead Arizona State team. ASU only lost by 14. Riley's teams are lazy and have no spark vs opponents their anticipated to destroy/beat. I expect this game to be close because of Riley's ineptitude to motivate his players.
  4. I would argue the 49ers line is better.
  5. If that happens, every, single, one of us would be thrilled.
  6. You got damn right. He would be my backup for this year. Not a fan of them resigning both and leaving him on the AHL squad.
  7. The fact that he's still not at least a backup is absurd. What's his future with this team at this point? I mean, seriously?
  8. No hard day. I just needed a good laugh. You provide that daily on here. Thanks again man. I appreciate your delusion.
  9. HAHAHA. Oh God. You're so delusional. Thank you for all this. I needed a laugh today.
  10. Oh no. I thought of your weird ass when I saw this thread. You're welcome. Tell OP what your thoughts are on all this. Tell em sweet tits.
  11. Yeah. Their football fanbase is atrocious. However, Durham, NC is much better than Chapel Hill now. So at least they have that going for them.
  12. Arizona State is one of the worst teams in CFB right now. The fact that USC's defense is still garbage just shows LR doesn't give a shitt about defense.
  13. Hasn't been very good is a nice way to put it.
  14. I got some bad news for you. The lack of picking up any scorers will again have this team out in the 2nd round or ECF. Plain and simple. Same song and dance. Every, single, year. We are going to defense the shitt out of that puck, though.
  15. It's just as bad on FOX. Those guys are a constant suck, bang, and blow Deion fest. What he's done is cool, but let's not act like he overhauled the whole damn roster. 81 new players. This man takes the Colorado job without the Portal in 2019. Colorado has zero wins right now. He's lucky CFB is a shitshow.
  16. Indeed. Watching that team with that jersey on hurt my soul out in public.
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