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  1. I think we sack Winston3 times, he will have some nice throws.. The question is can the offense deliver?? 3 points or 7?? I want to say 34-31 Carolina!! High scoring
  2. It was really good when they had Ray Lewis on there too.. He was telling Peyton how he and Reed would confuse Peyton and switching plays.. Peyton joked that’s why Reed was always open.. it’s been pretty entertaining
  3. Looks like he has the Panthers offensive line!
  4. If so Peyton is the QB Whisperer!! For our sake I hope he suxs and we rock his world!! Like SheNaNa would say!! It’s Wayans world thing
  5. Hmmm I was wondering about Fromm.. is he that much better than Grier?
  6. No longer need a kicker can Air Jordan it from the 50
  7. Exactly why I didn’t go to a Carolina game there a few years back.. good price on tickets not worth the stupidity there for outside fans
  8. Why are we arguing over waiver wire players?? These are guys trying not to go to the welfare line!! And probably still won’t make the team!! I am more concerned that our 1st stringers get their crap together especially offense!! Defense looks promising
  9. Looked good!! Happy feet like Smith said.. seamed to settle down.. Marshall is the man!! He’s my new 88 jersey.. love Olsen but just figured my New Jersey.. wanted Chinn
  10. Really didn’t want Stafford either so the feeling is mutual.. No love lost here!! He’s probably going to get hurt by game 4 anyways
  11. The last time I bought Madden was when u could pull it out and throw it as a frisbee!! Madden is garbage.. j
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