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  1. We win 45 -17 Rhule just tells Brady do your magic!! Brady really wants that LSU job and proves he’s not a horrible coordinator!! Well against a crappy team!!
  2. I blame the offensive line ..Paradis is so bad.. often there are so many missed assignments it’s comical!! It’s like was a Chinese Fire drill just set!! But last week the receivers had the case of the drops !! But that’s a sign things aren’t in syncing like Rhule says!!
  3. Wow that was too easy!! We must really suck!! Reality check!!
  4. Not looking good so far!! Need the Eagles to win!!
  5. Stats damn stats!! Tired of seeing these damn posts!! Results let’s see Results! Quite posting the same poo!! ** I stick to my rant frustrating Panthers!!
  6. Ok I have had a few beers.. let’s get that out of the way!! We all knew the offensive line has been a problem!! To me my issue is why haven’t we addressed the center Paradis is constantly getting pushed back on his ass!! I also found it weird they had him addressing the media after the Philly game.. That was odd!! It’s like address the audience cuz u sucked!! Hopefully he plays better!! Not an in depth thing.. just ranting..Love my Panthers !!
  7. Your header suxs!! Panthers should not lose this game!!
  8. He’s a legend as a player but honest on his commentary
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