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  1. At least we had half-time nipple in our 1st SuperBowl !! I am still so mad about that game!! Why the hell did u kick it out of bounds!!??
  2. Dolphins will take Sewell or Smith..if the Jets go QB...not sure they will want to trade out!!
  3. Wow !! Not even close.. not surprised!! Damn Slye so inconsistent!!
  4. Had no idea of his current status.. was going on how he played with us!! Thanks for the update.. it’s all hypothetical by the way!!
  5. Brown needs some help!! We need another player not named Short.. if we had loutiell wtf ever spell it still,, we would be tearing it up!! But Rivera ran him out to Buffalo!!Short is done is the Otah of defense!! Need another gut to help
  6. My squash casserole!!! Gets destroyed!! Will post picks of it on Turkey Day!!
  7. Panthers 33-31!! We split as usual!! We represent.. Bonnafae 2 TDS
  8. Still going to be an ass whopping unless McCaffery can play center too!! Bridgewater going to be scrambling cuz Reed and Paradis can’t figure out their position and weak ass bitches!!
  9. Cool we have such an awesome record!! Post it again and again and again and gain... hmmm and again!! Just to be sure!!? Are u sure!?? Shut up!! Don’t care!! Cant score 7 in the red zone.. take him!!
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