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  1. Fug yeah!! Suck it Flyers!!! What a finish!!
  2. What the hell was Anderson doing!!?? Dumbass!!
  3. Turn on the game and suddenly they start playing like ass!
  4. I wasn’t bothered with giving the picks to Chicago but seeing Moore on there hurt!! But that’s probably what got us to number 1 draft pick!! Wish him well but Chicago isn’t friendly for passing numbers!!
  5. Well damn!! I was hoping we would keep him too!!
  6. Atlanta has been taking a lot of Saints guys too..
  7. Haha it’s cool my uncle was an Oilers fan.. as a kid he had Warren Moon posters on his wall!! He loved the Oilers!!
  8. Doesn’t look like a good night.. can’t win them all!! We got a strong team we will be alright!! Go Canes!!
  9. I knew they became the Titans wasn’t sure if Houston had a team called the Texans prior to the NFL.. my earlier questions were just jokes to ask Houston cuz I am not giving them the number 1 pick!!
  10. So they were the Texans before the Oilers?
  11. Can’t hear it.. just see it!! So refs are screwing us!?? Thought it was just tight defense.. but playing against the refs too!!
  12. They had Olsen and traded him to us!! Yes I know he’s a TE.. but Chicago isn’t a friendly place for passing.. reason it’s called Windy City and Justin Fields got blasted for saying it would be better if they had a dome!! So a reason not famous for WRS vs RBs
  13. It’s amazing how much money Bradford made for being constantly injured!! Good on him but damn he raped a lot of teams!
  14. Lol!! I know.. I was going to post something else.. and I decided just to rag on Houston cuz I wouldn’t trade back
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