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  1. Haha!! That would be cool if we could do that since it’s not a big change have it alternate in the light like the old Cracker Jack toys
  2. Anything on Wofford? Such as dates and if fans will be allowed? Wanting to put in vacation request.. thanks
  3. Knock the crap out of people and be the Field General like Kuechely!! Put him where u want!!I forgot to say with Horn this could be an ugly defense!! Hard hitting
  4. Never seen Panthers in black helmets.. seems to be a promotional thing which I like..might be ok for a Thursday game.. but I like the silver/grey
  5. ATL silly to get rid of Julio !! Only reason they are in cap hell and need more help!! Not everyone has the tom Brady luxury discount cuz his wife makes more money than him!!
  6. Last 2 nights the first time in years that I watched hockey.. I still don’t know the rules but I love watching the Hurricanes knocking their asses around!! Go Hurricanes!!
  7. Waiting for rules before I buy a ticket.. but I am on the Wofford train!! I love that place anyone complaining has never been there!! Hoping for one more year!!
  8. Ohh ok.. oops my bad!! On my phone.. thought it said Panthers
  9. Not correct especially cuz shows Jets an away game and week 2.. We know it’s week 1 at home.. this guy spreading fake schedules .. the Twitter poster not you Mr Scott
  10. Hoping training camp is open to the public!! Might have one more year at Wofford.. if so I am there.. so it would be cool to see Darnold!! It won’t be the same as Cam with him stirring it up
  11. Missed ya SCP!! Great work as usual!! I didn’t see your classic Google That!! But I understand u have to ease us back into your wisdom!! Welcome back!!
  12. They must be worthy!! Until then!!
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