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  1. Though he was a big name a Defense??? I saw it’s x I was stoked!! Missing something ?? Too many players
  2. Saw the same information.. u speak truth!! Out of desperation mode!! Get BPA or best fit!!
  3. I am glad the Internet/huddle wasn’t around the Delhomme era!! You guys would have an aneurism or heart attack trying to post every time their was an issue with him.. which was most games but he won!! Anyway I am not excited about Darnold but optimistic since he threw a party and we have a coaching staff that seems to be eager to teach the unwanted!!
  4. Whaat!?? I thought they were keeping him another year to train the new guy!?? He’s damaged goods not even worth a third!!
  5. I know cuz my coworker is a Gator fan he told me that.. I met Grier at Panther training camp during his rookie year.. super nice..
  6. Kicker!! OL!! Since when do we use TEs!? That would be to Tom Brady!!
  7. I love Lawrence!! I wasn’t keen on Fields but I really like him now!!! So I am hoping we can get him!! Wilson and Lance are gambles..and I hope other teams take a chance and leave us Fields.. I really don’t know about Lance
  8. A therapist looking for a retirement fund
  9. Florida’s Will Grier!? Let’s call up The Golden Calf of Bristol too..
  10. Still not sold on the kid has Jimmy Clausen vibes.. he sucked in big school games and didn’t impress me against coastal Carolina..say we ride the wave!! Too much desperation for a qb!! Get BPA
  11. See how the draft goes and plus you really won’t know until about 2-3 years.. way too early to judge
  12. It’s called an Escort... Taxes charge luxury tax with that title
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