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  1. Heck yeah!! Nice overtime shot and win!!
  2. Nice shot!! Get up to put my plate up and score!!
  3. Didn’t see the game today!! Glad the Canes got the W!!
  4. I would understand if you were a NC State fan.. that would make sense! Hey you know I was hoping UNC was turning the corner!! I was worried about these last few games.. and they let me down as usual..ACC isn't exactly a powerhouse in football..Let me guess your SEC.. Florida?? a garbage team too!! lol..
  5. This is my second year really watching hockey!! I see just way too many power shots from way the hell out.. the teams that have Beat us set up some nice plays!! Not trying to do 40 shots in a game 15-20 and they matter!! Just my 2 cents from a novice learning the game.. Go Canes!!
  6. This team needs to go drink and party!! Too tight!!
  7. Well unfortunately I will be got to get my money worth!! Like the bitch ass Panthers!!
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