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  1. Did we even get a sack!?? The secondary seamed to be on .. but it’s vanilla in preseason
  2. I see people bitching cuz he didn’t get a lot of playing time!!! Relax he will get it!! They were easing him into the speed of the game/players!! He looked rough but he’s a rookie.. needs to develop.. he willl get time!! It’s preseason .. so Relax!!
  3. A good day today at Panther Training camp!! Got Mayfield, Moore, Icky, Hekker, Kirkwood, and Jones autographs!! Well my daughter did!! Got great pics with Mayfield and Kirkwood!
  4. At practice been playing on the opposite field the entire session
  5. Think we found our trade partner.. if Beathard doesn’t heal soon.. the Jaguars will need a competent backup qb.. we present u Sam Darnold!!
  6. Typical Jags!! I know it’s the first preseason game but.. lol.. they still look bad
  7. He’s their 3rd stringer according to my friend whose a Jags fan.. and your on point there.. he looks bad
  8. Bethard will not be playing.. he pulled his groin.. Looks like Luton for Jacksonville.. not sure who else they have as qb
  9. I agree!! They should give more respect to the Hall of Famers and make the first game of the season the actual Hall of Fame game.. instead of having to watch Scrubs!!
  10. Went last year!! I was hoping for more..nothing really different.. So I am going next Saturday for the morning session!!
  11. U know for a relatively young NFL team we have been pretty damn successful when compared to Jacksonville and a lot of other franchises..I saw a posting on Twitter that showed the top winning teams in the playoffs.. Carolina was in the top 10 at 53% if I remember right.. Pretty damn good! My co-worker is a Jacksonville fan from day one like me is just hoping to get above 500.. So my point is for all the bitching I see in the rooms..its getting old.. we have been a great franchise.. I think what we are going through is growing pains.. a new owner/coach etc.. I am hoping this year will be better with the the new NFL coaches being year.. I am just tired of people being negative in every damn topic created.. Keep Pounding!!! Love your team .. u don't like them find something else to do
  12. I agree I was just giving another reason why I don’t like Arizona!! We played Arizona that same year in regular season which was my first live Panthers game in Charlotte and we won that game.. it was a high scoring game.. I remember seeing Steve Smith catch a nice pass for a long run and I had seats at the end zone.. it was a fun game!! I think Panthers have atoned for it!
  13. We shall beat them again!! Big money or not!! That’s a team I never liked maybe it’s cuz I hate all teams from St Louis and I still don’t like them even though they’re in Phoenix plus they smoked us in the playoffs cuz Jakes arm died that game!!
  14. Also heard turn style Rimmers is joining the O-line this year!! Going to be Super Bowl team..
  15. I understand that.. I was taking a little jab to be funny.. but from what I have read this individual was the lead guy on the Rock Hill project.. So maybe Tepper he hasn’t been hiring the right people.. it happens in every business!! A clash of ideas.. who knows.. Hopefully Tepper isn’t the next Dan Snyder.. just taking lumps learning the NFL and how to run the organization
  16. Post to post!!?? Lawd the Panthers janitor just quite!! The conditions must been crap!! Let me post this says Juan!! People quit all the time different circumstances!! Gees !! Training Camp starts next week.. so we might get better Panther employees updates!!
  17. Texans going to change back to the Oilers!!
  18. Meh it’s the Vikings!! Who cares!! Cousins does suck!! So I wouldn’t want him!! Someone desperate for clicks since Panthers trending with the Mayfield signing!!
  19. Russell was one of the biggest bust besides Ryan Leaf in the QB market!! When considering 1st round picks!
  20. No white jerseys!! No white helmets!! Will be black if the do it!! Would look better!
  21. Sam Bradford played the market for a broke ass QB!! He raped every team he played for!! Well should I signed with cuz he couldn’t stay on the field!!
  22. Bills should trade him to the Panthers for Darnold.. we do have that brotherly connection between the teams!!
  23. At least we are consistent!!
  24. Oh really!! Didn’t realize that!! That sucks ass then.. guess I would run with the blue personally since I have the black already.. Also seeing Mayfield jerseys will be sent out before September 16.. not ready yet!!
  25. Yeah.. I only see Chinn for white jersey on Panthers and Fanatics.. Super weird.. I have a black Olsen jersey bitch is hot.. I had a Smith white jersey.. was super comfortable/cool... wouldn’t mind a Baker jersey.. might wait for training camp to see if they offer a better variety then
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