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  1. Hold my beer!! Hmmm well!! It’s a little too early to project!! I am not sure I am sold on him!! Don’t like small QBs!!
  2. My sentiments on your point that he wasn’t successful as HC but he was a great coordinator and I hope he can do that for us!! I heard crap about how people were saying he handled Eli poorly!! But Eli’s arm was dead .. noodle arm.. he had Geno Smith fresh arm.. hmm sounds familiar.. so he pissed people off cuz I think Eli was trying to get some record too.. but they were losing with him anyway.. so McADoo pissed people off. So I can’t hate on this hire too much
  3. No hate!! I hope McAdoo can steer Rhule in the right direction and teach him about the NFL.. Some guys aren’t great HCs but are damn good coordinators.. so I am hoping for that!! I don’t wish stink on my team!! I am hoping Rhule does his 3 year wonder!!
  4. If anything I would go after Minshew!! He reminds me of Jake Delhomme!! I think he would bring energy to the team and play good enough to keep the offense in the game.. He has that moment to drop the ball in there!! Just think he would be a better gamble then of all these retread QBs
  5. Honestly I would just stick with Darnold if he was between Dalton and Cousins!! Cuz they are not much better!! Cousins likes to piss in your cereal when things get good.. Dalton is a good backup
  6. Dalton is his brother from another mother!! Not much difference!! Both suck!!
  7. Meh!! I watched Cousins when he was with the Foreskins as that’s my market area.. he choked when it mattered.. had big numbers.. looked good for contract year cuz Washington still had RG3.. so Minnesota bought him!! cousins might play better but he’s going to piss u off like Darnold!! A big let down!! Big Pass!!
  8. Most of them great coordinators and do good once they are back in that role besides a few college coaches like Spurrier!! So Rhule needs to go back to college!!
  9. Heard the USFL is coming.. so he probably will play there. . Cam is a great Panther but his time in the NFL has passed too many injuries which sucks!! His heart is there but physically he can’t play in the NFL
  10. Exactly!! It’s not like we drafted the top pick from the European League!! He’s from University of Maryland!! Maybe he’s good!! Dunno?? I don’t follow MLS but I don’t wish for crappy teams for the Carolinas!!
  11. I am trying not to judge Tepper yet!! Too early he could be testing his new GM too!! As Tepper is paying him a lot too.. so if he has to jump in now.. he might ask why am I paying him I should have just kept Marty!! It’s frustrating I agree.. I want Rhule gone too but Tepper might be leaving it to Fitt for now!!
  12. Cousins is garbage !! Gees .. he’s like Wentz looks good for a bit but went it it comes to when it matters .. he folds up like a lawn chair!! He can stay in Minnesota!!
  13. Everyone is panicking!! Just get on the poo train and see where it goes!! I am hoping Fitterer and Morgan are helping him make the right choices on trying to get replacements for the recent firings!! But again.. they could be saying u made this poo sandwich!! Fix it!!!
  14. If I can make it through the Clausen and Pike season.. I can make it through 2022.. just might have to cancel Sunday Ticket!!
  15. Leave Tom Brady hanging your only advocate to bring u back into the NFL!! Potential Super bowel bound team clearly needs your skills!! And u do what?? Surprised he didn’t pull a joint out!!
  16. NYT!?? Political paper taking over sports cuz their NY teams suck!! So they got to bring everyone else down!!
  17. Oh lord Jimmy G and Jason Garrett I see no improvement.. just stick with Nixon and Darnold = 1st pick
  18. Appreciate your input.. Cleveland came to mind too.. they have the players but Mayfield is so erratic!! We were all excited for this year and Rhule .. hell I went to training camp to see the new staff this year since we couldn’t his first year!! We started out positive and whamo it went flat.. it’s like they couldn’t figure out how to adjust!!! Not like I need say what we all saw!! I just don’t think he can handle the NFL.. I am still trying to understand why we hired him .. Baylor doing better now he’s not there!! Hmm .. is it his recruiting skills or cuz he’s gone!??
  19. With Pittsburgh opening up, Miami still seams willing to get rid of Tia. New Orleans is a QBs away from being a pain in the ass.. Panthers need an attractive coaching staff and offensive line!! So no way Russell, Rodgers or Watson entertain coming here!!
  20. Can’t stay on the field and huge contract!! Good luck getting anything worth close to that… like I have seen others says put him in the receiver slot..use him like the Patriots did Edelman.. I could see him being that effective!! Hubbard has potential need another power back .. but Abdullah looked good as a complimentary back.. I just want a bruiser rb too
  21. WTF!! Lmao!! Too damn funny!! Clausen putting the nail in the coffin!! The All-time Panther failure backing u up classic!! He had to be paid for that!!
  22. Darnold sucks!! That drive was ruined by him.. passes way the f*^k off.. all on him!!
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