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  1. Stahl did that the other game! Sign old man needs a break!!
  2. I agree when he has time he does make some good plays.. the left side of the line is a huge mess.. let’s see if Brown/Caldwell can improve it .. if so then we know where the issue was. I hate to say it I saw Dak make a jump throw!! I was like that looks familiar!! Never noticed it until we drafted Young! Was supposed to be a short reply!! Lol
  3. What’s up with the Canes sticks tonight seems like they’re made of rubber!! Bending a lot of mishits
  4. There ya go @Stumpy El Captain scored!!
  5. I heard this guy is the weak link of the team and he’s a Penn St fan.. haven’t heard much positive on him
  6. It maybe a blessing in the disguise.. don’t expect to see miracles but we will see if Thomas Brown might try plays that fit Bryce.. it’s hard to no since the line is garbage.. will they go on the end of season run!?? Dunno!! Will be interesting
  7. Not surprised!! Just mad about the UNc meltdown!! Maybe time for a change as @LinvilleGorgesays!! Good lucks Maye with the Giants!
  8. So does Virginia unfortunately.. we, UNC can’t figure it out!! So frustrating!!
  9. If UNC had a defense Maye possibly would stay!! Put seeing this coaching debacle.. Maye says peace out
  10. UNC has time but defense has to do something!!
  11. So u saying his NFL ready!?? Hmm Tom Brady was going off on the talent/coaching!! I am wondering if they are letting these kids go too early!!?? Call me old school!!
  12. Isn’t that what they do these days!! Makes bowl games garbage!! Really not caring about sports anymore.. they don’t develop the players anymore.. it’s about the money
  13. You know I could be mad but I expected this from UNC!! Hey at least I got to test ride a Bronco Sport today.. testing it for another day or so!
  14. Finally UNC TD!!! What will our defense do?
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