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  1. Haha, thanks for the loss, Atlanta. It was exactly what this team needed. Wow. I don't even know what to say. I really hope we didn't peak tonight. At no point did I expect that type of performance. What a night!
  2. Bridgewater is Matt Ryan without Julio Jones.
  3. Yes. Give Vontaze Burfict the benefit of the doubt on a clear headhunt. Lol.
  4. Games like this make you realize it's a joke that the #1 seed from the NFC is going to have to play two of Seahawks, Cardinals, Packers, Redskins and Vikings just to make the Super Bowl, but thems the breaks.
  5. I'm all for hating the Steelers, guys, but that hit over the middle was a carbon copy of OBJ on Norman. Shaziers hit was bad but it didn't cost the Bengals the game. All they had to do was run out the clock and not lose their minds, and they failed at both. This loss is all on them.
  6. It was clear to me the Bengalsgot what they wanted, too. Turned it over when the game was all but finished, and gave them a chip shot with the personal fouls at the end. What a joke of a game. The AFC is pitiful.
  7. Haha they just took a timeout to try to get the ball back and now they've inadvertently jump started a KC two minute drive. If Andy Reid had any Riverboat in him this game could be 35-0 at half.
  8. Or if they end up with Mack and Carr instead of Oakland.
  9. I wanted him or Fletcher Cox that year. We took Luke and I was so mad. Shows you what I know.
  10. And once MJ and the Bulls got past Isiah and ended their short run at the top...
  11. Funny what happens to a fanbase when you finally beat them. All of a sudden "They're cool, like the East Coast version of us" becomes "I can't stand those guys!" This is why I want Seattle in two weeks. With Colts-Pats virtually dead, this has the potential to be the next must-see conference rivalry for a long time and no doubt it would be a fantastic game.
  12. Well if the narrative about Wilson>Cam was collapsing, other fans started getting tired of Seattle, and Carolina suddenly became the "cool" team to root for after finally getting over the Seahawks hump, I'd be in denial too.
  13. EVERYBODY IN THE PICTURE! HA! I knew that would end up happening. Love this team.
  14. He has gone full Everette Brown. Never go full Everette Brown.
  15. Ron can't see what is happening in real time. That means Corey came to the sidelines seriously believing he caught that or somebody in the booth really screwed up.
  16. Part of me wants to end the year now to get the dead weight of CJ and Jared Allen off this team and have DG revamp the pass rush. They were invisible today and have been for the better part of a month. Remmers was a nice story but had a replacement level game on the line again. Oh well. They can finally refocus on the playoffs. They can talk all the coachspeak about "one game at a time" they want but it's clear they were looking at 16-0 and judging the Falcons off two weeks ago.
  17. The fact that the Facebook comments on the ESPN spin article from the NY writer see right through these excuses tells you everything you need to know.
  18. Oh man. Last week you said "Just show up" and the Panthers won 38-0. Now you've gone beyond even that and are actually releasing the game plan to stop the Panthers. They aren't good, but are the Giants really THAT bad?
  19. :( Sorry. Still hasn't sunk in that this team of all teams is 13-0 with a schedule that sets up nicely for 16-0.
  20. This Giants team probably has the best chance to knock off Seattle in the playoffs if they are the 4/5 matchup, not that those chances are very good anyway. A great tune up game for the playoffs and to see what we have in the secondary. I'm not advocating losing on purpose but if the Panthers had to lose a game, with Atlanta next week and the Cardinals not having the easiest of schedules to finish the season, this wouldn't be that "bad" of a loss in the grand scheme of things.
  21. You know somewhere another Rosemary Plorin is seething with rage trying to send a letter to the paper. The tears are so delicious.
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