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  1. proehl was a JAG poster boy. probably none, we can let them compete in camp and when cuts are made the best will remain.
  2. everyone of our WRs is a JAG outside of mingo(who will probably be a JAG)
  3. he's coming home, coming home, tell the world he's coming home.
  4. one year trial at least. hopefully everyone hates it.
  5. just mirin this
  6. this guy wasn't a three point specialist either. Id take a Dwade clone wouldn't you?
  7. I wish I had the time, I watched every second of the two games between G league ignite and Wemby's French team. Came away super impressed with scoot. Those NCAA games by miller really soured me on him, You gotta have that dog mentality to truly go somewhere in the NBA. Ironically enough I feel like Miller could have a similar career to Gordon Hayward before his leg turned to mush. Great but just doesn't have that mamba mentality to truly elevate others during the post season.
  8. also we have a pretty good wing in Gordon hayward if he can stay healthy.
  9. I do love the debate here though, with stroud/young I was always going to be fine with either of them and I didn't really care one way or the other(I originally wanted CJ when we made the trade but flipped too bryce during the scouting process). This is totally different, feel like we will have let a truly great player slip by us if we draft Miller over scoot.
  10. its not like scoot has been playing his whole career with an NBA 3 point line. Saying he cant shoot after one G league season at age 18 is just wild to me.
  11. finally someone here with some sense. scoot and melo can play together fine. Terry will be a good mentor as well(although we need to find a trade partner for him near the deadline)
  12. agreed, the three teams in front of us in terms of odds have won 10 of the last 35 championships. we have truly been in the mud for 20 years now. Please basketball god!!!
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