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  1. Think the point is while gross was a great player he wasn't a hall of fame LT, but around here he gets remembered as one.
  2. I wish he would have taken the ball to start the game. instead we deferred and the broncos managed to get 3 points early on our defense. Should have taken the ball first chance you get with the MVP of the league as your quarterback.
  3. Josh Norman was the best CB in the NFL for 2015?
  4. why are we celebrating again? Teddy Bs contract has a legit argument for worst in panther history. Think khalil barley beats him though
  5. If sewell falls to us we might have the best starting tackles in the NFL.... A man can dream...
  6. Id be all about giving norwell a prove it deal here if he got cut.
  7. Will be a bittersweet day. Guys were absolute legends along with Cam. they were so close. also they are currently leaving what feels like a big hole at TE LB and QB at the moment for this franchise.
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