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  1. locks on to the WR he's going to throw on for ages cant run to save his life not a leader hard pass, give me Bryce young or wait another year.
  2. kinda works out with the BYE next week, there will be a few guys who's last game is tomorrow.
  3. I would love Rhule to be the HC of UNC. I'm sure other fans would agree with me as well.
  4. we already have corral we dont need 3 QBs with 0 NFL experience
  5. apparently before even considering drafting or signing a player in free agency rhule had to be sure that the player in question was #oneofus works great in college.
  6. between this and UNC and a massive hangover I am almost done watching football till next September... nah jk see you fugers at 1. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!
  7. first year we have had a good special teams unit in my 20 years watching it feels like. They were so bad under rivera.
  8. not good for next year but after that just 3 million dead cap for the 3rd year. Hopefully he can come back and play well next year, if not he will be cut. Sucks for the guy but at least he got a nice lil bag before this happened.
  9. yeah bro just trust the NFL bro they would never lie to us bro, Rodger is a stand up guy bro trust me.
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