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  1. I think he continues to stay inactive
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whzHjy3Lkuw
  3. also I dont understand this shi smith PR talk, dude just injured his shoulder.
  4. what a weird day for him though, first game as a kicker and you end up subbing in at punter but also never kick a FG or PAT all day.
  5. yeah would have been so much more fun if the raiders could have just kicked a FG.... said no one ever.
  6. I wish Bouye could practice as well. Dude's gunna have maybe one practice before our TNF game next week.
  7. at least he will be coming back at some-point. loved what I saw out of him
  8. I feel like CMC carried the team offensively. robby made a huge play too.
  9. that sack he took with yeeter and derrick brown on top of him made me cringe, showed some balls to get it in the endzone after that.
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