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  1. If sewell falls to us we might have the best starting tackles in the NFL.... A man can dream...
  2. Id be all about giving norwell a prove it deal here if he got cut.
  3. Will be a bittersweet day. Guys were absolute legends along with Cam. they were so close. also they are currently leaving what feels like a big hole at TE LB and QB at the moment for this franchise.
  4. Doesn't seem to love the game, will be surprised if he is on the 53 man roster come September.
  5. lmao. please tell me your not from NC, four corners is the offense dean smith used when he started coaching at UNC.
  6. keep doing what you do man, Its always cool to see independent media have a voice. you speak for the degens of this board who all just want the same thing, a super bowl trophy come to our city/team.
  7. tepper is just swinging his dick all around. kinda worries me, but if he does manage to land one of these Clemson QBs the hype is going to be off the charts. maybe some of those smug Clemson fugers will finally tune in.
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