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  1. I'm with this signing only because I played against Ebron in high school. quite the TE, not so good as a DE.
  2. yeah we are the talk of the town on this slow news day in the NFL..... can we get a watson suspension announcement plz.
  3. oh wow he got to do joint practices with his ex assistants and a rookie eagles coach. Let me know when BB gets a joint practice in with a team that has a respected HC.
  4. Rhule is the only coach dumb enough to agree to practice/trade with him. BB is the fuging devil. Stay away.
  5. the coach that most recently won the superbowl will have his 1's take ZERO(0) snaps this pre-season. times are changing.
  6. good, this defense needs to force more TO's this year.
  7. yeah I would hope it would be on YouTube, they have done plenty of live streams there the past few years.
  8. if your NC local they are streaming it on the affiliate channels from 7-9 pm
  9. some more bad news for the week 1 opps.
  10. 1 series each for sam and baker then corral the rest of the way until the late 4th where PJ can run out the clock.(this of course will not happen)
  11. based on my hatred for moRon. At least with Rhule you have a chance for a top pick, Rivera is eternal mediocrity.
  12. we love to bitch about rhule but ill still die on the hill that he is better than Rivera's circus
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