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  1. only good cause both teams had a full week off.
  2. I mis-pronounced his name almost every time I talked about him lol. Glad I wasn't born into Hitler's Germany.
  3. its a circus m8. and the throwing midget is our main attraction.
  4. yeah you wanted Nathaniel Hackett at one point. sit this one out champ.
  5. he is on IR still so doesnt show up on the active/inactive list. he didn't travel with the team.
  6. sorry the analytics said his RAS score was not up to par.
  7. silatolu managed to poo around for 5-6 years. If we cut zavala tomorrow I dont think he would even get on another teams PS. maybe a futures contract as camp fodder next season and that would be the end of his career.
  8. we have shitty ass 3-7 Tennessee this week followed by 3 divisional games. might as well keep frank and co till after that strech.
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