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  1. beeno? is that wine in spanish?

  2. pardon me. a little gasy today.

  3. so who be's this crazicali?

  4. thanks, but what about my two boys? they are cute too huh? :)

  5. ooh lord. another ont gited pissed and left.

  6. haha. beaver. sup braswell. sport AKA cooter

  7. can i jerk off right here?

  8. tengo un pene grande

  9. dec fri 19th and sat 20th. proly could hunt evening of the 19th. morn and evening of the 20th. or if we get drunk and find sluts after hunting fri i can sleep in and hunt sat evening.

  10. yep. hope your memory is short. :)

  11. lol thought it was the perect time to ask you to be my friend.

  12. yours is not red. sort of brownish but in a clean way. lol

  13. red x. is that your bung hole?

  14. just came here to fart and run.

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