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  1. What happened to your thinking thread?? Did it get mean?

  2. what, you too good to answer PMs now?

  3. check your voicemail knucklehead. I've tried to call you a couple times and the mailbox was full

  4. I was born ready!!! My sorry ass will be there at 7AM for this one. Hope we get a late game. Just pm'd with Mush....we are lining up the cash and I am definitely in.

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. merry christmas!

  7. I googled it. I thought it was a brand. Didn't realize it was a recipe. I found several. I think I will try one.

  8. Hey, if you need a recipe, I have a few, from some of the older of our generation that might serve you well...just let me know, and I'll pull them out, and get you a copy.

  9. THanks! Merry Christmas!!

  10. It's called an Icebox Fruitcake......Merry Christmas buddy. :cheers2:

  11. What was the name of that Fruitcake you mentioned a few weeks ago?

  12. Jenn called the hotel.. 12 bucks to park

  13. They are chillin as I type, but you won't get any, cause you are hard headed! :finger:

  14. you belong to Cooter because I traded you for a slightly used plug of Ol Cannonball and a flat bottle of Cheerwine. Seems like I got a fair trade I'd say!

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