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  1. She must of got fat again. darn, she didn't have a face to go with it anyway. DIAF!

  2. sorry to hear you aren't staying or posting...some people wreck it for everyone huh!!!

  3. hehe it's me. i won't be posting though. Saw how much poo people talked about me. Just thought I would drop in and say Hey to the people who didn't stab me in the back. :) Hope all is well!

  4. holy hell...say it isn't so! Welcome back if it is really the real you!

  5. Is this really you? I'm so glad to hear from you. Welcome back.

  6. How's it goin? I won't be posting or anything, but just thought I would stop by and say hi to some old friends. I did some digging and looks like the majority of people really didn't want me here anyway. Oh well fug em! On to bigger and better things :) You should really check out that site I told you aboot a while back.

  7. been good - don't come around here much anymore - still check in once a day, but other than that - not much. I've become addicted to a game on facebook so that keeps me occupied when I have down time. Not much downtime now though - my son is home from college for Spring Break and there's been so much we need to do and so little time.

  8. Oh boy hope it wasn't too bad HAHA Thought I'd poke in and say hello to the few that remember me hehe How you been?

  9. Well hello to you. I just ran into a photo of you in a thread a few days ago so you must have read my mind when I wondered how you were doing.

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