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  1. Start resting our starters. Knowing the Falcons, they're frustrated and I definitely can see them start taking their anger out on the field.
  2. I'm not one to give props to the enemy, but the Saints came out hard today. Good for them to keep fighting... I think we should expect to see the same fervor from our other divisional rivals in the coming weeks.
  3. Not too worried about the offense. Rex threw the kitchen sink at the Panthers last night. That defense looked pretty tricky and like what was said earlier, it's probably because he wanted to invigorate the fanbase. Can't really blame him, but it really seemed to catch the O off guard. Once Cam got out of his funk, they looked solid...
  4. Why would he have been? Sounds like he'd fit right in...
  5. I'm 27. Born and raised in LA so my team was the Raiders. I wasn't going to cheer for an Oakland team, so I was teamless during the '95 season. Never saw the Panthers until the next season because they weren't on local TV much, if at all. Don't remember which game it was, but when I first saw Carolina play, they were in their home black uniforms and just loved that unique look. Started following them at that point on and fortunately, they were actually pretty good in '96! Hooked ever since...
  6. Stick to the smoother trails. Judging from the bike's geometry (frame looks solid, but that fork looks suspect), it wasn't made for rocky singletrack. I know you've already acknowledged that it's entry level, but you don't want to end up going down the wrong trail with it. With a few upgrades, you can take to it up a notch, but with how much upgrades cost nowadays, you'd just be better off buying a new bike later on down the road. Make sure you run the proper tire inflation according to your weight or you'll start getting pinch flats, even on smoother trails. As already mentioned, you're going to want to bring some replacement tubes (at least two), tire levers, and a frame pump. You can buy flat kits practically anywhere, but fixing a flat in the middle of nowhere is a PITA. A fresh tube is a much easier solution. You can fix the old tube up when you get home and have it become another spare.... Avoid going through mud or streams with those cantilever brakes. They become useless once they get wet. Just drag them or dry the wheels if getting wet is a must. I'm not familiar with NC trails, but this site would be a good start: http://www.mtbproject.com. Maps the trails according to difficultly. Doesn't list every trail out there, but it will give you a good idea of what's out there. The forums at mtbr.com (http://forums.mtbr.com/forum.php) are also a good resource... Congrats on the new bike! MTBing is a great sport, but safety is the priority!
  7. In one ear, out the other with some of these people....
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