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  1. And non-Patriots fans are demanding a ridiculous punishment due to their hatred for the team.
  2. I don't think the punishment should be that harsh. The act wasn't anything crazy. Maybe a game or two for lying though.
  3. It's day 1 of rookie camp. He should know everything in the playbook and look flawless on the field.
  4. Yeah, I've seen enough of the Dallas writers blowing Collins
  5. Sounds like the Dallas media are having a big circle jerk
  6. Yeah, surprised me too and I somewhat agree with that view. But maybe he wanted to join an already had a great OL rather than get tossed into a rough situation where he expected to be the guy to turn everything around.
  7. No need to tell me to move one. Tell that to the guys who think it's so easy to sign such highly sought after player.
  8. That means nothing. How many time have our writers missed something? Countless. I'm not saying we DEFINITELY pursued him, but to sit back and bash the organization for not signing a guy that nearly the entire league was after, with no knowledge of what we did in attempt to get him, is stupid.
  9. You ever think maybe he just didn't want to come here? Both sides have to want it.
  10. Oh really? You've talked to people within the organization?
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