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  1. Again, maybe you're right. All I know is that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. We all have such a bad taste in our mouths from last season, anything that stays within that mold is going to require an act of god to get people to not always draw comparisons, myself included.
  2. To all the people wanting Morris or Vrabel - WHYYYYYYY do we want retreads? This is mind blowing to me. Let's at least follow the trends of what is working at the moment and bring in a successful OC from somewhere.
  3. Sure, there might be some truth to that but I only see 8-9, maybe 10 wins at best with him at the helm. Nothing exciting about another coach that was just let go. I guess what I am getting at is, this just appears like a lean into mediocrity just to get out of being pure poo like we are right now.
  4. Not sure why everyone is amped about this. Is he a better coach than what we have had so far? Maybe. But, he's still in the same boat Reich was when we hired him - recently let go. Not sure we are learning anything by making this move.
  5. If only he was actually on that Epstein list
  6. Man, I hope you're right. Loved Dan the player, but his connection to Fit and being part of the process that created this current iteration of the team has me highly concerned. Like, when will we ever hit the "full reset" button and stop carrying over parts from previous regimes? Maybe I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. But this feels like the same cycle we have been in since you know who bought the team.
  7. Fell asleep first quarter, woke up in the 3rd and changed to red zone channel
  8. I would probably take car at +10.5 and over 30.5 points with Bryce over 200 yards, Chark over 25.5
  9. Exactly my point. Since he left, the entire identity of the franchise has just fizzled into nothingness. Under no circumstances am I saying he should be team President and making decisions, but you'd be hard pressed to find any other person to put into an "advisor" role for Tepper that even comes close to his level of qualifications.
  10. What’s the issue with that? He literally stated he’s never had a sip of alcohol or smoked weed. Weed does smell good. These over the top southern moral crosses are a little dated, I would highly suggest visiting other parts of the country some time.
  11. If you don’t think Cam would make a great president here, you’re delusional or blinded by his over the top personality. He legit talked about how important it is to have a pulse on the locker room, relationships with the leaders of the team, how to get the fan base excited, and how to provide valuable insight to the GM and coach about personnel, etc. That man is the best thing that’s ever happened to the Panthers and Charlotte, sports-wise, ever - hard stop. He would play such an integral part in that position making us relevant again.
  12. Holy fug. I had no idea about this and to call this alarming would be an understatement. I had only seen clips of him completing the deep ball.
  13. Wishful thinking? Or actual sources? He’s still printing money from this franchise being terrible, I don’t see him being so upset and embarrassed about his management that he decides to stop collecting free billions from his investment
  14. He did, but to find him you’d have to look behind the opposing QB every play
  15. I will actually agree with this. I would absolutely hate him if he held onto Reich as long as he held onto Rhule. I compare the two and can see that he realized early enough this wasn't going to work and ripcorded out like he should have rather than drag it out for a long, slow death.
  16. I think this is a reasonable offer. He HAS to agree to be hands off though, or it all falls apart. Be involved like a parent with their child's school project - watch and support them from afar, but let them do it on their own.
  17. Correct, but he also said the original plan was to draft CJ
  18. He also just admitted that the original plan was to draft CJ. Boy oh boy.
  19. This is beyond annoying, he's just avoiding and deflecting all questions. MAN, JUST OWN THIS AND BE TRANSPARENT.
  20. 50/50 on board with you here. Knowing my preference to who we should have drafted (which, doesn't matter), the new GM/Coach could also come in presenting the offense they plan on building around a few different options that could be available in '25.
  21. Not even remotely close to being the case. I would almost bet my life on the next GM/Coach only committing to Bryce in '24 with it known very well that if he doesn't look light years better they will be drafting a new QB in '25.
  22. The only way I see this working itself out and us landing Johnson or a similar candidate is if the conversation goes something along the lines of Bryce gets '24 to show what he's got, if not any better, top pick in '25 will be QB of their choice Full rebuild mode next year with expectations made clear that they are trying to amass as much capital as possible from current roster Tepper has to agree to be hands off A blank check where they can write down the amount they want to do this
  23. I will say, Frank should've been jettisoned weeks ago as he showed almost immediately that he was in over his head and had no clue what to do here. There is zero reason to hold onto him any longer. Rivera - Cam made him, he has continued to show he's average at best. It was time for him to get his papers. Rhule - Talked his way into an extra year that he should not have gotten. I would rather rip the bandaid off when a clear mistake has been made versus hold onto Reich hoping that he will magically be the opposite of what he has always been and set us back even further. Speaking of setting us back even further - all of this is for nothing if Fit isn't given his papers as well. This roster from top to bottom is totally void of talent, and he made all of the moves to create it.
  24. I literally started a thread on this weeks ago and got laughed at, but here we are now lol
  25. Starting next weekend, I will spend the entire weekend on the mountains snowboarding since I live in Colorado. The last 7 years I’ve lived here, I’ve always made sure to be home for football Sundays. Not anymore.
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