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  1. i like the profile pic. i started a thread with some pictures of her in the LL forum.

  2. LOL I have no clue found her online and fell in love.:D

  3. yup, last season!

  4. Wat? Can't see it...red X

  5. dude, i have to ask, WHO IS THAT GIRL IN YOUR SIG?!

  6. Cool... never been to NYC myself... Boobs and Panthers, can't lose with that combo. :D

  7. it's the backside of the wallstreet bull in NYC

  8. Thanks man... your profile pic is, uh, interesting... is that a bull???

  9. BOOBs! your profile is great... your avatar is great... your album great... i've had that on my mind for a while. go panthers!

  10. what law school do you go to?

  11. man, i love all of your hayden pictures!

  12. haha... for that link. i hate missing games and that really bailed me out. so, if you don't believe in god (which is fine by me) replace God and insert your preference.

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