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  1. I know it's long Zod, but I hope you read the entire post. Thanks for considering...GO PANTHERSSSSSSSSSSSS (whoop) My family moved to Charlotte back in the early 90s, your typical northern transplants. Coming from Toronto, we didn't really have an NFL team to cheer for. My Mom is from Niagara Falls, NY and her family followed each other one by one down to good ol' Charlotte, North Carolina (in best Charlottean accent) starting in the 80s. Her family were Buffalo fans but I remember to the day, a brisk fall day in October of 1993. My Dad read out loud the headline from the Charlotte Obs
  2. I was joking to my buddy about how we were gonna pass on a sure thing for Kaminsky and sure enough .... But JUSTICE WINSLOW?!? Are you kidding me??? I'm sorry, but to me, this pick is Cho's future ... If Frank fails and Winslow excels Cho had to go. I'm already over Cho .. It's unbelievable
  3. Greg Olsen KB Funchess Teddy Ginn Philly Brown Not too bad.
  4. These guys work hard, after a game a nice bong rip would be therapeutic. If they can play hard on Sundays and practice hard during the week. Then who cares what they do.
  5. I never understood why it was NASCAR and Soccer, I mean I get you're trying to be funny, but it's just kind of silly tbh. And I love this site, but I do think the two need to split.
  6. How does this injury report just now break? He's had a fractured foot since Saturday and they just figured this out?
  7. The fact that you would put the two sports together in the first place is ridiculous .. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  8. Ha! Is that OP? "Let it come out of your fuc.king mouth" Glad you enjoyed your trip to Charlotte...how'd you become such a diehard fan living up in CT?!?! I love it!!
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