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  1. Bought a new Tucson yesterday. Got lucky in that the dealer was only charging the sticker. No negotiating, but none of this after market adjustment. Sucks I had to buy a car in this nightmare market, but it’s over with.
  2. The only thing I hate more than these markups is dealers not disclosing those markups until you get ready to buy.
  3. Hoping for a CX-5 or a new Tucson
  4. Stating the obvious here, but need a place to vent. Car shopping is an absolute tire fire right now. You’ll be lucky to find anything new at MSRP. A good number of used cars are either at or above MSRP for new cars. It’s just an overall nightmare. Anyone else having the unfortunate distinction of being in the car market suck as I? How are you coping with it?
  5. You forgot the dash (or the word ‘to’)between the 1 and 2
  6. This franchise’s thirst and desperation for a QB is going to set us back for years, I’m afraid.
  7. Missed opportunity to put NAYfield in the title
  8. As much as I like CMC, if that trade was offered to me, he’d be on a plane to Buffalo before we hang up the phone
  9. If to save my job, I had to interview and hire Ben McAdoo, I’d just rather be fired
  10. The trade itself for Darnold is indefensible. Considering what we gave up, we had no choice but to guarantee the 5th year. Otherwise, that draft capital was wasted for what would have been a one year deal. You don’t give up that kind of capital without hoping to have the player you are trading for for a few years. Problem is whatever evaluation they were doing with Darnold was awful. If they really did decide to go with that plan after seeing Fields’ pro day, then wtf were they looking at? The plan should have been to stick with Bridgewater another year and get a QB in the draft, then fix the o-line with people not named Cam Erving. This whole thing has been a colossal dumpster fire of poor decision making by Rhule and his evaluations. He isn’t cut for this at all. Wonder what Frittner and Morgan is thinking in all of this
  11. The fact that we’ll need at a bare minimum 3 starters on the line and depth, as well as a re-designed QB room suggests this will be a multi-year rebuild. If we had the picks, or had the money, it could possibly be fixed sooner, but I’m not expecting it to be significantly better until 2023 or even 2024. But by then, the defense would have fell apart.
  12. I have a few to add: - Not having significant, high level NFL experience on staff - The offensive line as a whole - This whole “position-less” football nonsense - Somehow thinking Dailey, Erving, and Darnold were our missing pieces on offense Pretty sure if I kept on, I’d have a sizeable novel
  13. Trading that 2nd for Darnold is looking real bad. That basically assured we had to pick up his 5th year to justify the trade. And then he shows us he was the real Darnold and can’t be saved. So the Jets stole a pick from us. I agree with the sentiment that it’s trade down or bust for us to recoup some of that compensation. We need a 2 at the very least. in hindsight, I wish we took that Chicago trade in the past draft. Trading down that far would have hurt, but we still could have gotten an OL at that spot and had 2 1’s to play around with this year.
  14. Fitt has to stay and have a chance at a new coaching staff. Some of the moves he went along with were very short sighted (looking at you Darnold), but I believe he needs to be given a chance. Rhule needs to go. Who knew a “charmer” wouldn’t be a good NFL coach. Can’t use college principles in the pros
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