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  1. Just a few off the top of my head: Deion Grant Philly Brown Richard Marshall Brandon Weigher (sp). I just knew he'd be the next best RB with some reps. Patrick Jeffers Beuerilein Rodney Peete
  2. Yeah I figured that out a while ago and gave up
  3. I’ll try to not throw my shoulder out patting myself on the back
  4. If we trade back, I really want a 2 this year and a 1 next year
  5. I feel Carter is the Power Broker. Seems like the kind of swerve that many won't see coming but will make a whole lot of sense. There's something more there. I'm really digging this series.
  6. If we trade back, I’d rather pick up a 1st next year to give us ammo to go get a QB (Howell). I can see that scenario if the QBs and OL are gone. What if Chase is available at 8 but lineman are gone? Does that interest anyone? Although I don’t think there’s a chance in hell he makes it past Miami
  7. it’s a sad culture we live in. Hell, look at the backlash Jourdan Rodrigue got after the Cam comments, which was infinitely worse than anything that happened with Cam.
  8. There’s also the question as to why did Watson not go through the team for a masseuse. I don’t see too many people asking that question.
  9. With all of the backpedaling going on here, you’d think there were some 1st round DB’s in this topic. Pathetic honestly To actually answer the question, IF these allegations aren’t true, I’d welcome Watson with open arms. I tend to believe the women in this case, however. I can’t imagine the strength it takes to come forward with these allegations.
  10. If the Ravens lower their asking price for Brown, I’d send a mid round pick or two to them and get Pitts at 8. That may be best case scenario if we can’t land a QB and can’t trade back. Then go QB next year. Although I’d prefer an OL if everything remains the same.
  11. Or not taking Hunter Henry. Butler was a terrible pick then and in hindsight
  12. My dream scenario is that they take Jackson and Shaq. Throw in YGM and Anderson. I’d rather give up Brown if that meant keeping Burns. Let’s be honest, they don’t want Teddy. Maybe we can flip teddy for a few mid round picks
  13. Yeah, this doesn’t bode well for us. Miami and the Jets can offer multiple 1’s this year and outbid us in terms of draft capital. Our best shot is if they want players as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to throw them Shaq, Jackson, and Teddy in a deal. We know any potential trade will be expensive, but with the supposed inclusion of Miami and NY, they can really outbid us with more immediate draft capital. For us to pull it off, it will mean losing a whole lot of our foundation, as well as picks. I’m willing to pay that cost for a QB though. That’s just me.
  14. Specifically a PS2 emulator (PCSX2). It's running very slow on my laptop and I'm trying to figure out how to speed it up. Google isn't helping (pointing to graphical issues within a game, not the speed of the emulator). Anybody good with this? I can post specs if needed
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