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  1. It’s an uphill climb for this team to reach rock bottom
  2. Think we gotta dig up to get to rock bottom at this point
  3. And they’ll still cut to commercial when we make the pick
  4. Interesting to note, his most recent injury occurred in the pocket. Link “The injury occurred at the end of the first quarter on a 2nd-and-seven. Baltimore called a play-action pass but before the play could develop, Denver OLB Jonathan Cooper was in the backfield. Jackson attempted to escape the pocket as Cooper dragged him down from behind. Jackson’s left knee was driven into the ground when Cooper landed on top of his back“ If I recall correctly, his injuries have occurred either in the pocket or as he was escaping, NOT while he was a runner. Yes, his injuries does affect his mobility, but he’s a better passer than many give him credit for. I think it’s asinine to not at least inquire about him, as the draft capital would be less. Yes, the financial impact would be so much greater, but I don’t see why we (or someone) wouldn’t step up to the plate and guarantee more cash than Murray or Wilson.
  5. I feel like a trade up to 3 is going to, at minimum, cost us a 2 this year, a 1 next year, and another pick or two thrown in. Arizona is going to get a premium for 3. Just accept any trade up is going to require a future 1st, if not multiple 1’s
  6. Hurney, Rivera, and Gettleman should be thrown into jail for what they put around Cam (looking at the OL specifically)
  7. I wouldn’t either. Houston is a train wreck and the optics of both coaches being black and one and done, with literally a bunch of grocery store baggers and gas station attendants playing football, looks bad. I wouldn’t touch that job with a 10 ft pole
  8. I still favor DeMeco Ryans for HC, but I would not be opposed to Wilks in the slightest. He has the team playing hard and can lead a group of men to hell and come out on the other side of it. The main thing would be to get the OC and QB coach hires right. We still need a QB and I want whoever is the next HC to have a plan in place to find that guy.
  9. I’m all in on Ryans. As long as he gets a good OC and QB coach, we’d be fine imo
  10. The grounds spent more time in the end zone painting it black than the entire Panthers offense combined
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