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  1. I’m all in on Ryans. As long as he gets a good OC and QB coach, we’d be fine imo
  2. The grounds spent more time in the end zone painting it black than the entire Panthers offense combined
  3. It’s one thing to be bad. It’s another thing to be uninteresting. But to be bad, uninteresting, AND inept? We are worse than bad. We are irrelevant.
  4. The Sullivan catch made me realize Tremble was missing. I was thinking to myself “Why is he in the game?”, then remembered Tremble
  5. If my eyes serve me correctly, I haven’t seen Tremble play at all this season. Thought he had some potential at TE? I can’t take another minute of Ian Thomas rumbling ahead and looking like he’s stuck in mud and sinking further. Then again, this is a Rhule led team we’re talking about here so I shouldn’t be surprised.
  6. I want to give some games that weren’t listed that I personally enjoyed. I had to look these up to make sure I was right on these: 1) 2009 vs. Minnesota, SNF. We whooped them pretty good. Smitty, JStew went off, and I actually thought Matt Moore would be our future at QB. Lost season, but I enjoyed that game thoroughly 2) the game that ended Fred Smoot’s career. Think it was ‘05 and we pretty much took Minnesota to the woodshed 3) ‘06 WC vs the Giants. Straight up committed televised murder from what I can recall 4) ‘17 against GB. Fun game and we ended GB’s playoff hopes I’m sure I have a few more, but those are the ones I think of that’s different than what’s been given. I’m also forgetting the game where Rodgers threw the tablet in disgust. Personal recent favorite is the ‘13 NE MNF game. I get goosebumps watching that game winning throw and hearing how the stadium just erupted.
  7. Easily. Then again, it’s such a low bar to clear
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