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  1. No idea. I’ve asked how I can get my account deleted so I know what to do when I’m ready to leave. Which is very close.
  2. I’m not faking anything. I’ve said numerous times I hope this team loses every game as long as Tepper in the owner. My feelings won’t change.
  3. I’m not really waiting for anything. I’m also not getting my hopes up for a midget QB that had a decent game against a terrible pass defense. A good defense will shut him down without question.
  4. Against a team that allowed like 500 yards to the bucs? I will wait until they play a real defense.
  5. lol at those that thought the Carolina Teppers would win this one. Y’all are hilarious.
  6. They looked decent in that Seattle game. Wonder why ? lol.
  7. Oh boy. These x players are nuts. Olsen wants to be coach and now Cam wants to be president. No thanks to both.
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