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  1. 5 reasons not to watch: 1. It’s nice outside. 2 it’s nice outside 3 it’s nice outside 4. it’s nice outside 5. It’s nice outside.
  2. All this over analyzing is a waste of time. Flat out the QB and team aren't getting it done. Bryce looks lost, too small and weak armed. All this other BS analysis is just ridiculous. He may get it together at some point but many have their doubts.
  3. No way I trust Tepper with anything football related. He’s made ZERO moves that have worked.
  4. So funny how a few here were telling y’all Reich was the wrong hire and now we are talking what will get him fired. The thing is, Tepper is the problem and until he sells, this team will be bottom dwellers.
  5. Only issue with this is Tepper ain’t cool.
  6. Lol. It’s no fetish, it’s just the state of the Panthers.
  7. Yeah. There was no hitch in his step at all and still isn’t from the videos of him walking into practice. It’s fishy for sure.
  8. Funny, there are some that don’t see that. I have to wonder what they are watching.
  9. No and the only reason I will turn it on is to see what Dalton does.
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