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  1. I’m not going to trash the dude. He was a good teammate here. I wish him all the best as I do Darnold. You gotta feel for them some, they were playing for the worst coach in Panthers history.
  2. If Carr plays just above average the Saints win the division.
  3. New Orleans will be better with Carr. I feel like they win the division.
  4. Prepare for a letdown. The niners coach is head and shoulders better than Reich
  5. It amazes me that people think a rookie QB will win 9 or more games. It’s silly to say the least. I predict 7 but would not be surprised if it’s only 2 or 3. A rookie Qb and new staff doesn’t add up to a division title and playoffs. The homers are just being that.
  6. 8 games tops. Said it before a day or so ago. That’s about all we should expect.
  7. Well it is a bunch of politicians involved, so…….. It’s most likely bullshit.
  8. Said it before the draft and will say again: this is an 8 or 9 win team. Bryce won’t throw for 4000 yards like some think. He will be in the 3500 range if he plays all 17 games.
  9. We aren’t sure he can see far enough over the line yet. Let’s see him play a few meaningful games before we start pounding our chests.
  10. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Field.
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