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  1. Only time will tell if these are good or bad changes.
  2. He’s haunted by ghosts now. I hate to say it, but he won’t overcome that. I’m starting to think this staff has no idea what a good QB is. As much as I feel Cam is done this team would have won the same amount of games with Cam as they did with Teddy.
  3. Darnold plays scared and that equals suckage.
  4. Once again this franchise gives its fans little reason to watch the games.
  5. I’ve told y’all since day one Tepper would be a terrible owner.
  6. Fug this franchise. Still $hit after all these years.
  7. I certainly don’t believe he will coach out his contract. He appears burned out and has for months now.
  8. Yeah.. I agree. Something seems amiss with him.
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