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  1. Regardless I have 8-9 at best and another year of the clown show that is Matt Rhule.
  2. One of the reasons I watch less than 5 games a year total and that includes all teams. The NFL is a joke.
  3. He’s not in danger and anyone that thinks he is is living in fantasy land. Tepper is a clown owner.
  4. No I won’t. Watch as it doesn’t happen.
  5. I’m not miserable at all. Since 2018 I’m numb.
  6. Reality sucks huh? Tepper is a terrible person and owner. His wealth has gone to his head.
  7. It’s not what he does in camp and I don’t pay attention to the hype wagon from camp. He is a head case so even if he starts off fine I’m not going to be convinced until after a full season of good play.
  8. Dude is 100% asshole and nothing more. I hope this team goes 0-17, would make me laugh hysterically. He took an average franchise and made it bottom 5 in the NFL.
  9. Tepper is a clown and no one wants to work for him. Top 5 worst owner in the NFL.
  10. 22 will never play a full season again. 2/3rd to half at best.
  11. Don’t they do the same thing regardless of who this failed franchise brings in? Those homer glasses so many wear are hard to see the reality through.
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