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  1. I mean he was in a porn movie. Doubt he’s the only dude that pulled his pork in a theatre while watching porn.
  2. I will say again, as long as Rhule is here I don’t care.
  3. Yeah, he’s about as big a rockstar as Conway Twitty. What a joke this franchise has become.
  4. Actually those pillows are sweet. A client gave me one several years ago and it’s a keeper. We have no one on staff that produces anything worth keeping.
  5. This franchise under Tepper is a fugging joke. Just when you thought we hit rock bottom it gets worse. Makes you wonder if Tepper has one clue at all.
  6. From one retread to another. This franchise sucks ass.
  7. You actually think this franchise will win a Super Bowl?
  8. What an effing joke. This is the rockstar they speak of? Now I understand why we suck so badly.
  9. Some people just can’t see how bad Cam is now. No idea what they are watching when he is playing, but it’s obviously not him.
  10. Might be time to pick another team or give up on the NFL completely. I’ve enjoyed watching these playoff games with competent coaches and players. For the remainder of the playoffs I’m a Bills and Packers fan, but wouldn’t be upset if San Fran or Tampa ends up in the Bowl. I’m going to enjoy watching Brady because he’s a once in a lifetime talent.
  11. Dude is so overrated and it’s funny as hell watching cowboy fans cry this morning.
  12. No such luck. Our new owner isn’t quite smart enough to make a move that smart. We are going to spend years in sub .500 seasons. We are the new laughing stock of the NFL.
  13. Tepper is still the owner so don’t get your hopes up.
  14. Please stop this nonsense.... Cam is no longer deadly at any spot on the field.
  15. That’s a pretty decent trade especially if we can get a few toppings.
  16. If he was a decent human being that cared about the fan base he would be front and center right now. He’s obviously a sweaty, sloppy looking rich asshole.
  17. I’ve not liked his ownership since day one and he’s done zero to change my mind.
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