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  1. What's to stop teams from tanking to be in the top 5 for a chance for the #1 pick?
  2. Exactly, if you don't like to watch the Panthers lose every week, you might want to find a new hobby for Sunday afternoons. We will win 3 or less this year. Time to embrace the tank for a franchise QB.
  3. Since DE is one of out 2 biggest needs in this draft imo. Heck yeah. He definitely passes the eye test and could be a perfect pick who can contribute pretty quickly too.
  4. He's the real deal. Heck of a pick by Gettleman in the 2014 draft.
  5. If only Palmer had a healthy finger.........
  6. We should be playing for a perfect record. Welp. The friggin Falcons lol. Oh well the only thing better is 18 and 1, Super Bowl Champs. Let's do it.
  7. I am numb. Wow this is when all cylinders are clicking. We can beat anyone. This is only the beginning guys. It is just the beginning. Suck it Saints fans. We know you are in misery watching this. It's our time now. Get used to it NFC SOUTH, NFC and NFL.
  8. Our coaches have changed their strategy. They seem to have finally figured it out. Don't stop what has been unstoppable.
  9. 5 turnovers for Arizona. Doesn't that surround familiar in a previous game we were part of? Our qb mysteriously imploded in a huge game. Theirs has too. The revenge tour through the NFC continues.
  10. We need to keep doing what got us our huge lead. Why stop?
  11. Keep the foot on the gas. We can't beat these guys by enough. Pour it on boys.
  12. Thank you Jesus. We all know that the Hawks knew they were going to get that ball somehow.
  13. I guarantee that Seattle believes that they are going to win this game somehow. Prove them cocky guys wrong.
  14. If we were to lose this game. Fire Rivera is not out of question. I am not saying. Just saying. But we are gonna win!
  15. The clock is our friend because the coaches haven't been during the half with their predictable and lousy play calling.
  16. Why does this coaching staff insist on going into a turtle shell with a lead. Why stop doing what's been working the whole 1st half.
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