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  1. I think his talent was fine. It was the bone headed decisions for me. His unwillingness to push the ball is really it.
  2. The two yard throw on 4th down would disagree.
  3. Pretty sure that it was revealed to be consensual, even though it sucks for Vanessa. However, people make mistakes and that was in 2003-4. Kobe changed and went on to be the "big brother" of basketball, teaching younger players. He was incredibly smart, speaking 4 languages and became a great ambassador worldwide. He was young and dumb, get over it.
  4. I've always thought Julio was overrated, except of course against the Panthers. Start him every time in fantasy that week.
  5. Most NFL quarterbacks won't throw it right to him though.
  6. This is what people don't understand.
  7. Cool, just having flashbacks of another 2nd round receiver with the same thing said.
  8. Don't really get the personal attack. Hope it made you feel better.
  9. I'm sorry to not believe in our RT that has only had one decent year.
  10. I'm done drafting round 2 tackles. They never pan out.
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