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  1. If you think Boston isn't number one then I don't know what kind of poll you're doing.
  2. I would rather draft a kicker that can boot it 70 yards at 8 than watch another 3 years of Teddy throwing 2 yard passes to dynamic recievers.
  3. https://twitter.com/trai_turner/status/1358607879134203905?s=20
  4. Mike Remmers has now helped two separate teams lose a Superb owl.
  5. Squeeze will happen, just waiting for the hedge fund to actually bite the bullet. Short ladder attacks have happened for days. Very little volume is being moved.
  6. INVEST IN DOGECOIN! I've net $4000 on a $1000 investment.
  7. The hedge funds are trying to manipulate today in order to make losses a minimum. The dip is artificial and the billionaires are doubling down on their shorts. With that being said, stock prices for gamestop is expected to rise near or over $1000 in the middle of next week. EDIT: There is also no volume being moved at the moment.
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