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  1. I hear ya, and a big part of me agrees too. As I said, Clifton was my friend too and I think of him often and miss him. I talked to him the day before and often feel guilty for thinking I should have sensed something, you know! The one thing that has always bothered me is the horses, and I understand the pain and all that, but it just wasn't him. The hoarding thing is a possibility in my opinion because it's a mental inbalance that causes that. I have no idea if that was Clifton or not though!

  2. I just thought we had enough threads about him months ago when he passed. Do we really need another one now. If there is anyway to lock that thread I would appreciate it, but if not, it is what it is.

  3. Was nice seeing you at camp

  4. Had to learn a lesson in forgiveness, so here I am. I did miss people like you for sure. Thanks.

  5. who is the best photographer in the world?

  6. The best photographer in the world took it...

  7. Dude, you KNOW Im ready!!

  8. Are you ready dude?

  9. Do you still have those three?

  10. I did see them....man I am one ugly sumbitch!

  11. Not sure if you saw the link or not in the Panthers forum, but since we are facebook buds you should be able to see all the pictures. :)

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