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  1. Thanks, welcome to the huddle.

  2. i got edited didn't say poo.lmao.

  3. poo yeah..i just got off so i just seen.GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!

  4. Peppers signed!!!hell yea finally!!!

  5. Peppers Signed!!!finally!!!

  6. All three movies I mentioned are pretty good. Thats a hott clown, lol, I usually refer to dumb people I know as "clowns." You new at The Huddle?

  7. You are very welcome for the service! Jude Law is an actor, probably best known for his role as an American sniper in the movie "Enemy At The Gate." He was also the crazy camera-man badguy in "Road To Perdition." The quote I have is from the movie "Pineapple Express." After his friend tells him that he is a buddhist and he cannot help him, he tells him the whole schpeil in an attempt to change his mind.

  8. so wat up? howve they treated u on here so far?

  9. yeah its all good tho.welcome.

  10. Cool, cool. It looks good! I have a Resistol hat myself!

  11. its a tim mcgraw hat i got at the outer banks wen i wen 2 yrs ago...i treat it with care...its my fave hat!!!

  12. thankls i already found one dickhead...i put my .02 cents worth in in the religion thread and found a dickwad...but anyways...thanks...add me...

  13. welcome.we here for the most part are die hard panther fans.so try to put you .02 in and avoid all the dickheads in this forum,but really we are a big happy family.

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