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  1. Ah yes… let the in-fighting begin. Dwell in the past ups and for now, past/current downs. don’t have lick of positive sense in any posts. And don’t let anyone know you might actually not give a crap about the team anymore. But still wanna post how horrid things WILL be. And how they WON’T change. Even though not one practice, Team meeting, FA signing/rumor or full coaching staff has been assembled in the past 48 hours. Wow… just wow.
  2. Umm, going into the season every thought we had a decent Oline. scheme changed. And well… yeah. thats most likely a huge part of it.
  3. the fact this is even a topic is the reason this fan base is getting dragged as much as the fans base is dragging the owner,HC,GM QB1, Water-person, equipment manager and ticket taker at the stadium. *facepalm* Yet, to answer the question. Yes. As always.
  4. @Mr. Scot I haven't looked deep into rosters in awhile, but, that's 5 defensive injuries for them. If they are even a little banged up and still play, that should give a little advantage, especially the longer they play, shouldn't it? Especially if the Panthers can put together a few drives. (Tho that's really all we are hoping for) lol
  5. I remember... and I'm hoping things change from the play calling standpoint in all honesty. Take advantage of what could be a pretty banged up team. Get some confidence back in the players heads. I didn't expect much from this team to start with this season. It seems like it might be longer than I expected. But MAN... the fact that it's week 2 and 2/3 of the fanbase if blowing up the team already is just frustrating. Can't wait to see the game Sunday tho.
  6. https://x.com/josephperson/status/1700597756539121859?s=46&t=2gmxKZqxrZpjcpOBCpqipA Here’s to hoping…
  7. Wasn’t it stated that the defense wasn’t even playing most of Evero’s scheme and like the offense keeping things “vanilla”? preseason, new staff and player evaluation. Looking at what has been shown/seen, this is the exact definition of having faith. Tho I know a lot of people don’t understand what’s happening this off-season so far. Im just hoping there is a lot us fans just don’t have insight into at this time.
  8. Thanks.  She was a great friend.

    1. PanthersAlv


      Yes. She was. Think about her a lot. Driving by places we used to hang together or times we shared. Not to mention games and photos. 

  9. Ah. Ok. Yeah. I recall reading that as well. I think it was mostly due to the covid thing… but, who knows. (Well, we know who knows… but, I digress)
  10. I think they have ad it for fan fest and the like. But not games…
  11. A specific section dedicated like that would be tough with PSL holders in said section having to be displaced. And I dunno how well that’d go over/how much revenue they would lose if those PSL holders said no and walked away. Not to mention all the NFL rules about noise makers and such. Getting the team where they want them to be and the fans in the stands excited, the whole stadium would be like the FC supporters section. Hope it’ll happen. Cuz I miss the stadium with that energy.
  12. I feel like by the time the end of this Pro Day run, I personally will be out of energy. LOL All the Oooo Ahhhhh.... goo goo gah gah.... "did you see the side eye? They aren't picking him", and the "get someone who looks at ________ like ______" can it be the draft yet!?
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