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  1. Ah. Ok. Yeah. I recall reading that as well. I think it was mostly due to the covid thing… but, who knows. (Well, we know who knows… but, I digress)
  2. I think they have ad it for fan fest and the like. But not games…
  3. A specific section dedicated like that would be tough with PSL holders in said section having to be displaced. And I dunno how well that’d go over/how much revenue they would lose if those PSL holders said no and walked away. Not to mention all the NFL rules about noise makers and such. Getting the team where they want them to be and the fans in the stands excited, the whole stadium would be like the FC supporters section. Hope it’ll happen. Cuz I miss the stadium with that energy.
  4. I feel like by the time the end of this Pro Day run, I personally will be out of energy. LOL All the Oooo Ahhhhh.... goo goo gah gah.... "did you see the side eye? They aren't picking him", and the "get someone who looks at ________ like ______" can it be the draft yet!?
  5. Saw this and man… what if’s until it happens. But yeah buddy! Hope! Lol
  6. I watched this earlier today. It was very cool!
  7. With the players that seem be buying in on what’s being sold in that locker room at the moment… Getting players back since he took over on both sides of the ball. Or at least consistency of players. Evaluation of the players he has seen, but also making the changes to get live fire reps for some of the players we all as fans wanted to to see before Rhule was let go. Outside the obvious QB situation, and McAdoo’s Offensive play calling… Let’s see what happens for sure. But I don’t see much that stand in Wilkes way at the moment.
  8. I agree. And the more of Rhule’s “team” moves on, the more I feel Wilkes will have support from others. Even outside the team.
  9. I am here for the hard hitting headband reports. I stay for the photos. :)
  10. I have posted this article on my timeline on Facebook, and in at least 4 panthers groups (that I never post in, it seems) to spread the word. Then I posted the Panthers Twitter endorsement of the article as well. I can't wait to lose my voice!!! My hand may be broken by the time halftime happens... so, the seats will be kicked. LOL
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