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  1. At this point, I don't care where he goes. New Orleans has a terrible coach, aging roster, and awful cap. If he goes there, they are screwed in the not so distant future. If he goes to Atlanta, he has no one but Pitts, plus they will give up assets they will need to restock their shelves. If he comes here, we can build around him. If not, Rhule will win 5 games trotting out a has-been nobody QB or rookie QB and gets fired. I'll take that to set us up for the future.
  2. People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses. Employees will show their displeasure by leaving. These men saw an opportunity to leave for greener pastures and if Rhule doesn’t see that as an indictment of his coaching skills, he’s as obtuse as he looks on the sidelines.
  3. I wanted Ivy League-educated Kevin Stefanski.
  4. “The Athletic” posted a piece this morning about the diligence the Vikings took in the hiring process of O’Connell over Harbaugh. “O’Connell “blew them away,” according to a source. He had studied the team’s roster from the previous season. He came prepared with ideas on how to improve the team and was able to offer a nuanced review of quarterback Kirk Cousins, whom he coached for one season in Washington.” It frustrates me to think that we basically had our top brass show up on Rhule’s front porch begging him to take the job. Rhule knew nothing of our roster, had extremely limited experience coaching in the pros, and was handed the job because he was the hot commodity. Now we see he was over his head and I put the blame solely on our lame duck past GM and our billionaire know-it-all owner.
  5. I agree with Olsen. You’re shackled to Darnold this year. Get him an offensive line, draft a QB to ride the pine behind him, find a TE, then go into next year with cap space and a top-10 pick. We assume 2022 will be another lost season, and if so, we can start over with a new coach and new QB room in 2023.
  6. I’ll do you one better. Go to cancel your subscription then see the offer they make you to stay. $19.92 for the annual plan.
  7. They are fielding calls for Dillard and this is their current WR depth:
  8. I don’t know the contract specifics and how it will affect cap numbers, but if Philly were interested, would you trade Robby Anderson for Andre Dillard? He’s clearly not in their starting plans and has only looked good this year against us, but their wide receiver room is pretty light in our offensive line is hot garbage. Robby could be the sacrificial lamb this coaching staff needs. It would leave our WR depth pretty bare, but perhaps we could take a flyer on a free agent WR. This is all pie in the sky, but if made available, would you pull the trigger?
  9. Luke carries on the Carolina tradition of great linebackers on and off the field. The guy has 1st ballot Hall of Fame written all over him! He's easily the best inside LB in the game and thrilled he's locked down for several more years. @F3_ItalianJob
  10. my favorites date back to a time when our tailgates featured delhomme, beason, and muhammad jerseys. zod, johnny rockets, jase, mush, panthro, kurb, scrum, mr. scot, hawk, rannuci, bo in monroe, cosmo girl, alvarez, dimbee, pstall, go to girl, vampi, tattoorhino, monkeybutt, powerless dan, life is a garden, and dmorgan
  11. hope they get more than 1 game out of that $13.1M
  12. bacon, egg, and cheese on toast with OJ (the drink, not the murderer)
  13. Congrats, Dustin!!! Beautiful pics...

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