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  1. Sitting on the train trying to recall Fitts mistakes. What have I missed? Traded a 5th and Dan Arnold for CJ Henderson Traded Denzel Perryman and a 7th before the season started for a 6th rounder (ended up having a career year with the Raiders) Drafted Jaycee Horn over Pat Surtain and Micah Parsons Drafted a long snapper in the 5th then cut him after sitting a year on IR Traded far too much to get Sam Darnold then immediately signed an extension before he took a snap Let Haasan Reddick walk Resigned Ian Thomas Resigned Donte Jackson Traded up for Matt Corral over Sam Howell Drafted three players with no college production (Barno, Smith, Barnes) Traded for Baker Mayfield then let him go (now playing well in Tampa) Overpaid Robbie Anderson Traded CMC Let D’Onta Foreman walk, cut Baker Mayfield Overpaid for Adam Thielen and Miles Sanders Didn’t trade Burns for two 1st and a 2nd Traded our best WR, two 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders to move up and take what looks like the wrong QB Passed on Dell and took Mingo Traded up for an older edge rusher with limited college production (DJ Johnson)
  2. Stroud had 306 yards passing and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 30-6 dismantling of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s thrown for 1,212 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions in four games for a passer rating of 100.6. Young has thrown for 503 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in three starts, missing a Week 3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks with a sprained right ankle. He has led Carolina to only two scores, has completed one pass of 20-plus yards, and his Total QBR of 27.8 ranks last in the NFL among qualified quarterbacks.
  3. Again, if he doesn’t turn it around, we will be the example of failure to properly assess a player’s skills…again. Only this time the stakes were sky high.
  4. This is what happens when you try to outsmart the eye test. This team’s leadership bought into the the notion that cognition testing is as or more important than physical measurables. if Young doesn’t turn it around and Stroud continues to excel, we will be the poster child for failed trade-up scenarios. https://sports.yahoo.com/texans-cj-stroud-is-making-the-nfl-drafts-cognition-test-warnings-look-foolish-053735902.html
  5. I would have deactivated his badge after the game. Let’s see if Morgan is worth a damn before we clean house after our two-win season.
  6. 163 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 17 yards rushing
  7. Regardless of who made the decision, it’s done. Now it’s time for this experienced coaching staff to scheme players open so our shellshocked QB can gain confidence and resemble a starting QB in this league.
  8. This team feels like the team everyone schedules for homecoming. We are the leagues “get right” team. Wherever your struggles are, play Carolina and get right.
  9. Even if he was 6’3” he’d still be a game manager with a dink and dunk game. He lacks velocity on his throws. He doesn’t throw receivers open. He’s basically a shorter Trent Dilfer. I’m sure can win games in the right system, but I’m not sure this is that system. Again, I hope I’m wrong. I hope the light switches on and he looks like he did in college, but he’s not playing against Vanderbilt DBs or Louisiana-Monroe LBs.
  10. With what picks? We have to overspend to get players because veterans want to be part of consistent winners. We’ve never had back to back winning seasons. Ever. Carolina is where free agents get a chance to play or ride out for retirement. We are not a destination.
  11. I’m a frustrated fan. I dislike the owner - mostly stemming from his arrogance, botched deal with Rock Hill, and reluctance to put grass back in BOA. I dislike the GM because he consistently trades away future assets for mediocre players. I dislike the coach because his gameplan is dated and wont relinquish play calling duties to the up and coming OC. I dislike the QB because he seems lost, lacks confidence, and has average arm strength. I question if there is a clear direction for this team and unfortunately see another few years of bad football in Carolina. This team is consistently inconsistent. This year is ugly and I’m not sure when it will turn around.
  12. Sure would, but I’d also have hope for the future. I’ve never been so down on this team as I am right now…and that’s saying something because I was in the stands during the Pickle year.
  13. If I was a Bears fan, I’d be ecstatic at the thought of two top-5 picks next year. Not sure they are any better than us at the moment, only they have hope in next year’s draft.
  14. I hope you’re right. I really hope he’s the answer.
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