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  1. DO U have any tickets left?

  2. Can I message you

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. polkcounty


      Any way to reach you directly before I do this I have never used paypal lol

    3. kingtarheel


      Do you need me to call ya?

    4. polkcounty


      That would be great 828-802-1039

  3. Yes. These are still available 

    1. polkcounty


      I will set up a paypal acct if thats payment you prefer.


  4. Thats what I needed to hear!!! Im willing to pay a fair price for a ticket this week what would you say is fair I have been lucky enough to get a psl owners tickets at face all year long but he is gonna go since this is first nfc championship so Im looking.

  5. Looking for any tickets to Tampa game

  6. Can you message me tailgate info for music city? Thanks


  7. Hey dude nice talking with ya the other day to bad the out come sucked

  8. Im trying to get my crue to come ove to the tailgate..

  9. Dude, you KNOW Im ready!!

  10. Are you ready dude?

  11. Do you still have those three?

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