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  1. This is so on point the same clown who posted about the Greatness of steves wilks the day before he got fired, This dude thinks know it all clown Is wrong like 95% of the time.
  2. Clinched #2 in the metro at worst! Currently second in the Metro, second in the Eastern Conference, third in the NHL.
  3. The Canes cup contending window will stay open for another 4+ years... Best shot in this era is this year though
  4. I think espn has the mixer in their favor tonight lol They get excited over every shot attempt
  5. Did not go in literally road the edge all the way and clinked off.... puck has to fully cross the goal line it's not NFL style break the plane.
  6. Not with Freddie in the net I agree..... Road or Home this year the team is just fuggging STACKED
  7. Lol at Svechnikov Orlov and Chatty barefoot
  8. I mean at this point he would need 3-4 shutouts to close the year to get even with freddie!
  9. No but he did DJ Moore and Kupp
  10. It would actually kinda work out well if we get second in the metro and the NHL in points I don't particularly want the Lightning in round one (they have played well lately) I think they knock off the Rags in round 1.
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