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  1. If you follow some of the former personalities on Twitter who were hosts before Tony took over and who were canned after he became station manager, he is pretty despised.
  2. Y’all didn’t get enough of this bullshit “character” stuff when Cam was the QB. Public speaking and press conference acumen have nothing to do with character or football ability.
  3. Suppose the Panthers don’t trade for one or draft one. Who do you want? I think there are three clear candidates. 1. Micah Parsons - need a playmaker in the middle of the defense 2. Devonta Smith - we will probably lose Curtis and he is a stud. 3. Kyle Pitts - freak TE that we need to really open up this offense (besides the obvious of a QB)
  4. This isn’t the real award? Correct? They still have DROY and OROY. I would expect him to finish second in DROY.
  5. We should have totally blatantly tanked like some of the mouth breathing fanbois wanted. Seems to be working out so well for the Eagles locker room.
  6. https://saintsreport.com/threads/carolina-might-need-to-look-for-a-new-qb.442002/ Hilarious how little they know about our roster and how some want to slurp Teddy, making excuses for him. Anyways, good little read if you want a chuckle.
  7. And what exactly did you want done different? Do you think players playing for jobs, incentives, new contacts are gonna tank because you want them to? It doesn’t happen. That’s why all this bitching is so stupid. I understand it sucks losing out on a higher spot, but it’s useless crying for something that doesn’t happen.
  8. Not when you’re tanking. Rhule heard the huddle tears. Clearly wasting a challenge to f over the team later. Picksssss baby!!
  9. Rodney Smith is clearly defying Tepper and Rhules orders. I expect the 4th string RB to be cut after the game. Can’t have that effort and defiance when it is clear the tank is on.
  10. Nope. Tepper made the call. You guys did it. He read the Huddle and came to his senses. We can thank you.
  11. Not today. Tepper heard the fans crying. Called Rhule and said commence the tank. Rhukw had a team meeting Thursday telling everyone the plan. They all knows it go time. You guys did it. You cried and Tepper listened. Let’s go baby!
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