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  1. Real chance at 3-1 with that schedule.
  2. Why do y’all think dudes are finished products? You don’t think he can be taught how to have better ball security?
  3. We got two extra third round picks and people are mad?
  4. I really want Moehrig. Some fans will hate it, but I’m salivating at the thought of him on this D.
  5. I know many of us wanted Fields to cast a wide net on the QB position, but Horn is a hell of a player. This D is slowly but surely accumulating versatile and talented Players at each level. Brown/Burns on the line Chinn at safety (who can play in the box) Horn at corner excited to see this D improve and only get better.
  6. Isn’t that what you want from your corner...
  7. this write up will make some of y’all feel better. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/patriots/.amp/news/2021-new-england-patriots-draft-prospect-profile-on-jaycee-horn
  8. The “laying the ground work” wording has been used a lot in these reports. To me it doesn’t sound like reporting that something is really far down the pike. It sounds like due diligence on having something lined up for specific scenarios.
  9. I’m cool with it. It’s a reclamation project. You’re hoping that Sam was bad because of his situation. He certainly has the tools. I am excited to see what Brady and co can get out of him, even if I would have rather preferred Fields or Lance. Now at 8 we can go OL, WR, or TE.
  10. Not the best argument when it’s already weird you hire so many massage therapists. Doesn’t dispel the predatory allegations.
  11. Harvey Weinstein also had about a dozen accusations before he was ever charged. The barometer isn’t whether he is charged with a crime. It’s whether he did what is accused.
  12. Case in point as to why people don’t come forward. In an ideal society people would come forward. It’s not an ideal society. There are tons of reasons why victims don’t come forward. Your last part is correct. Let the system run its course. Also, don’t trade for the guy until it does. It would be stupid to trade for him at this point. The Panthers know this and that’s why this ain’t going to happen anytime soon.
  13. I would disagree in that he escaped it. He was generally widely accepted in the years after, especially after his retirement. I would also say his ore deal was far bigger than Big Ben’s because he was charged criminally and there was a very public trial for over year until the charges were dropped because the accuser wouldn’t testify. Nine of this is to say Kobe is worse than Big Ben or vice versa, or even that these guys weren’t different men in the years after their allegations, but there are reasons some of these get more attention than others.
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