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  1. This signing was absolutely terrible. $ should have been spent elsewhere
  2. Yea thats kind of what I mean by leadership…like take control and show it more, take some shots, change some plays etc. hes been extremely passive looking so far. Honestly hes not going to have a ton of time in the pocket because our oline is a mess and Vikings blitz more than anyone so Reich will really have to have a lot of quick passes in the playbook ( hopefully)
  3. I think we are all selling Bryce too short after a couple subpar performances. I think injury real or not the game off probably did him well. honestly hearing him talk about it I kind of think it wasn't even real or serious and they wanted him on the sideline for a game. This is a big game for Bryce and I think he shows up.
  4. Point me to any useful post of yours plz
  5. I am literally saying I want to see it but I expect it too. I think hes going to play with a sense of urgency and show out
  6. Thats what I am saying. Its time for the sense of urgency to kick in
  7. Whats fluff about this?? i am just trying to be optimistic. And Young should be playing with a sense of urgency now
  8. This week vs Vikings. i want to see quick decisions and leadership. Seems like from what I am hearing from practice he is stepping up leadership and I want to see that translate to the game Sunday. Yes the OLINE prob wont protect him well, but he can still make quick decisions and get rid of the ball. Vikings BLITZ a ton, so for the love of god hopefully Reich has a bunch of 3 step back and get rid of the ball plays to drawn up for Bryce.
  9. Man Scott needs to go. Ive tried so hard to give him benefit of the doubt but this pick in itself is a microcosm of who Scott is.
  10. If this mess continues. We dont even have a first round pick next year lol. He kept saying all the pieces were in place to “drop” a QB in. dude needs to go he has no idea what hes doing
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