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  1. How do you expect us to get rid of Hayward? Lol his contract is awful and he is always hurt. Rozier is a nice player but yea at this point prob should have just traded him
  2. My thoughts on these trades: i dont think its all that bad. We have too much $ tied up to afford Jalen after this season and hes prob gone anyways so at least we get something. Jaylen upside prob isnt too high anyways. i am so happy plumlee is gone. Dont get me wrong hes an ok player but we need to be playing Mark big minutes. Clifford better not F this up with some bs time share with Nick. We got a better expiring contract to buy out too so this is ok. Truth is no one was giving up poo for Mason.
  3. Long time hornets fan who is growing tired of MJ and his regime. The hornets have taken a massive step back from even last year and this is far from just losing Miles. Team just seems entirely lifeless so often. I reserved judgement on the Clifford hire but i had a bad feeling and it already seems like another blunder. Why is Mason even still playing massive minutes? Get rid of him now. This team is desperate to develop young guys like Mark. Cant even express how frustrating this franchise continues to be.
  4. Having a kicker on your team you cant trust with a 54 yard Fg is laughable
  5. Given recent injury history we made out fantastic . Not sure what some are smoking around here
  6. Not mad at tepper taking the chance on rhule but he needs to step up and fire him now
  7. Man Cam is garbage now. Just let it go. He’s washed. They should have never signed him In first place
  8. Who cares. They will be back when they are winning again.
  9. The defense is a gimmick and it’s been exposed. Phil snow is garbage.
  10. I sort of agree here as well, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the staff. Still think it’s glaring that they are over their head in the NFL
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