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  1. I honestly dont buy this bs from Hurst tbh. Its said he had some lingering issues and even the amnesia
  2. Canales would be pretty stupid not to want to retain Evero.
  3. When did he ever look like he was over his head lol
  4. Looking at his X account he seems fully on board. Hes gonna get the ball a lot and possibly put up big numbers
  5. Hes honestly a Brian Burns upgrade, even at his age. Plz sign him
  6. Idk prob a stretch. I see him going somewhere more ready to win
  7. Yeap, and Miles is gonna cook behind this new oline in Dave zone scheme
  8. Lol wut. Why do people keep acting like signing guards is bad. The saints made a living off this and that is why they had elite OLs. We needed serious depth regardless because look what happened this year. the guards we signed are massive and that is going to make our oline so much better
  9. I am sure that is the best damn deal would could get for Burns at this point so I don't even see it as bad. He was not going to sign the franchise tender, he was going to be a hold out nightmare. This was 100% smart for Dan to do this and pull the plug
  10. if he doesn't think Burns or any of these dudes were worth keeping I trust him. And I love the investment into the interior oline. Even if Bryce doesn't work out that is something that will benefit any QB or offense. yall ready to burn poo down but give Dan and Dave Canales a chance man.
  11. Tbh, I hope they hire him today. Hes a culture changer and thats what we need beyond anything else
  12. Just a bunch of disgruntled armchair analyst…pissed off of lack of recent success. Dan is a good hire
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