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  1. The defense is a gimmick and it’s been exposed. Phil snow is garbage.
  2. I sort of agree here as well, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the staff. Still think it’s glaring that they are over their head in the NFL
  3. Got to say, I can of agree. Been worried or this for a while. They DO NOT know how to make adjustments in the NFL. We get ridiculously outcoached often. Tepper needs to put them on notice. We need a staff that can’t handle the NFL
  4. Obvious PR stunt to please the cam faithful since everything else so bad
  5. We really are an embarrassment for this little Sam Darnold experiment. All along i kept sayjnt is this will either make us look really good or really bad. Well it’s really bad.
  6. Would people just shut up about Cam? He’s done and he’s never playing here again. Jesus move on.
  7. Dude Darnold is garbage but Cam is toast. Let the Can stuff go for crying out loud
  8. Honestly Sam Darnold is Jimmy claussen level bad. Some of the crappiest qb play I’ve ever seen in Carolina
  9. This dude is a total scrub. When does it end.
  10. We also don’t even have a competent backup qb we keep carrying around his scrub qb from Temple
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