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  1. Dropping back burns was a fan failure not a defensive failure. Burns in zone eats up a lot of space and disturbs passing lanes. That’s the point. schemes drop back defensive lineman… that’s just how they are drawn up. It’s to confuse the QB and o line while throwing off the timing of pass plays. It’s not like burns was dropping back 30%+ of the time.
  2. I was done. We sent these at the exact same time for when we agreed to be done. So let's move on. My apologies, but I didnt read this whole post... I am sure there are good points... but we have better things to discuss.
  3. The Eagles signed: Linvall Joseph Ndamukong Suh Hasaan Reddick Then had 2 players come back from injury: Jordan Davis Brandon Graham That supports what I am saying... this time last year their dline was in dissaray... wtf man. I respect you but you are on one right now, and I dont want to indulge this anymore.
  4. We are going in circles here because we are agreement-fighting. You are just stating in a different way. So lets just call it.
  5. How about offensive line last year though? Did we not hit on that? If I am not mistaken we had 8 different offensive lineman play snaps last year. Rewinding to 1 year ago today... we are bitching about how paper thing and awful our line is... now we are not even worried about it heading into next season. That is a perfect example of how the NFL works.... Take the Eagles... last year they couldnt get to the QB, and then this year they go get defensive line talent and have the deepest dline in the NFL. Then next week... the Eagles only have 3 of those dlineman under contract and it is going to be a position of need again. My closing argument is that right now .... in the month Feb... every team can say "our team lacks depth" and it be true.
  6. We have no idea what the depth of this team will be until after FA and draft.... every team lacks depth late february in the NFL..... there is no argument that can change that.
  7. This is said about every team's roster this time of year... You can't really lean into this type of thinking until after draft and free agency. Every team has expiring contracts and roster turnover. It's a matter of having your key pieces in place... not the depth at this point in the offseason. ie... our oline at this point last year....
  8. Any time you transition to a new defense, everyone is going to be an unknown factor. What we saw of Barno in his last 2 games was very encouraging, especially the final game of the year against the Saints where he had 3 tackles and sack. It just takes good coaches and systems to unleash the talent of our players... this was Barno's RAS: As I said before.... in Evero's system... I am really excited to see what he can do with Barno.
  9. Barno as a stand up 34 rusher in Evero’s defense sounds insane. I’m really excited about what we see out of Barno this year. Considering he is the fastest player on the team and plays defensive end/ Pass rush specialist ……
  10. He is saying that FS is open.. meaning we would have to fill it via FA or draft. He is also saying that Jackson would remain in the nickel when Henderson is on the field. Meaning nickel /dime situations
  11. I could see a 6 DB alignment where Chinn plays the “middle back” which is the hybrid MLB role. I don’t think Chinn will be an inside linebacker in this scheme. He will be our big nickel or buffalo back. I fully expect Brandon smith to get a shot to be in the middle.
  12. Great video! 1. Luvu had a ridiculous year 2. I hope Donte can have a quick and speedy recovery 3. brown is such a beast 4. horn is a dawg 5. burns gonna light the world on fire in Evoro’s scheme
  13. If you subscribe to this content you will learn a lot.
  14. Knee injured for guards are not as bad as they are so skill players. Corbett said his rehab is scheduled to end in June and he would be able to participate in football activities come August. where did you see mid October?
  15. Why waste a high pick on an OG? That makes no sense.... its not a position of need nor is it a position you spend high capital on.
  16. dont do that. Dont compare AR to Cam.... not even you are that stubborn.
  17. Matt Stafford only went to the playoffs once... Drew Brees only went to the playoffs once before the Saints....
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