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  1. Part of me wants to see the Saints win by a large margin.... so it shows that our win wasnt a fluke. However, I'd prefer we keep winning and the Saints get blown out by a smaller margin than our game.
  2. i love seeing Shaq's name everywhere...
  3. love how its stated on a short week... lol
  4. In today's NFL they would have whistled this down within first 2 seconds of contact
  5. huh? The Saints had less than 40 yards in the 4th qtr total offense...
  6. If you are stating that the Browns have a poor rushing offense, they were the third best in the league last year. Texans were destroyed by Chubb in the 4th. Browns have arguably the best offensive line in the league.
  7. the same thing you saw but on the screens at the stadium. It's not different from being in person or on the tv.
  8. Judging by the poor kicking epidemic that’s happening across the league…. I don’t think a 4th rounder would be enough.
  9. what data are you using to support this opinion?
  10. I keep forgetting that he is 23.... insane
  11. The thinking that Royce Freeman is the answer and solution at goal to go situations is erroneous. Our oline got bullied on short yardage situations yesterday. I rewatched every run play…. We struggled at creating lanes, let alone gaining any push…
  12. Freeman played 4 snaps total… blew assignments on two of the snaps. The second led to a sack…. He never returned to the game. Rhule said last week… if you want to play running back you need to know how to pass protect first. i get the urgency to get freeman touches, but he wasn’t good in Denver either. I mean the guy got knocked down by a 5’10 170lb defensive back
  13. This. I watched the game again last night. We were running a “big dime” the entire game. I actually don’t know what to call it, but basically we only had a single Linebacker on the filed the majority of the game. We went speed over power yesterday. we also moved Chinn all over the place again. Lastly, we ran a staggered cloud 9 as well. This is what the rams are running too. I wouldn’t call it a college defense but rather a modern NFL defense
  14. Chiefs defense showed their weakness … interesting
  15. Some of these throws by mahomes tonight would get eaten up on this board if it was Darnold…. mahomes has had some really bad throws tonight
  16. You tell us… the only notable player was Romo when he was a no name…. I can’t really think of any others off the top of my head since then…
  17. She looks like she is going to fight for the women's lingerie football players to get paid the same as NFL players.
  18. I've been noodling on this topic for the last hour... seeing how many kickers are missing PATs and what used to be easy kicks (up to 45yards).... Im starting to wonder if the definition of a "good kicker" is starting to change.... There is defintely a large gap between your elite kickers and the next tier...
  19. What team is going to trade their LT? The only option I could see would be Laramy Tunsil... but I cant imagine landing him for affordable capital and that would impact our salary cap plans for the players we need to extend.
  20. Actually, coaches want kickers to kcik it out of the endzone. The philosphy is that you are giving the opponent one less opportunity to score. They did a piece on place kickers on NFL Live over the offseason discussing this very topic.
  21. I really hope we snipe Verity or bucs PS kicker.
  22. I think its fair to callout that the level of competition the broncos have played are most likely picking in the top 5 in the 2021 draft.... Granted they were on the road, but they havent played a legit defense quite yet in Denver.
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