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  1. He is overrated and carried by Allen
  2. They have run him more than we ever have in a single season with Cam.
  3. They should have done that on the first 4th, now you have to go for it.
  4. If the bills lose today, I have a feeling Diggs is going to be extremely vocal.
  5. McDermott is running the RR special on this drive
  6. Depends on the money. My friend was (is?) best friends with Norwell. They played together at OSU. I should text him and see if they still are in touch. I remember when I met with him and Andrew at slate to get hammered on a Wednesday. Andrew is an animal
  7. Hahhaha. That made me chuckle out loud.
  8. They showed the field, 3 receivers went deep and Knox was the short route. If he hit Knox it would have been a gain of 8-12. Still short but probably better to make that throw than take the sack.
  9. I think Allen can be big ben capable and doesn’t need to rely on his legs. McD needs not to get him hurt.
  10. Josh Allen had more rushing attempts this year than Cam did in 2013. Only 9 attempts less compared to 2015. matter of fact, josh Allen has had almost 250 rushing attempts since the beginning of last season are we sure he learned? Ahha
  11. Allen can’t take these kind of hits forever. It’s like watching cam story all over again.
  12. What a great playoff game that was. We basically had water boys at WR due to injuries.
  13. Saints did it to us only a few short years ago….
  14. That pressure got to him mentally today. If it’s gets to the goat, it’s get to everyone. I kinda feel bad for our qbs, hahahahh.
  15. I hope this losss leads to Arians getting fired
  16. If the bucs score here…. We are going to see the momentum shift to it’s maximum
  17. I agree. I personally like Aaron Rodgers. However, after seeing how social media is treating him today, I just think he would bring a lot of distraction.
  18. His cap and personality would be a lot to take on. Plus we arent the type of desitination he would want to land anyways
  19. I dont even recall having conversations with you, thats how minimal of an impact you make on my CH experience. It appears I have somehow found a place to stay in your head. So feel free to worry about me, but I will continue to have constructive conversations with adults, rather than particpate in your child like accusations and erratic behavior.
  20. Dude, first you need to relax. Every post you have that is toward me is so animated and infused with a frustrated tone. Second, Marcel Dareus said in an interview that he was looking forward to playing us because RR told him he was going to be a panther during the combine. MD said that he put that date on the calendar to prove that we should have picked him over Cam. This was in 2013 when we lost 23-24 with EJ Manuel at QB. Lastly, the article you linked states a sentence that RR believed he could be a capable #1 overall pick. If you go through all of the pre-draft resources you'll see that RR was torn between gabbert and newton at #1 and were considering going to go MD as the safe pick if they couldnt commit.... MH is the one who said "Cam is our guy" and there is plenty you can see in articles if you just google "Marty Hurney Cam Newton Draft 2011" But here is an article of MH going main stream media to defend Cam explicitly.
  21. Pittsburgh wont go after another older QB that could retire soon, they arent in that kind of window currently as a franchise. They have already said that Mason Rudolph wil be the starter next year. Personally I think they should go after Kirk. Denver is the favorite because Aaron wants to live there as well, and their roster is in a win now windows. They will be the Bucs of 2020 of the AFC. Indy is possible but Id expect Jimmy G, Kirk or Russ to be there before Aaron. WFT is going to trade up or trade for JG/RW. Miami's owner came out and said they are committing to Tua. So they will no longer be in the trade discussions, but of course this could change with the new HC. Tua was one of the most accurate QBs in the league last year, with one of the worst olines. So there is promise stilll with him, and miami fans still like him.
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