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  1. I hope it ends up being Sam Darnold 2.0 and the quarterback everyone thought he would be when drafted. Then leads the league is passing and TDs for years to come. I want to look back and say "The Darnold trade was better than the Olsen trade..."
  2. lock this man up! In all honesty, he is probably going to wait until Ridley signs his deal before extending with us.
  3. Did you guys see this? (Mods delete if duplicate) doesn’t sound like someone leaving us anytime soon. This is 3 days old, so it’s fresh.
  4. he is the 20th highest paid LB in the league. He is paid like he is an above average LBer. him on a contract for 8million this year is an extremely fair deal for what he does on the field.
  5. For a linebacker it is. Remmeber most LBers are lined up against TEs and RBs. Those are easy routes. He grades above average in pass coverage compared to the rest of the league.
  6. Going from towel ringer to gunslinger .... i will take it.
  7. @LinvilleGorgeis quickly becoming the Toby Flenderson of the huddle.
  8. He def has the speed. He is a 4.4 type. Earlier in the offseason it was mentioned by person that Chinn will be our FS. Which makes sense with his length and ability to read a play. If you think about all of the long runs that occurred on us last year. Chinn being the back guy would stop the play before it gets to next level.
  9. I’m excited to see what he does at the FS position
  10. Miles Garret is 270.... there is no way BB is only ten pounds less than MG. However, its all just an eye test at this point. So we can bookmark this convo until he reveals his weight, haha. In the pictures he looks lean but wide. So its possible he is marching up to 260. Only he and the staff knows though, haha.
  11. I woudlnt go that far... he is too lean to be in the 260 range, most likely 240. To give you perspective Lebron James is 250. Brian Burns would have to be pretty hefty to be at 260.
  12. Holy poo Brian Burns..... that frame is insane.d
  13. What do you think he means by "he's getting better?" Was RA sick? Frustrated? Hurt?
  14. the kid we dropped him for hasnt played football in 2 years. However, he has a Vince Papale type story.
  15. All football fans get excited about this stuff. It's hype for the season.
  16. The writer of this articles actually has familiarity with our franchise and players. That was a nice balanced opinion piece. Thanks OP!
  17. Looks like we folded, but still that was a savage call haha. The nfl is ruthless
  18. Whether bell was in his prime or post-prime , if the other team knows what your play call is... talent doesn’t even matter. That’s the point here. Gase couldn’t extract talent from his players because he never gave them an opportunity to succeed.
  19. Joe Flacco was starting during the game Alex Lewis called out Gase. This was when Darnold was hurt.
  20. Yeah but it looks like “fields /“ I have to assume after the “/“ is “jones” I think they were planning their emergency picks or drops backs.
  21. what a whiff... haha. At the same time, Bills traded ahead of us in Beane's first year to draft Zae Jones.. they really thought they outsmarted us. We ended up with Curtis Samuel. If I remember correclty Zae was our target, funny how things work out. Even decent GMs like Beane get it wrong.
  22. Can you link that video with time stamp? I think I missed this.
  23. Disney world for his daughters birthday according to his IG account
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