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  1. it's honeslty the theme for all media and marketing companies. Their goals and profit models change when the wind blows a new direction. That means your writer's capabilities need to change, as well as their goals and beliefs. So the attrition levels are high and the volatiltiy of business goals and iniatives are extremely high.
  2. It's pretty well known that the Observer is a poorly run organization
  3. all he is saying is that this team is an average to above average QB away from contending
  4. It's not often tha you and I disagree, but this one ... I disagree. In a league where in the near future teams will have 3 cbs making 10mil+ per year ... this was not a bad move. this is a passing league. We went out and got a top talent for a 3rd. There is no one that was in the 3rd round this year's draft that I feel would have been a better player than CJ. Obviously, this is perspective we wont know until a couple years down the road. Of all of the moves this FO has made, this one is at the bottom of the list of something that Im worried about.
  5. Young and extremely talented roster that is under contract for years to come. Foundation is set.
  6. Lets get this train back on the tracks. Baker is an upgrade over Sam Darnold. We should go get him and win a super bowl this year.
  7. Who is this guy with a few years under his belt? Are we talking about Trey Lance?
  8. I’d say I’m more prepared for these type of threads than anything else.
  9. I would not be so quick to dismiss soccer, it’s alot of fun to watch in person
  10. The Athletic reports third-round rookie Matt Corral struggled before the snap in Panthers minicamp. "But it’s all the things Corral has to do before the snap – getting the play called, identifying the defense, making checks – that have challenged him after he played in an RPO-heavy offense in college," was the observation of longtime beat writer Joseph Person. Head coach Matt Rhule more or less confirmed that assessment by praising Corral's play once the play goes live. “(OC Ben McAdoo) says this: When the ball’s snapped, Matt’s natural instincts are usually pretty right on." Rhule has said Sam Darnold would be the starter were the season to begin today and has publicly refused to rule out an outside addition. Corral could change the calculus with a lights-out camp, but he does not appear to be a legitimate consideration for Week 1.
  11. Yeah as an OC he was legit, as a HC not so much. Thats my only point of debate in this thread.
  12. I dont know man... I used to think that about Shans... but the guy only has 2 winning seasons out of 5... he is the 49ers version of RR. He is a sub .500 coach as well. If they cant win with their shiny new QB.... they need to move on from him.
  13. none of those throws that killed the drives led to points for the Chiefs..... This is not a good example bc there were not reprecussions to those throws. You think I am sticking up for Jimmy G, and I am not. I am stating that both the offense and defense failed in the 4th qtr. Not just Jimmy G. He wasnt the primary reason they lost. If anything the coaches are to blame, bc KC finally figured them out in the 4th qtr.
  14. Im not protecting Jimmy G.... if anything my subtle point is that Shanahan is overrated....
  15. wait... so the defense gets sympathy but a QB missing a throw gets chastised? Jimmy G or not... this is just a weird philisophy of thinking. Basically the same thing that happened on D, happened on O. They both just stopped clicking in the 4th quarter oro the chiefs figured them out.
  16. isnt the majority of the defense sitting ? I know Horn, Shaq, Chinn, Burns, and Woods arent out there.
  17. Salty? The tone was curiousity of which 2 super bowls you felt the 49ers should have won. Apologies if you took it as an insult.
  18. they lost the Super Bowl in 2020 due to the defense crumbling in the 4th quarter. 49ers had a double digit lead heading into the 4th qtr. Also, what other super bowls should they have won? They have only 2 winning seasons under Shanahan.....
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