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  1. I wonder if we should trade Bryce young when he starts to ascend in his nfl career….
  2. Considering where the cap ceiling is going…. That is a very fair deal both ways.
  3. I wonder if jet’s play it safe with Rodgers ankle injury and sit during our practices
  4. I wonder why they didn’t share the highlights of the data? the NFLPA needs to speak up and take action.
  5. that is a lot of mental effort for something we will never know the real story behind....
  6. but there is a poo load to do in Milwaukee. Wouldnt be surprised if people road the train from Mil to GB and back. I stayed in Milwaukee for a festival one year... to this day it is still one of the funnest experiences ive ever had. People are ridiculously nice there and the beer/food is awesome.
  7. you should probably believe him. It appears his gf has wiped him from her instagam. My friend caught this earlier in the month.
  8. The nfl doesn’t permit fans to bring in devices to emphasize sounds… it wouldn’t work in the nfl bc of their fan rulesets. This isn’t a new concept, it’s just not a concept that happens in the nfl.
  9. Roaring riot is a fan club, not a designated supporters section at the stadium.
  10. I’m very confused on what you are attempting to say. Are we in agreement that supporters sections wouldnt work in the nfl?
  11. but they dont today, so why would they all of a sudden?....supporter's sections are always cheaper than regular seats.
  12. I guess Eason was worth less than a ham sandwich....
  13. extremely different concept to what Rimmer is talking about.
  14. but you'd have to cut the cost of the tickets... which we all know the NFL won't allow that.
  15. Supporters sections are extremely common in all futbol/soccer leagues. This isnt new. Odd take by Rimmer bc of the limitations and rulesets for fan participation in games.
  16. is there any NFL team with this currently?
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