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  1. he'll be good for 30-40 catches - you know Brady will force feed him.
  2. Great write up. Funny thing... the first thing I thought when I saw the GIFs... "thank god tb5 is gone."
  3. i can't edit my post to clarify taht I was being facetious. You all should know by now how much I hate the saints......
  4. Hartsfield or a veteran is where my mind is at
  5. Saints did it to force us to draft him. They know something we dont.... bc the Saints are a brilliant franchise who are always steps ahead..... /Sarcasm
  6. Panthers LT Brady Christensen in 2020 received the highest grade Pro Football Focus has ever given to a collegiate offensive lineman. Christensen, the BYU product taken in the third round by the Panthers -- who had hoped to drafted Oregon LT Penei Sewell -- is the odds-on favorite to start the 2021 season as Carolina's left tackle. The team has sought a reliable left tackle since 2013, when Jordan Gross retired. Christensen's PFF grade of 96 last season was an all-time high as he allowed two pressures on BYU QB Zach Wilson on 293 pass plays. “He comes from that pro-style offense
  7. Saints will definitely bottom out this year. My tempered expectations has us in third with a close second to the falcons. I’m not sure why we are downplaying the falcons around here. They are going to be very competitive this year with Arthur smith at the helm. my hometown... has us in first with an injured Brady.
  8. I’d take Heath all day. The guy is a grinder. to those who want vacarro.... he is a slow plodding strong safety. No value here.
  9. I mean Alex Smith and Tannehill would automatically bring the success rate higher than the hit rate of the NFL Draft. This mainly due to the limited amount of sample data. Honestly, the reason Eisen didnt ask that question is because its not an intelligible inquiry.
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