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  1. you've gone from a hype man to a gripe man in a short 3 week period. What a transition.
  2. I think its time to shut this place down for a little while.
  3. I don't understand how everyone keeps saying "Miami has the picks to pull this off" - they dont... The Eagles do, but not the dolphins. The Dolphins dont even have their own first round pick this year, they have the 49ers pick. They will have to trade this year's draft picks and next years draft picks to pull this off. The Texans are not going to want Tua back in exchange either.
  4. Don’t forget that the vikes knew when we were running a play action. It seems like every team is in our backfield when we call a play action rollout. There is something that Brady is doing that defense can see and read. I’m thinking opposing teams already know his tendencies now that they have almost 1.5 seasons worth of tape on him.
  5. This thread, lol. Sounds like Rhule really leaked our game plan. Everyone knows now what we are gonna do… smdh. 1. we are not throwing 40x a game 2. we are not gonna turn the ball over 3. We are gonna protect the quarterback man, if other teams figure out the above… our season is over…. /s We're not going to line up and drop back and throw it 40 times a game and think that's going to win the game for us. It hasn't. There's no (Christian) McCaffrey. Well, Chuba (Hubbard) 's showing us that he can run the football at a high level when given enough opportunities. We're gonna redefine who we are, and we're gonna run the football, and we're gonna protect our quarterback, and we're not gonna turn the ball over anymore. That's the only way that we're gonna win.
  6. Rebuilding teams fill gaps … how they do it doesn’t define whether or not it is a “rebuild.” you rebuild any way that you can. Rams rebuilt their franchise via draft, off-season acquisitions and trade capital. There is no “one way” to rebuild a franchise.
  7. You are correct. Cowboys showed that man coverage plus base four rush beats us. No need to bring the house and give the qbs easy throws if the dline is able to do it on their own. For some reason, joe Brady wasn’t calling counter plays to this, like rub routes, double routes, pocket moving throws or seam routes up the middle. I believe Rhule noticed this yesterday and is exhausted of some The play calls that Brady is calling. Yesterday, I counted about 5-6 recycled plays from our previous games… very disappointed in lack of creativity and originality in our playbook.
  8. All over a sports game that you don’t even play….
  9. That’s not what I heard from his presser … he wasn’t clueless. He was clearly putting pressure on his coordinators. I expect him to get a bit more involved with the game plan moving forward as opposed to letting Brady and snow run it in isolation.
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