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  1. bad news everyone.... NFL Plus doesnt work in Italy. I just switched over to my laptop to type up everything but apparently here in Italy you have to be a member to "DAZN." If you goto plus.nfl.com ... it navigates me to : It appears this is their regional sport streaming service. If anyone knows a way around this (outside of VPN) , let me know. I just tried to pull it back up on my phone but it has transitioned to this DAZN platform as well.
  2. He is fuging with you … Cohen isn’t on the active roster. He is on the practice squad.
  3. Out of position on the Taysum Hill runs but swarmed the ball for sure. There were a couple of plays where he was eaten alive by a second level guard … however, there were some flashes that makes me feel good about his potential
  4. I hate to break it to you… but scouts and GMs do not develop players…..
  5. Great post on Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/panthers/s/jSM9D2Ly2d sort this table by pocket time… it’s a rough one to look at. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2023/passing_advanced.htm?sr&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=Share&utm_campaign=ShareTool#advanced_pressure
  6. Players are giving up on their routes early, we are calling rub routes but we are missing the rub, the timing is off on our meshes, and multiple receivers are in the same area at the same time on several plays. It’s pretty bad….
  7. Our oline got absolutely man handled … the only players that appeared to be consistent and effective was Bozeman and moton. I get that pff has a rating system… but I don’t know how some of our players scored so well. Ickey was horrible in 3 straight series blocking for our run plays. We could have pre-injury Nick Chubb and still have the same stats. im pretty frustrated at Mayes and Zavala .. neither knew how to get to the second level on their blocks… they just let Werner and David crash our lanes.
  8. He really didn’t get much … I don’t even think he played more than ~15 snaps
  9. Halfway through the all 22… I know this isn’t what you all want to hear but it isn’t a play calling issue… it’s an execution issue. It’s pretty bad how some of our players look in frank/brown’s system. Ian Thomas, DJ chark (he gets a longer leash bc he was out), mays, Zavala (at LG), and TMJ… all had a handful of plays they just looked lost on Monday night. i know frank isn’t the type to rip into his players, but some names need someone to lay into them for the mental mistakes
  10. Halfway through the all 22… I know this isn’t what you want to hear but it isn’t a play calling issue… it’s an execution issue.
  11. The preseason media narrative that the panthers have no playmakers and a bad offensive line is holding true…. Unfortunately
  12. Hey everyone, there is a chance I will be able to do the All22 this week. My wife just shared with me that tomorrow we will be on a train for four hours while crossing Italy. So I will have some down time. there are two things that need to happen for me to be able to pull this together: 1. nfl + releases the all 22 (24-48 hours after game is played) 2. The train has good Wi-Fi I will share that I am goin to be doing this on my laptop, so I will be unable to do video, but will be detailed in my screenshots. lastly, I will be keeping it high level and intentional tomorrow. So won’t be as heavy but should still serve value. all that being said …. Let me know what you want to see. reminder : bulleted form helps for me to pull together
  13. it's pretty common that this occurs in the NFL. Which is why it's so funny that the twitter world and some posters were so shocked by it. I believe the first time I saw it happen was when Payton Manning was with the Colts... maybe 2004? He made a joke of it in the presser stating it was a trick play and he was mad they never got to run it... jokingly
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