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  1. i think this is the week that pushes me over the fence. I am neutral on the season right now. Jake Delhomee said during his radio portion that if the panthers can just find their passing game that they are a contender, and in all honesty I believe that. However, finding the passing game in this league isnt that easy, especially this year. Somehow scoring and passing numbers are down this year, maybe defenses I have finally caught up with the league transition.
  2. Hey everyone, not sure what is going on with my NFL+ but it appears I am just not getting access to the Panthers All-22. I can see every game but the Panthers All-22. Maybe the Panthers brass shut me down for pointing out our flaws and other team's were using the intel. Kidding. In all seriousness, if there is any All-22 vets out there, do you know whats going on or any other options? I just go to plus.nfl.com sign in and then click the A-22 version of our games... any help would be welcome. Here is what I see: ort
  3. If you are referring to DJ, my assumption would be to see if the saints are playing man or zone. The saints run man coverage over 70% of the time this year. If a secondary member didn’t come into the box with DJ then the play call would most likely be a run inside due to us having numbers for body on a body. did this play result in an inside run or was this that over route?
  4. We actually did run about 3 plays that were split back… Gio was the split back with cmc on 2 of them and chuba on the other but I agree on having both of them on the field for a play or two
  5. Not sure how we could take on that contract with our cap situation this year. Unless this is supposed to be post this season
  6. I wasn’t going that direction. I was trying to find the data that supported your argument, and the stats don’t support it. I’ve already had many conversations on here about hoping that Shane Steichen ends up replacing rhule, so that rules out your statement of me being “pro rhule” … I’m just big on using data to support arguments. one thing I will say is that I will always be pro-panthers
  7. Foreman has been given more snaps than Hubbard though… and Brady C is our starting LG this year…
  8. Rhule downplayed the injury in the presser. Really made it sound like it was nothing. Sounds like we will know more tomorrow
  9. Offensive line getting stronger Carolina's offensive line has had all five starters play every snap through Week 3. Guard Austin Corbett ranks fifth among qualified guards with a pass blocking grade of 80.3, while center Pat Elflein ranks sixth among qualified centers with a pass blocking grade of 74.4 (via PFF).
  10. Baker has protected the ball. That’s an automatic start over darnold. also, he led four scoring drives last week. Darnold did that total in his last 4 games.
  11. considering the Rams were in the super bowl two years prior and didnt win... then they get stafford with almost the same roster... and win. Lions never got even close. Stafford only got to the playoffs once. I think the argument is more supportive for McVay... bc that team had already gotten to the super bowl and lost. The Lions were never competitive.
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