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  1. I mean its a tough decision. However, on paper... we could be one player away... just like the bucs were last year.
  2. Nice post OP. Most of the players on short term or rookie contracts move into the Vue. Cameron won’t be the only panther player you run into there.
  3. @AceBoogieyou act like people care about your opinion so much that when Sam has his first bad game someone here is going to think “damn ace was right” … in all reality no one is ever going to even think of this thread or you for that matter. So this whole “told you so” mentality you have, is just a self-stroke of your space less ego and also an extreme demonstration of your lack of social awareness and child like arrogance. it’s exhausting and a constant waste of space on this message board. But hey, at least you get your moment in your self loathing spotlight.
  4. What's wild is that there was another article posted here in the huddle a couple months back that showedd all of the Linebackers in pass coverage and Shaq was top 15. The lowest completion percentage was in the mid 60% range. Offseason.
  5. The difference between the highest paid left tackle and the highest paid right tackle is 3 million dollars per year….. so what I’m reading from your post is the 3 million dollars is the back breaker for signing moton? When the cap is expected to go up by 20mill next year?
  6. Well he would have to push out Bouye and Jackson first. Taylor is not a nickle back. He is an outside corner, and we so happen to have the most depth there in the secondary. Its an uphill battle for him.
  7. For Keith Taylor to steal a starting job without injury being the reason, it would be quite the spectacle.
  8. 2021 merchandising is probably already planned and distributed
  9. lol.... Judging by WFT's QB situation for the last decade or two... I think it's your best bet to take the opposite advice of what comes out of that front office.... What an example you have provided. “I spoke to a source in Washington about the possibility of the WFT trading with the Jets for QB Sam Darnold,” she wrote. “I was simply told, ‘Don’t waste your time.’”
  10. If you are critical of someone or something, you show that you disapprove of them https://www.thefreedictionary.com/critical
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