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  1. Got it. Without the quoting I thought it was just free context.
  2. dont do that. Dont compare AR to Cam.... not even you are that stubborn.
  3. Matt Stafford only went to the playoffs once... Drew Brees only went to the playoffs once before the Saints....
  4. Excat same thing could have been said about the 2020 Rams.... the 2021 Eagles .... we dont know poo until we see it.
  5. The Athletic's Josh Kendall believes it is unclear if the Falcons will stick with Desmond Ridder as their starting quarterback because "no one inside the building is talking." It's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Ridder's first four NFL starts that it is an open discussion. But the Falcons, picking eighth in the draft, don't appear likely to land a franchise quarterback without trading up. The Falcons continue to play things close to the vest under Arthur Smith, who is quoted as saying in the piece: “I know everybody wants to know everything right now, but there are a lot of moving parts to it. I don’t think it’s smart business strategy ever to give away what your plan is." We'd guess the Falcons will try to add veteran help at the position, but whether it is a challenger to Ridder or someone who outright is the starter is behind the Arthur Smith curtain.
  6. Even if eric B would come in as a playcaller here, I would not want him. There is a reason this guy is not getting jobs around the league. It has been said that he just isnt intelligent. He is a coach but he doesnt have the creativity to produce a modern offense. I believe a former KC player shared on reddit during a AMA ... "He is basically Dwight Schrute in KC" when they were asked what Eric B's role was on the team.
  7. Team Levis. I will eat crow if I’m wrong a couple years from now. However, I think Levis will be one of the top QBs from this draft. note: I will retract these thoughts if Levis flops his combine. So leave me that reservation.
  8. Like where the fug do these people come from?
  9. The only part of your post that I could get onboard with
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