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  1. I think these videos will answer your questions for you. 1. 2. 3.
  2. Enjoy the content. See you next time. Offensive Philosophy: Coaching History: Examples of play design: 1. Brian Callahan - Good Play 1.mp4 2. Brian Callahan_ Good Play 2.mp4 3. Brian Callahan_ Good Play 3.mp4
  3. had to reply to some DMs and someone mentioned you were alluding to a levis supporter. So I figured i'd appreciate the acknowledgement.
  4. That chart is a bit off according to Advanced Metrics.. Mingo has had a 48% catchable rate. His true catch rate is 88.9% and his contested catch rate is 33.3%. 3 of his uncatcheable targets came against the Seahawks, 2 against the Falcons and 3 against the Saints.
  5. I have counted 3 checks at the line that Bryce came away with his head down. The body language tells me that he knew he checked out wrong. The vikings brought a lot of exotic blitz schemes. There was one play they had 8 players in standing positions at the line... not a single down lineman....
  6. It's not all speculation... especially after the play was run. As I just shared... you run routes to beat defensive schemes. The Thielen deep cross was a play designed for Thielen to be a cover 3. If your route concepts are designed to beat a specific type of defensive scheme.. then you know where the ball is supposed to go... it's literally how QBs are coached.... I am not going to go back and forth with you. Go post something about stroud or how Bryce has a noodle arm. This stuff... it's way over your head.
  7. You don't need a team's playbook to understand route concepts and how they are designed to counter a defense. Man , Cover 3 , Cover 4 , Cover 2 and 0,1 are all countered by specific concepts like flood, mesh, sticks, screens, etc. You have clear outs by design to move safeties, you have out routes to hold cover 3 corners (See Dante Jackson blownn coverage against Seahawks), you have underneath routes to bring down the linebackers to free the medium mid. Just because you don't understand this stuff.. doesnt mean its crap.
  8. if you are talking about the play toward the very end of the game, that was not a seam route. It was a deep crossing route. The play was designed to go to the back of the end zone.
  9. that was a decoy to bring the safeties high so they couldnt sit on the crossing route. Look how Chark runs at about 75-80% speed and just moves left and right between both safeties as he goes up field. He even flips his head over his shoulder to see if the ball had been thrown yet... he was not an intended target on that play. Missed Throw to Thielen off of Play Action - Made with Clipchamp.mp4
  10. ah okay - was thinking you refferring to him being told he wasnt allowed to do any trades, haha.
  11. totally get it. Wasnt trying to be snarky.. Adams is in my top 3 of potential acquisitions but I would hope it wouldnt be as an extreme cost. His age and longevity is too risky imo.
  12. haha yeah... the pitch of his voice is high af
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