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  1. Really sucks that half our team is injured… before our key players got hurt we were humming
  2. I was fortunate enough to play a round with shaq at piper glen (shared before in an older thread) and as a person…. He was one of the coolest people you could possibly meet.
  3. I quit a job once and blamed management and said “this place won’t be in business much longer” .. they are now a 10 billion dollar company and pursuing a public offering next year.
  4. Also don’t get the comment about sanders getting ekeler money… that isn’t a bad thing…. Chargers got a steal for that money. We aren’t paying sanders over the moon… it’s a fairly cheap contract.
  5. I wonder if we should trade Bryce young when he starts to ascend in his nfl career….
  6. Considering where the cap ceiling is going…. That is a very fair deal both ways.
  7. I wonder if jet’s play it safe with Rodgers ankle injury and sit during our practices
  8. I wonder why they didn’t share the highlights of the data? the NFLPA needs to speak up and take action.
  9. that is a lot of mental effort for something we will never know the real story behind....
  10. but there is a poo load to do in Milwaukee. Wouldnt be surprised if people road the train from Mil to GB and back. I stayed in Milwaukee for a festival one year... to this day it is still one of the funnest experiences ive ever had. People are ridiculously nice there and the beer/food is awesome.
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