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  1. It's dumb that they filter Romo into "RomoSUCKS"....Can't they be a little more creative like The Golden Calf of Bristol
  2. The Shining? I'm sure Funch is too young, but come on Jeremy!! Shining>Exorcist>Jaws for the top 3 classics... Love the podcast and thanks to Sammie Jo for getting these guys on!
  3. Don't you still have to donate $1 to post on here? I think that really cut back the trolls
  4. Dumpster fire starts tonight in Atlanta! Better believe I got my popcorn!! .....And $50 on Eagles -3.5
  5. It would be an honor to let him bang my lady friend... Twitter @Thwiggins82
  6. I'm surprised Byrd isn't listed for PR/KR for 1st preseason [email protected] Has he not taken reps back there? Seems like that could be his extra incentive to make the 53...
  7. Beason is a real class act. I got goosebumps watching Beason talk about Keek on the top 100. When we drafted Keek, I was feeling like Beason might be taking it a little personal that we drafted a MLB. But hearing him talk about how pumped he would get when watching Keek last season from the sidelines...man I'm ready to see what this front 7 is capable of!
  8. "But this defense still has more holes than Swiss cheese" I'm so fuging sick of this stupid cliche! The only people that I've ever heard use this term, know absolutely nothing about football and are just trying to sound clever. What a stupid fuging phrase. Fug Shein! I'm glad I never hear that piece of poo on NFL radio anymore. Fug 'em!
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