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  1. Bryce Young’s lack of arm strength was truly baffling. I didn’t really notice how bad it was at Bama ,but every game this past year he would make throws that legit pissed me off that we drafted him. It was insane how long the ball would float in the air on simple out routes, corners, digs etc. For the people claiming fixing his footwork will solve the issue.. Lol.. There’s no fixing it. It’s too awful
  2. Hamstring injuries linger more times than not. It’s a legit worry
  3. https://x.com/SleeperNFL/status/1795872916086919354 Surprised this hasn’t been posted. This is the last thing we needed.
  4. Should’ve hired Mike Vrabel. We needed a Dawg for a HC who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is and change the culture. Also an alpha presence who the players not only respect but fear. Canales reminds me of of my overly energetic JV football coach who was trying too hard. Hope I’m wrong.
  5. I remember hating the draft pick because of his tweener status and lack of production as a true TE. Another obvious draft blunder
  6. Da *** you talking about OP. J-Stews Legs were the size of a Mac Truck
  7. I hope he worked on his lower body strength too. He was pulled down so easily at times last year.
  8. Legette is built for speed. Look how long his legs are compared to the other 2.
  9. Id prob start looking around week 2 if I was flying in. I’d be checking everyday on Gametime. Although if I was a betting man you can prob find tickets the cheapest a few days before but I understand not everyone wants to take that big of a risk, especially if you’re flying in.
  10. At the end of the day Bryce just needs to prove himself. Talking heads have the right to rank him low after last season. Some of his poor play was Young’s fault, some of it wasn’t. All we can do is be optimistic that Young will figure it out
  11. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty bad in June, especially July and August. But besides those 3 months it becomes manageable. People also forget how beautiful the weather is from October to mid May. But you also get used to the heat. I grew up in NC and I still consider the hot, humid summer months just as brutal. It’s a great place to live as a sports fan though. I really enjoy it and don’t see myself leaving anytime soon
  12. I will be there too since I live here in Vegas. Tickets usually drop in price so I’m going to wait it out for a while
  13. +800 odds to make the playoffs is extremely generous. Should be +1100 atleast
  14. I don’t mind no primetime games tbh. Maybe it’ll light a fire under the team and play the disrespect angle. Plus I prefer Sunday 10am games anyways (I live in Vegas)
  15. He was so good his rookie year for Chicago. Poor kid had injuries destroy his career. Maybe he should try the UFL route
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