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  1. Lol. Imagine if we drafted Slater. We could’ve drafted the stud C from Iowa this draft. Fix OG via FA and potentially hav a top 5 oline.
  2. Some of you people hate on Sam Darnold just because he’s not Cam Newton. He played decent for a guy with no OLINE, Wr’s running wrong routes, and a horrid coaching staff playing against the SB champs. No QB would have been successful today.
  3. For someone who claims to have a high iq, you sure misspell “route” quite often in your posts.
  4. Lmao I literally responded earlier to your entire statement. You’re a dumb mofo. Hard debating with stupid
  5. Still waiting on a valid response from you. I’m not going to play your childish games
  6. I always lol at people who use gifs for their argument. Moving CMC to the slot is fine, but giving our best player the ultimatum to either do so or retire is something that has never been done in league history. Just imagine that story breaking.. Forcing our All Pro RB to retire. We’d be looked at as a more toxic organization than the Texans. Or the Lions with their handling of Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson. We’d have no chance attracting free agents.
  7. I wish I didn’t comprehend your idiotic post. You’re clueless. I feel bad for you.
  8. Just Matt Rhules scape goat. I remember the days to where we thought we’d only have Brady for a few years before he becomes an NFL HC. How quickly things change..
  9. The thread is about Cam, not them. Sam and PJ are in the same class as Cam though. Backup QB if I’m being polite. Happy now? It’s not like the Huddle is short of Sam Darnold hate posts. Read the front page if you don’t think it’s fairly skewed
  10. We should trade CMC and DJ for draft picks and use all of the picks for Olineman
  11. Not as good as Rashawn Slater played today.
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