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  1. No disrespect to our WR room but none of them have the potential or have shown to be a #1. Thielen was, but he’s past his prime. This kid can potentially turn into a true 1. I like it
  2. I’m sure a big reason why Reich got the job was because Tepper liked his vision for the team, mainly including his draft strategy of trading up to get Young
  3. For the ones taking these pro days so seriously. Do you realize there’s no pass rush coming at them during pro days. No reading coverages? Hell, Johnny Manziel and Zach Wilson lit up their pro days. Any average college QB with a good arm can look good at a pro day. Who cares. It doesn’t matter.
  4. All of these signings are cute, but if he doesn’t get the QB right, none of it will matter.
  5. So you like an injury prone RB who has no impact on the passing game. His backups would often times look a lot better than him when given the chance. Had the best run blocking o-line but still didn’t stand out much. Had 16 yards rushing in the SB.. Signed him to a 4 year deal which will look horrible in a few years. If you like this signing, more power to you bud. Sorry that I’m actual able to think for myself and be critical over a signing compared to a low iq sheep like you who jumps for joy no matter who we sign.
  6. Not a fan of this one. Imo I don’t think he’s that great.
  7. I like him, but not enough for our 2nd round pick.
  8. Let’s get Chinn on some PED’s in order to bulk up
  9. If we pick Richardson over Stroud, that will be the worst decision in franchise history
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